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22g bookshelf mixed reef build

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Plan 22g bookshelf. rimless UNS  36x12x12 with the Bathsea 36x18x16 sump

Day 1:Moving the little pico into the BRAND NEW 10g  frag /QT tank for corals. 

10g with UV filter in tank. HOB for carbon and pinky floss and aeration.  MP10 in the coral tank for now. ( ordering a little wavemaker for it_.mp10 goes into display...

With the help of Luis I was able to seed the frag tank to get it started with a chunk of his LR....and also some extra for the DT sump for some added biodiversity.  I got the 36 Bathsea sump from Roush2000. ( NOW the sump is bigger than the DT. LOL)

I DIY the stand myself...with 2 holes drilled for the piping.~~ and then I will start the plumbing this week. 


Fish are holding strong in the little pico for a quick minute while I get the DT plumbed (I am winning against the DINOS. finally...~. Got a good set of frags too from Luis today and some starter rock. 

I spent a considerable amount of time dipping and cleaning and then I remounted everything I needed too and remounted all mine. I have some really ticked off corals. (mostly zoas that a closed up SUPER tight...  BUT~~ now into the frag tank for 30-45 days.  (   FWIW. I am on a mission to ONE day I~~~~ frag this 22g reef tank LOL~~~but for now~~~. this si the hospital/ frag tank until the beginning or mid sept ~. THEN they will go into DT.


I want to make SURE dino are gone and I have the DT under control.  

Jeremy at Modern hooked me up with a pretty acan today too


Super exciting///. and crazy to swap all this at once.  LOL. PHEW. I'm tired~~~ been nothing but fishies for 12 hours today...  and I am not done with display.  I did get the light bar made last night too. it will hold the 24 inch 4 bulb. ATI T~and then reef LED too to boot.  AGAIN. ty Jeremy at Modern...


Shawn sold me the aquamaxx skimmer he had~FC-120. and I will bring it online along with the jebao UV sterilizer and  then a second MP10


I decided to drill the side and chose a MEDIUM eshopps overflow.  WITH luck~ the water line should be 1 inch. which makes the lights at at 11 inch off the water when hanging,

The QT tank adopted the 80 tuna blue and controller from the pico and the fish can go ALL NATURAL  or use the little baby light I have....for the next day or two. (kitchen has TONS of light for them). and less stress for fishes)


the temps for all the dipping and transfers. etc....  we got down to 75 for a bit...  ...  the diff in alk and chemistry as a whole for the frags.  (but most of luis are opening). ~. my super ticked off zoas arent ~. If i dont lose a couple corals from going nuclear on my pico 4 days ago. ( but it helped with dinos) I would be surpirsed.  Luis frags are VERY NICE..


Plan for sump is to grow LOADS of pods~ and I have 2 pod hotels in there.  I will have some marine pure block and sponges in the sump too. for. nneede aplications. ( pop up tanks etc..)

only have one heater but getting a second and a controller  BUT did add a small power head for now with all that nice rock from Luis~and did give them a little MB7 and some phyto toooo.  

PLAN for QT is WC every other week..  for now... and for 14 days running Prime too

heres some snaps.  all the nice looking frags are his.   LOL


Welcome suggestions....









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Tank has fish. ( ~~all of them). Unfortunately!....we had a power outage last night~ so they got quickly moved into the DT.  ( keeping 2 tanks up is easier than 3 during a power loss).  I then saw the watchman goby not doing well he has a spot on his side today ( i moved him back to QT~. the gramma started scratching. ( how I caught him I dont know and into QT he went but he died (.  FWIW he did go carpet surfing. ( 2 times last week). dang they jump bad ...  lesson learned.


the naoko wrasse. ( also surfed but is doing WELL>>>

the starry blenny ( he is huge and flipping all over the place. so i caught him too ( he was breathing hard) and he is back in QT).  poor fish...  all this moving,,

and lost my first fish~~ the clown goby... dont know why... stress I guess,,,,and pistol shrimp is MIA for 2 days...


SO. I have the flame Angel. the naoku wrasse. the black ice ocellaris. a barnacle blenny ~the purple fire fish and regular firefish~. in the DT.

QT has the starry and the watchman.  pinkies crossed they make it..


I added some corals on the frag racks today too. and they all look pretty good.  I have one MP10 on the end at reef 80%.  the other mp10 will go in tomorrow. corals look nice excpet my zoas. ( still ticked off and not opening up). tank parameters good. ( as expected for first week). will retest tmr


pictures incoming

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it was heavy. I do have a 25g sump on it ( water volume). and LR and sand in that but yes...  I lost a few too i am sad.  the starry blenny and royal gramma.

I had planned to have a big bioload and watch the levels closely~. i will do more research too



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MORE lessons.  We have ICH>. there was a power loss as I mentioned and so the tank is full of ich. the flame. the wrassse and now some on the midas blenny's fins.  I am feeding heavier and enriched food. many types.  and the parameters are stable right now.  Plan and will do a water change~ as I have some diatoms rearing their ugly heads too. ~the frags are in the coral tank and all but the zoas are happy.  ~the new zoas I got are ok (Except the aoi). ~ hopefully stuff starts to pull around.


I will put up some more pictures. I have the skimmer in and this weekend Ill plumb the UV and hopefully the ich will go free floating and get some of it knocked down ~~~=if these guys make it the Angel is covered!!  poor guys!!!



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so... we are going to do this the right way. the kids made ANOTHER move into the QT tank.  ugh.  the 10g is too small for 76days~~~. so today I got them a 20g long and I added a sand bed too. ( I know. i know but I have a diamond goby and a sad naoko wrasse/ and a cleaner wrasse..   so we will see what happens. ( and a snug lid).  I have a light does to of copper in the tank ( sub therapeutic). give them a day and then I will add more and I am measuring..  Flame didnt make it.  looks like the ich is gone off the fish.  so maybe the copper will kill it free floating.  


DT is 76days all alone with an anemone and 2 sexy shrimp and a cleaner shrimp.  It's finishing up its diatoms.  I will feed the tank though. and keep the bio~load and when I add the fish back Ill only add 1. then 1. then 1. then 2. then 2 then 2.  every couple days....i will go slow and do this right.  lets hope the fish make it through QT...  i have tried to set them up for success,


pictures incoming. 



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YEAH. GREAT NEWS~. al the fishies are happy and doing well. ( ~~~the wrasse likely wont make it  ) I did put him in a little acrylic box to heal if he can.~~ he is not doing well though.

ICH got him first) and I thought he had already passed away..    BUT the other guys are doing great!!!!  they moved in to the 20Long...  and they are all eating and playing in the sand. 

COPPER at 1.83 for now~~. til the kit comes it to allow for DAILY testing. ( ~~THANK YOU Jeremy at Modern for the weekend loaner to get me to this level.)

Coral tank is HAPPY. 

anemone from Shawn is PERFECT!!!  


Thank you for looking. Dawn







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Update:Fish are in QT. 

Tank will be fallow for 76days

Corals are in QT 

everyone is great except alk NO3 and phos is a little low so I started dosing the tanks. super excited.  have some more corals coming too..  and the zoas that were mad are ALL opening.  i only lost a couple.  I lost the stargazers. WHICH I am super sad. I love the stars....  and I lost my fruit loop zoas.  I have my jungle juice though. YEAH!!!!


I am very excited. I got the apex EL today and plan to make my cabinet for it.  I also plan to add an LED strip in the back of the stand to reflect against the wall to allow me to change up the back ground of the tank.  I will have an LED in the cabinet too. planning to go with 15 inch wide and  60 inches tall. I dont know. maybe. 72. I will have 2 EBB and 2 dosers. ultimately

  ill welcome opinions.


The sump light is broken so a pseudo light is in it.  my peppermint shrimp is doing well. tank is super full of copepods.  I am thrilled. I dump the little houses in the DT every couple days. and my DT is covered in the little guys. The diamond goby I have will be happy. he is a pig...  I feed the QT tank. 3 times a day.   flake. the mysis. then carnivore. or spirulina.~~` and then give nori too~~. the cleaner wrasse~~. LOVES the nori and the diamond goby eats it too. ~~ happy fish and no issues with parameters.~~  gonna do a 33% WC this weekend too. and redose copper. copper at 2.1 and doing fine. all fish look great!  





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Tank is 4 weeks old.  ( plus. live rock and sand from a few sources.  I am super excited. I have all the corals in except some of the zoas.  I ran out of glue.  I plan to glue the trimmed plugs to rocks and onto the tonga rock so I can help control the growth and placement. for balance on the tonga branch. '


most of the corals are glued in place. the ones on the bottom i am waiting to see if the others are ok and we dont need to relocate.  I am running 2 mp10's reef crest at 50%. to 60% right now and will adjust accordingly.  They are opening and seem happy.


new corals today from Shawn. ( LOVE that torch) and then from Orlando for the limelight...  and then lLigi for the miami challice and war coral.  I am super pumped with the layout. but PLEASE>. if you can look at the scape and the coral placement and tell me if I need to MOVE something. I dont want to hurt any of them...  fishies are still in QT for 2 months...


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11 hours ago, LOWRY_PT said:

it wont let me load files

Not sure but,I think you may have reached your size limit. The size limit is for all photos in the post not each photo, so you may have to resize the ones already posted. That might give you the ability to post more pictures. I could be wrong though. Maybe @rhwimmers or @tanknovice can help.

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this will morph into a 60 or 80 I am sure in a year.  If i need to rehome. I will for sure.  I am fish heavy but stats  are fine for water chem.  like you said happiness and space for them./. we will see how things pan out.  I love the tank though. its coming along well.  Added some sticks...  lets see how they grow,

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