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My 260 Gallon recent FTS

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Thought I share a recent full tank shoot here. Making progress to fill the tank.....

Over the recent months I battled Dino’s, GHA, and a mild cyano break out, but feel I’m on the right track. 

Any tips for taking good FTS, beside getting rid of the reflections....



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On 7/28/2020 at 8:05 AM, MrsBugmaster said:

I really like the arches! Looks great.


9 hours ago, LOWRY_PT said:

nice nice


Thank you both! Hopefully I will get some good coral growth over the next month to come! Finger crossed and knock on wood.....

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13 hours ago, PetesFolly said:

Looks great Jochen!  Great selection of fish!  In addition to the rock work of course!  I'm sure the corals will do great having seen your setup and knowing how well you maintain your tank.

Thanks! Had a little of a set back with an STN event, but things seem to be back on track!

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Here is my final FTS of my tank. We will move out of state and I will have to shut it down in the next few weeks. Very sad as it starting to come in its own…. Learned a lot and thank you for the wonderful time I had at the club meetings. I will try to start a new tank once we settled in our new home state of Connecticut. Hopefully they to have a wonderful engaging MAS club!



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