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Help with LPS and SPS

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Hi All -

I am making it my goal this year to be able to keep LPS and SPS Coral. I really struggle keeping them alive and could use some help in figuring out what is preventing me from doing that.I have been able to keep soft coral without issue. In the attached picture, I have a Candy Cane that I have had for about 2 plus weeks in the upper left of the picture. For the first 2 weeks, it looked great. lately, it has not become as full and emitting like a mucus film. This seems to always be the pattern I go through.

The tank is a 65 gallon about 2 years old, however I just moved it 6 weeks ago. I did replace the sand with new live sand and the tank has been very stable, with the exception of NO3, which I am working on bring down. I am running a refugium with Macro Algae. I am light the tank with 2 AI Prime HDs. My Parameters are as follows:

Salinity 1.024
NH4 0
NO3 10-25 ( Color is somewhere between the 2)
NO2 0
CA 400
PO4 0
KH 10.2
MG 1050

Any and all help and suggestions are appreciated


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