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Custom light mounting

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Looking to change lighting from a pair of Kessil AP700s to the aquaticlife T5 hybrid with the kessils attached to it. In order to do that though I'll have to switch from tank-based brackets to a wall-mount system. The tank sits 16" away from the wall so I need to extend to about 28" away from the wall to the center of the light.

If anyone has suggestions on a vendor I'm all ears but I haven't found anything yet.


So I'm looking custom/DIY. Thinking this kind of thing would be easiest... Does anyone know where I can find aluminum bar like this? And maybe somewhere to get it bent appropriately? I figure a couple of those mounted to the studs would do the trick.




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Not to toot my own horn here but I could do it. I’m a sheet metal worker by trade. I work at Lilly welding and fabricating custom parts. I’ve made a couple light holders for myself as well. This is my light rack on my frag tank right now.



Mine isn’t wall mounted but this worked for me. ( don’t mind the extra cable still need to make sure par is where I want it) 

The bracket in your photo appears to be 2” x1/4” thick #4 polish stainless steel with 2 45 degree breaks. Ehh. Contact me in a DM if you wanna talk further. 

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I need that for my 80 shallow to suspend my ati fixture.  I don’t want to suspend from the ceiling and not fond of the conduit look.

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