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October 2019 Meeting

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Our monthly INDMAS meeting  for October will be a definite do not miss!!  Join us for a fun time learning about many topics related to coral and fish breeding and propagation as well as what we as a hobby can do to help protect our oceans.  

When:  October 12  4pm to 6pm

Where:   Brian Plankis's House

     Brian is one of the board members of the Ocean-Aquarium Foundation which is a non-profit dedicated to helping the saltwater aquarium hobby adopt more sustainable and ecologically conservative methods through scientific study of propagation and captive breeding techniques and environmental education programs.    Brian houses the Ocean-Aquarium Foundation research systems where many great things are happening.  


WHERE: 6494 Wellington West Drive Indianapolis IN.

We will also have our annual elections for open staff positions. It is still not to late to volunteer.

We hope to see everyone there!

Respond below so we can get a head count

Door prizes:  

            TBD but they will be great

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This will be a cool Meeting for sure!  Unfortunately Jenn and I won't be able to make this one as her family will be in from out of state. 

Who else is going to be able to make it?  A lot of good info will be here for new and seasoned reefers!!

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1 hour ago, Jeto2004 said:

New member! Will be my first meeting...but can’t resist since it’s so close to me. Looking forward to meet some local reef peeps!

Awesome welcome to the club...you will enjoy the meeting!

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I will be there, since I'm the host and all :) Looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting new members. I will be happy to walk everyone through the lab and I will also have a brief presentation on my visit to Sustainable Aquatics in TN that led to modifications for our lab and projects.

We will provide some sandwiches, soda and light snacks! If anyone wants to bring a dish of food to share you are welcome to do so!



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Starting to build up the attendees.  But this should definitely be easily double this number so far!  Let's show Brian a great turnout and check out what he has in store in the OAF labs...you may find something in this meeting to help you with your current set up, breeding or gain some knowledge in an area you didnt know already.  

With that said...

who else can make it?

Image result for who's coming with me gif

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2 hours ago, Jeto2004 said:

Thank you all for welcoming me at the October meeting!

Glad you were able to make it out to the meeting. Hopefully we will see you at the next few meetings and at the frag swap coming up in March. If you have any questions or need help with anything, please ask. There are lots of people with many years in the hobby who have gone through a lot of experiences. 

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