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Red Sea 170 build

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So first post, my goal with this tank is to build an SPS or LPS tank. I want to really automate this tank by the end, so when I do things like go on vacation, I don’t have to worry about people helping me, other then checking in on it.

What equipment am I thinking about? 

Skimmer: Simplicity 240 DC

Return Pump:  Simplicity 1600DC

Filtration: Nyos Torque 1.0 or 2.0

Media: No clue up for recommendations

Pump: AI nero

Lighting: AI Prime w/ diffuser (Depending on coral decisions, I will add a second if needed.)

I have a whole list of things for other equipment, but I want to make sure the basics are done first.

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Wow Tony that didnt take long lol!  Looks like a great start up for sure.  We sell a lot of the simplicity brand as it is DC, controllable and a great price point. The AI led and nero would be a great pairing for the controllable options as well.

I would suggest for us to move this thread to the tank and showcases thread though... 

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I have this tank and one problem with it is the overflow valve. It sucks. It is very hard to get it dialed in and to stay that way. It works fine for a week or two then needs readjusted again and again!  Do yourself a favor and watch this video on how to change out the red sea valve to a gate vale. Wish I would of saw this before I set mine up cause it is harder to do after wards. 


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My 2 cents, you might want to move it away from the wall a bit farther.  I had my 20 set like that and had trouble getting behind it.  After a few years when we needed to paint I actually had to break down and move it to paint the wall behind.  I relocated it to a different location that I liked better so not a big deal and fortunately it was only a 20.

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I will check this valve guide! I made progress and set the tank on the stand finally.



I immediately ran into my first issue, The Light bracket, would not allow me to use the factory cover, because it was to big. 


So I had to cut out a small portion using a multi-tool, then clean the edges up with a razor blade.



Perfect fit.




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So I have ordered my Simplicity return pump, and Simplicity skimmer. I have also ordered all the plumbing pieces I need to replace the stock valve with the gate valve. It will probably be a week before everything arrives, so there will not be a lot of updates until then.

The next steps will be getting my dry rock. I will need to go to Premium aquatics, and hand select the pieces I need to make a really nice tower. I plan on using Marco rock for the build, and then utilizing the Marco Cement to make it one safe secure structure. Has anyone done this before, and how did it work out?

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I began doing some wire management, and have made it as clean as possible. the best part is all of it is removable, so in the future I'm ok.



Does anyone know where I can get plastic pipe clamps locally? I want to get some for the plastic tubing, as a security. 

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