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March 2019 Newsletter


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March 1, 2019

The length of the newsletter this month is a little long due to the 2019 INDMAS frag swap!

If you can’t find it here it’s probably still in the Ocean!


Lots of great things to look forward to with the upcoming 16th annual 2019 INDMAS Frag Swap! This year our Platinum Event Sponsor is The REEF!

When? March 16, 2019 Where?Hendricks County Fairgrounds
1900 E Main Street Danville IN 

Admission: $5 per person Members and their family are free Annual membership is only $21 New members will receive a free frag!!

We are excited to announce that our guest speaker this year will be Dr. Sanjay Joshi. Sanjay has a full time job at Penn State University as a Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, but he has also been a reef addict since 1992. He owns many reef aquariums of his own, including a 500 gallon SPS dominate tank, and also helps to manage the 500 gallon reef tank at Penn State. Dr. Joshi has had many publications and articles in many different reef magazines such as Coral, Advanced Aquatics, and Marine Fish and Reef Annual. He has a passion for educating hobbyists about things such as lighting, general reefing, and aquarium system designs. We can’t wait to welcome Dr. Sanjay Joshi at our swap and hear the great information he has to share with us all. You won’t want to miss it!!

We also have great raffle prizes, food trucks, and other awesome benefits lined up for the swap. This year our grand prize tank will be donated by our platinum sponsor, The Reef. This tank is a Seapora Rimless Frag tank 36x18 x8 with stand and Kessil A160W-E Tuna Blue with mounting ARM

We will also have the Neptune APEX controller made possible by Neptune Systems and INDMAS


A Few of the other prizes include:

8-watt UV sterilizer- ,4 stage RO/DI unit- ,1 year subscriptions to coral magazine-

misc pumps- ,UV jellyfish print- ,reef roids- ,oral glue- ,sea horse feeders-

misc gift cards valued up to $250 dollars- ,additive sets ,-sea horse online RO/DI unit

-marine pure spheres - ,DIY overflow kit- ,misc lights (LED and T5)

-2 full conference passes to MACNA

Again this year we will have a 13 and under children’s tank raffle. This is an Innovative Marine 10 gallon all in one setup donated by our gold sponsor Premium Aquatics! Every attendee 13 and under will receive an entry. Stop by the INDMAS table for your entry!


The schedule for the 2019 Frag Swap is as follows:

9:45 - 10:25: Registration and admission for morning speaker session

:30-11:30: Speaker Session with Dr. Sanjay Joshi

11:30-12:00: Early admission for morning speaker attendees
12:00: Doors open for general admission
4:30: Event Over

We are officially full for this year’s swap for both vendor and hobbyist tables. The list of vendors include The Reef, Premium Aquatics, Jason Fox Corals, Neptune systems, Fritz Aquatics, Mermaids Cove, Aznuttys Saltwater Connection, Kush Corals, Just Pretty Corals, The Zooanthid Garden, POP Corals, Summit City Corals, E Vill Corals, Simply Saltwater Aquatics, Modern Aquatix, Central Indiana Aquatics, Dirks, Motor City Corals,  Whitlyn Aquatics, Derby City Corals, Eye Candy Coral, Blue Line Corals, Fragcreation, Reef Habit, Sunset Corals, Underwater Gardeners, Extreme Marine Aquarium, Coral Savers, Midwest Exotic Fish and Gingerbread Tropical Fish and Coral

The official layout can be found in the 2019 frag swap forum


The Club members will provide a free frag for our new joining members. If you are thinking of joining, print out the membership sheet posted in the 2019 Frag Swap Forum and fill it out in advance. This will greatly reduce your wait in line!


Did you want to do some shopping in advance? Check out https://www.reeftrader.com/swaps/86/listings


Great prizes, awesome food, amazing vendors, wonderful Speaker, and all together a great time. Who would want to miss out! We hope to see everyone here March 16th, 2019 at the Hendricks County Fair Grounds! 1900 East Main Street Danville Indiana. Checkout  www.INDMAS.org for more information on the 2019 swap

 For everyone that has volunteered we greatly appreciate it and will have the assignments posted here http://indmas.org/main/index.php?/forums/topic/18467-2019-frag-swap-volunteers/ .  Every year we cannot pull of this event without the help of the entire club. The thread for the frag swap and all things related can be found here:  http://indmas.org/main/index.php?/forums/forum/66-frag-swap-2019/


Upcoming meetings and events (or life after the frag swap)

March            3/16/19        FRAG SWAP                        INDMAS

April              4/13/19         New Member Welcome   Bob    Pete's Folley

May              5/11/19                                                       Mike   Mike762

June             6/8/19            Summer Social                   Craig CMRUN

July              7/13 or 7/20  INDMAS Field Trip            

August         8/10/19                                                       GosportAquarium

September  9/14/19         RETRO Frag Swap              Tyler tbabcock67

October       10/12/19                                                     Ocean Aquarium - Brian Plankis

November   11/9/19        Pay it Forward                     Luis  Gonzo620

December   12/14/19      Holiday Party                       Amanda Mrsbugmaster



Remember to check out all of the forums at INDMAS.org.   Feel free to post a question or if you know an answer to post it as well.  As always if you have any ideas as to how we can make the club better or if you have a concern on something please do not hesitate to reach out to me. The current staff members can be found here http://indmas.org/main/index.php?/forums/topic/18301-welcome-2019-indmas-staff/

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