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Hobby Table Registration Details - 2018 Frag Swap

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At this time, current INDMAS Members may reserve a table at the 2018 frag swap by sending an email to [email protected] (or [email protected])

I will confirm table availability and we'll work out payment from from there.   This year, the hobby tables will line the wall just outside the educational room (ninja edit, see discussion and clarification below), and will be numbered H1 to H18. (9, 8-foot tables total)

I will update this thread over the weekend as spots are confirmed.  Looking forward to seeing all of that INDMAS livestock pride!



[Edit: 11 of our 18 spots are full here at the end of the first weekend, thanks for getting right on this!  ...if you still want a table, now's the time! ]



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Hobby Table Map and Room Photo updated... sorry for the way I described the location.  I'm just so excited for the secondary room (right behind the wall behind the hobby tables), that I didn't realize how that description downplayed the awesome place where you will be set up!

Photo snipped from the location's google maps entry, but I believe is taken from the perspective of about where the hobby tables will be.  Someone correct me if I've grabbed the wrong room photo.

Hobby Table Layout.JPG

Room Demo.JPG

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2 hours ago, blowfish770 said:

I got a full table and would like


is this going by who paid first?

Yes, I have a record of payments and timestamps. I'm maintaining a spreadsheet for stated preferences. 


Any new table requests should be sent to me via pm or with payment please. I don't really want to work out all 18 in real time on display here, thanks.

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