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2017 Buckeye Reef Marine Expo

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To donate to the Buckeye Reef 2017 Raffle Please mail your donations to.
Buckeye Reef
16600 Tyler Rd.
Bowling Green, OH 43402
I encourage all members to send this post to all your favorite vendors to help this great cause.
This years raffle proceeds at the 2017 Expo (March 11, 2017) will be 100% donated to non-profit Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium.
My wife and I visited their facility in Florida last summer and were blown away at the work they're doing. They have marine hospitals, education programs, sea turtle conservation, and coral restoration. We saw their volunteers out on the beach monitoring sea turtle nests bright and early in the mornings.


I encourage everyone to visit the Mote Marine website and see what they're all about. What they're doing is what Buckeye Reef is all about. I couldn't be happier to be part of their great cause.
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2017 Buckeye Reef Expo SOLD OUT!


With five weeks left before the big show the floor plan is officially sold out! All of our vendors are super excited for this show and saving some top pieces to bring for you. Make sure and let every reefer you know they don't want to miss it.


We are still taking donations for the raffle which is growing by the day. Here is a list of current companies committed to donating to the raffle.






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Its a Friday Night before Expo Buckeye Reef Party!

Just got a call from the hotel with the following:
"The cutoff date for the room block is Friday and there are still 8 rooms available. Those rooms will drop off after Friday. We still have rooms available in the hotel but they will be reserved at the prevailing rate."
If you want to get a room for $107 call before Friday and book it. Just tell them its the Buckeye Reef block.
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