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Summer Social June 2016 Meeting

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Time flies! Are you guys ready for the social? I am. I've missed most of the meets this year unfortunately due to work. If you've never been we typically have a large turnout and it's a great way to meet just about everyone all at once.


There will be food provided by the club (Burgers, dogs, drinks, etc) This is a pitch-in as well do ask that anyone that can please bring a side of some sort. Have a special mac n cheese? Cheesecake you're famous for at the bake sales? Brownies so good they would make a grown man cry? Bring them and anything else you think that's great too!


I'll post a signup sheet link here shortly so we can have an idea what's coming and try not to have 14 pecan pies strew across the kitchen. Dustin usually has an awesome buffalo chicken chip dip he makes. Don't even think about trying to one up that. You'll have anarchy on your hands...


Down to the business.


As in years past we will be at Amanda's (Mrsbugsmaster)'s house. She's just North of 96th street on Towne Rd, just minutes away off 465. We'll have games for the kids, cornhole, music, and weather permitting a saltwater pool and a basketball court. There's plenty of space for everyone so bring the family and anyone you're trying to get hooked into a reef tank. You'll get to check out a well stocked 180 gallon FOWLR and a rimless Solana mixed reef with awesome colors.


Let's show everyone why INDMAS is the best. We'll see you all there!


When: Saturday, June 11

Time: 4pm

Where: 9710 Towne Rd. Carmel, IN 46032


Map: https://www.google.com/maps/place/9710+Towne+Rd,+Carmel,+IN+46032/@39.929585,-86.2041667,123m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x8814ab3a823bd71f:0x93e1875cb3f3c8ca!8m2!3d39.929644!4d-86.203519


Please RSVP in the form below:




To view signup sheet click below:



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It is this Saturday, June 11th at 4pm


Weather permitting the pool will be open.

As always, I have to post a disclaimer regarding my saltwater swimming pool.


There is no life guard so swim at your own risk. Parents must supervise their own children while in the pool. NO Diving. I will not be held response for accidents.

Bring your own towels, lifejackets ect.


Bring your lawn chairs if you have them, although I do have seating for about 16 people.


Please rsvp so we know how many burgers and hot dog to buy.


Hope to see everyone there!

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Who else is going? It's coming up awful quick!!

No kidding! Only a few more days. The pitch in menu is getting interesting too. So far I see some decent food, a couple children and coral on the list. We've got some eclectic palates in the club it seems.

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We're up to 25. Let's get at least 30! The smoker will be going at 9am! Have to come to see what I'll be bringing.


I'll be bringing another canopy to house the audio stuff and have a little extra shade for tomorrow. I may have a couple spare chairs as well.


Don't forget those swimsuits. Forecast is 95 and sunny with 0% chance of rain.

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