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180g Acrylic Build


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Well after moving twice, starting a new job and getting settled into the new house I'm ready for a new tank. I ended up going with a 180g 3/4" acrylic tank. The tank is your standard size 72x24x24" but the overflow is external so no obstruction in the tank and the back and bottom are black. Since I am going barebottom I thought a black bottom would look pretty sharp. The corners of the tank are going to be rounded which I think is another nice feature when you have an acrylic tank. The top will be eurobraced as well.


The tank should be here in the next two weeks as it ships later this week. I am picking up the stand tonight. I have purchased all the equipment already, just waiting on this tank!


Sump is acrylic, 43x18x16, your standard skimmer, fuge, return.

Skimmer is a beast, uses a Jebao 8000 DC pump, 3600lph air - Also purchased a spare pump for this

Return is a Jebao 12000 dc pump - Also purchased a spare

Flow - 2 RW-20's. This has me a bit concerned as these pumps really push out a ton of flow, may be to much.

Heaters - 2 300w Eheim

ATO - Hydor Smart ATO

Lights - 2 32" evergrow programmable LED's

Light Rack - Made out of black 80/20 aluminum 1515 series

40W Aqua UV Sterilizer


I have three rock structures built by the alternate reef I plan on using in the tank, they will be the only structure in the tank. All live rock will be in the fuge section in the sump. I like to keep things as open and clean as possible in the display. On my rock structure's I will only have sps, most likely a mix of milli's and acro's. Maybe a few monti's but I kinda doubt it honestly.


On the sand bed will be nothing but Z&P's most likely. I may try a plate or two or a couple chalice but I really enjoy the Z&P's.


Other than that to be determined. I'll update as things start coming together.




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Sounds awesome Luke! Tank sounds awesome with the black back and bottom, and the rounder corners. Can't wait for more pics on this build...your last big tank was a sight for sure, and can only imagine this one! That skimmer is a beast for sure...and congrats on the new job and house as well!


P.S. The monti digi in my pic I got from you is doing great and has grown quite well! ; v)



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Jacob, I buy all my equip from the manufacturer, not sure what brand you would call it. The skimmer isn't over here in the US from what I can tell. But they have a lot of different sizes. I'm extremely impressed with build quality as the acrylic is thick and everything seems well made. Now to see how it runs, but I'm expecting it to run very well.


Thanks Brandon, should be a fun build. Glad the monti is doing well, that thing will grow like a weed if you allow it to.

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I'll take a pic of it later next to a 5g bucket as it dwarfs a 5g bucket. Jacob if it works like it looks I can send you there info and you can place an order with them if you want. Lets make sure it works well before someone else orders something from them.

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I had Advanced Acrylics out of Cali make it. I had them make my last AIO tank and it was nice quality. They worked with me quite a bit on the design and have been pretty good with communicating since. Its been delayed about a week and a half but it was the holiday when I placed the order. Hopefully it gets here in one piece : )


But I've been pretty happy with their quality and communication. I think they have stepped up there game quite a bit in the last few yrs.

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