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Stole the trash can from the laundry room...


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I deciced to set up the acrylic nano that we made back during the summer nano workshop.

The stand is an old cabinet that was just sitting in the basement. The light is a $6 clip on light with a $5 "natural daylight " 60 watt bulb. all the bulkheads and plumbing were part of the "fish tank junk" I have laying around. The return pump is an old Rio 1100. I also "borrowed" a small plastic storage container for the fuge. The light for it is one of those clamp on heat lamp type deals (also just laying around) with another $5 natural daylight spiral bulb.

The heater is one of those "freebies" from a bucket of salt.

The sand was from an existing tank. The rock was FREE from Geminiluna. (Thanks Kendra!)

Oh, and I used the trash can from the laundry room for the sump!


I don't think it gets any more ghetto than that.


I'l post better pictures when everything settles down!





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