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How was Black Friday?

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Got a beautiful super big and fat blue leopard wrasse. I have always wanted one, when I moved a couple weeks ago I reset my 75 with coral only and put all my fish in a 90.


He has the whole pods stocked 75 all to himself!!cc565ef626cce9218e61ca64b1c65c63.jpg1a153ac199189f95b3d477dbb3b94c49.jpg

He is super hard to get a good pic of bc he's so fast!

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Not much reef goodies but got a a really large biopellet reactor recently so needed biopellets. Bought 4 liters of pellets from avast for half off, along with some 1/4 inch solenoids for some projects I have for more automation.


Stocked up on supplements/food...Then picked up mystery wrasse, tail spot blenny, and filefish for aiptasia in my frag tank.


Got all Christmas shopping wrapped up cyber monday



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i wasnt able to actually go anywhere black fri/sat because I work, but my buddy orlando helped me out and picked me up a starry blenny and adornatus wrasse from PA and a lubbocks from jeremy at modern.


damn dustin, all shopping already done? ive not even started

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