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Refugiums / Sumps ?


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Refugium is a larger sump that has room for live sand, live rock, various algaes, etc. It creates an ecosystem underneath the tank where clean up crew and LS/LR can host various organisms that may otherwise be picked off or eaten by things in your display tank, above.

I attribute MUCH of my success in this hobby to my refugium setup, and I don't even have a sand bed in mine. Mine is packed full of live rock, Chaeto, and I also have a turf scrubber recently added that is just starting to grow algae! I stuff as much rock as I can in the chambers, and I saw so many copepods and various creatures breeding and thriving in there! They get fed with what food makes it down there that the fish don't get in the 2 mintute feedings.


A sump is a tank underneath your display tank. A Refugium is a type of sump. Most sumps were traditionally used to house equipment: Heaters, Skimmers, Turf Scrubbers, etc. to keep unsightly things out of the display tank. Now that we know biological filtration is more efficient and important a refugium is becoming an important part of how we provide good environments for our livestock.

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What scrubber did you get? Meant to ask you but forgot....


I got a homemade scrubber from a gentlemen off of craigslist. It was only $80, although it is cheap-looking the important things are all there. I can be the test dummy if it works well I will let you know (I will also be buying one for my 75 as well if it works well :D

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Ah, that explains why the craigslist guy stopped responding to my texts about his scrubber.


This was about a month ago.


It seemed like he made a lot of these, I bet he could make another one very easily, or you can look at mine the only expensive component was the LEDs.


I talked to the guy, he said he can make them with a few days notice for $80 bucks. We need to specify if it is for a reef or not. I asked if I can post his info on here, if he says yes I will.

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OK I will post here and also another thread.


http://indianapolis.craigslist.org/for/4165100334.html He uses a different LED now it is much stronger and a "puck" shape. The photos are of an older setup, the one you would buy is better and is working well after about 2 weeks of activity it is getting algae growth. If you don't have a sump to put this in, it's not really the most attractive object but works great so far!



Just specify the size of your tank, if it is saltwater/reef, and meet the guy and buy it. Good kid he works down town.


I will keep contributing to let you guys know how it goes!

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