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New group buy for Jebao WP40 and WP25

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Hey everyone, The first group buy went so well and easy that I am thinking of doing another.


I have had several on another board ask about extras or doing another so, I thought I would check INDMAS to see if there is anyone that would like to get in on another buy.


I would order as soon as we hit a minimum order quantity. I am sending an email to my contact to check if that has changed or not, So, Please post in this thread if you are interested and the quantity and type (WP40 or WP25)





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Any chance you know if these would include the new controller? Been thinking of trying the WP25 on my Biocube 29 I'm setting up, but have read it's too much with the current controller, even with a dimmer on it. Was hoping the new controller would allow you to turn down the flow enough to put this in a nano tank.

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Alright guys... the minimum is 50 still and can mix the orders between the 25 and 40. The 25's are really not much cheaper, only $3 per unit. So pricing is still $58 for the wp40 and $55 for the wp25, to me. If you are not local and I have to ship. The price does not include shipping to you from indianapolis

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This is what I have so far with actual, " I will take" If you said I may or any of the sort, I did not ad to list. Please confirm and I will ad you on.... Thanks


Sleffew 2-4 WP40 and 1 WP25
Sedgro 2 WP40
Dustin1300 1 WP25
Ryansweet 2 WP40
Budman 1 WP40
Jwags911 2 WP40
Reefaddicted 1 WP40
Cj7Jeep81 2 WP40
Blowfish. 1 WP40

Casual Reef

Thesaint 2 WP25
Thebandedreffer 1 WP40 and 1 WP25
Tbohinc 2 WP40
Dean 3 WP40
immerune2 5 WP40 and 2 WP25
Choff 1 WP40
Singlefin 2 WP40 and 2 WP25
Matt 1 WP40
Bigredneck 2 WP40 and 2 WP25
JJmoney 2 WP40
Stircrazy 1 WP25
Seasalt 2 WP40
Engineergoby 1 WP40

Anim8me2 2 WP25

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Well it was a thought... thanks!


If we had someone that wanted to organize group buys monthly or bi-monthly I'm sure we could include it in a newsletter of some form. I've really wanted to start a monthly newsletter anyways but have a hard time finding to do my own projects lately!

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