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Frag Swap Volunteers Needed!

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As the Frag Swap nears us, we're continuing to plan and make this another successful year! That being said, we need help from our members to help make this a success with the help of our members! Please PM me your availability (Morning/Swap/Afternoon/All Day) and also tell me your shirt size so you have a Frag Swap Staff shirt which will be a different color than this year's INDMAS shirt to help differentiate "Workers" from hobbyist.


For members helping out in the morning, we'll need help starting at 7:30 AM to help get things set up and ready for the vendors to move in!


Swap Info:





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Kelly and I can drop the boys off the night before and you can put them to work!!!!




Ok, We can be there...what time?

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If you can get bacon doughnuts, I'm in!!!


But seriously, Just let me know when or what times you need help and I can help.... I get winded easy but still have a little use.


Appreciate it Shane. PM me shirt size and I'll get it in my order and we'll be determine timing we need once I have more complete list.

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As an FYI, anyone helping during the swap will be on rotation so you can get a break and secure things you may want to buy!

I need to leave around 9:30 to head to North Manchester than I'll be back around 1pm unless something changes. Thats why I can be there at 7:30. So you got me for a few hours at least.

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We really need to look into doing the swap a week earlier next year so that I can help out. Second year in a row I won't be able to because of the Mutt Strut being on the same day :(


And who picked orange for the shirts again?! :P


Orange is just for the volunteers so we stand out should a vendor/hobbyist need help and want to stand out! We'll be ordering the following for everyone else to buy!



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