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FTS 6-26-2012

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Looks great man. Which Orphek are you using on that? Nice color!


Is that that the A. formosa you got from me 'Y' shaped, at the bottom?


Unfortunately that formosa hasn't changed a bit since I got it..... that is the blue staqghorn I got off noodlenugs last september picture in a minute...


what am I using for lighting???


NILUS baby!!!!



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Looks great Scott! Any chance you can get me setup with some tubbs? I lost mine somehow :(



No problem, got 2 on the frag rack. Check out the picture of the montipora undata on the frag rack. Right next to it are 2 frags of the tubbs blues.

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A few from the last week. I did some editing on the HDRclown but included the original with it. I've spiked Alk twice and then had trouble keeping it up....so I've lost some color and growth but it seems to be slowly coming back..... :(








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