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Modified Hexagon. Because of an Accident.

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So I got a little upset today and remembered I had a tank outside that I put out there from when I broke it thinking I would do something with it one day so it became my focus to release my stress. Not sure where I am going with this project. But here is some shots of my misshape, and what I had accomplished in today.




Spent some quality time with a razor and glass cutting tools and lots of alcohol.



Please give some input and ideas of where to take this project. It is currently drying from all the silicone.


Tank is now 21 3/4 “ wide by 12” tall. Was MUCH taller before what a shame.

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Wow the tank looks great. Way to recycle and reuse!

Thank you kindly now just trying to find input on what to do. I am thinking about Trying another drill attempt >< and make it a frag tank being I not have one. I am at fear of going overboard as my wife always says. Truly not sure what way to approach it being such an odd design. I even still have the stand for it.

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I agree with Pwoller, it looks great! Great job! Frag tank would probably be a good start or you could sell it to me and I could make a frog habitat out of it :D

IF I can not figure out what to do with it then you got first dibs on it. :P the whole frag tank idea is looking like a realy nice thought just not sure though been staring at if for two days now though. have not yet water tested it. Not sure when i should the silicone says 48 hours but everywhere i read people say 3-5 days.

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Might do an extreme test on it today. if its going to blow a seal might as well blow it right.

throw some very hot water in there. in theory make the joints week while hot. so if it blows then its not something i or anyone else should have never had. if it holds up to the heat its golden. But thats all in theory of silicon being more malleable when hot. not sure same principle applies to tanks or not but I am determined to do it anyways lol

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Well I went for it. Put ALOT of thought in this. I decided to make Some sort of setup. Not sure what yet. I am however sure of my thoughts on this though. I want to go 100% DIY. Sense the tank is already diy.

Now the Stand is DIY. and the Over flow plumbing and the return is Diy. Might as well go further with it. Next step tonight are doing a DIY box for the Overflow out of glass so it has surface skimming.

Already got my ideas set for tomorrow on the Refugium. and skimmer. Would not mind trying to do a diy reactor of sorts also. Of course the lighting will be diy. Still not sure if i want this to be a Frag or a

small display though. >< I already know my return is going to be at 457 gph after all the pluming calculations Not so sure on the Overflow though so I put in ball valves to settle it out evenly.

I REALY thinking hard about doing one of those gravity tanks I keep looking at on youtube. Tank in a tank; but WOW cutting an Octagon to be the inside upside down tank like I want instead of a hex. BLAH so many ideas. People please give input. LOL

Anyways here is some more pictures. STAND INCLUDED it stands 33 inchs tall I think that cool already. LOL



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Went on with the project some more. WOW it stinks like silicone in my office atm.....

Anyways the box is made for the overflow so it will surface skim now. Debating on putting teeth on it so i went ahead and cut those also sense I already have enough cuts on my hands and those little teeth are hard to cut I went for it. Its just the debate if they are needed or not. Here is some more pictures.

Yep I will keep posting them as we move along. :P



Teeth are not perfect but hey they work and its hard to cut those little things from glass lol


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Well I went further today I made the Skimmer. I made the refugium “ TIGHT TIGHT FIT” but enough room tall wise to do a lot of work in there. Tonight Is water night. BTW the refugium is a recycled tank also. One side is cracked REAL REAL BAD. But that panel has been replaced now. And the water channeling is from glass of the old hex remains. The Skimmer is a clear tube I found No clue where it came from so it got scrubbed and scrubbed again. Then a (NEW) chopped up Funnel and a collection cup of ruber made container. I know I am taking MUCH more time then is needed. But for once I seriously wanted to FULLY build a tank from the ground up. Instead of running to a store and buying all the stuff.

Still on the idea of Frag tank or Gravity tank STILL looking for input. Its coming to the time for decision. Water goes in tonight. I will update pictures tonight also.

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Water is in. Have some SMALL kinks to work out on the over flow. nothing major at all. I made the system simulate a power outage. NO water on the floor. :) Time to Level it Fix the Overflow and get some pictures. Put some salt in it and let it cycle I guess. Till i figure out what to do with it. lol.


Total capacity. Including Refugium 23 gallons.

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Well here it is. an I am STILL not sure what to do with it.

I am however VERY shcoked on how Silent the setup is. I can not even hear the water movement from the Overflow. SO HAPPY. My 75 acrylic is noisy..


I may post a video so all can TRY and hear the tank.





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Oh yes the light.

25 x3w Cree at 20k

With a hand built vrm smc ssd. That’s the item with the circular heat sink. it regulates the already regulated voltage for fine tuning. also has a built in IC for if a Led fails it will readjust voltage and not fry the rest of the leds from over power this way i can run 5 leds in series by that running series parallel >:)

Just for Pure safety. I also incorporated a heat trip switch that shuts the main power down in the event my heat sink reaches 115 Fahrenheit (in other word a fan fails and it starts to overheat) so I do not lose leds. The maximum operation of cree is 130. Before it experiences life lose. So I figured 115 is a good point to have a switch operate at.

Then it has 2 1w 455 Royal blue for moon.

This set up has ALREADY been proven under Par. 1100 at surface 500 Just below and 180 at 16 inches deep.

then in between numbers as well.

Thank you noodlenugs again for that reading.




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