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  2. Rosy Sorry to hear you and Bill cannot make the swap Safe travels that weekend
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  4. Hi Mike - Really bummed. Due to an unanticipated need to travel to son's place in Chicago that weekend (Fr-Sat) that just came up yesterday (2/26/20) myself (member Rosy) and non-member husband Bill will not be able to fulfill our planned raffle table security tasks. So sorry for the inconvenience. Plus I'll miss the raffle and speaker ☚ī¸. I was 2:00-4:00 and my husband 10:30-2:00 Rosy
  5. I agree, since it is already empty I would re-seal it now. Better now while empty versus after the tank is set up, has live rock, fish, and coral that would need to be broken down if a leak developed later. There are plenty of videos on line and many in the club have done this and have experience. I recently resealed a 220G that I was setting up. Probably didn't need it, but it was better to take care of it while it was empty just to be sure. It is a lot of work and you do need to pay attention to the details so that you have a good water tight seal afterwards.
  6. 17 days to the 2020 INDMAS Frag Swap The 2020 layout is posted above Make sure to get there early for our guest speaker!
  7. EVERYONE Please Remember to Mark "Going" or "Interested" on the Buckeye Reef Expo & CORAL SHOW Facebook Event Page. It will help us get a good idea of how many people we should expect to come to the Coral Show so we can plan accordingly. Also, Please "Share" the Event on Your Facebook Page or any Reefing Facebook Groups that you are in as it will Help Get the Word Out about this Awesome Frag Swap. Lastly, Please "Invite" any Reefing Friends that you have on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/events/661871331286645/ Click on the Facebook Link Above for More Info.
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  9. Some great looking frags guys. Good luck with the swap!
  10. Damn you BJD! My favorite blue hammer. 😭😭😭
  11. frags loaded, more coming up.
  12. Thank you! I think if I were to go any larger than 150 gallons, the 45 degree corner braces like Tidal Gardens used on their new tank stands would be worth while for extra rigidity.
  13. The ANN ARBOR Fragstravaganza CORAL SHOW & Frag Swap (Ann Arbor, Michigan) is just 6 Days Away !!!!!!!! Invite All of Your Reefing Friends Sunday, March 1
  14. That looks like a rainbow trachyphyllia. Retail about $100 an inch.
  15. Thinking about purchasing this piece. Wondering if anyone know the type of coral and going price.
  16. Very nice design and layout I had the aluminum extrusion on a fag tank and never felt comfortable with it seeing your design would have made it more stable
  17. Plus 1 if you can I would go ahead and reseal since there is obviously something that you do not like
  18. Since you do not have corals in the display I would thing the Yellow Coris
  19. She should put in a design for the tshirt for the swap next year
  20. Check out our fabulous vendors and great raffle prizes posted above!
  21. The ANN ARBOR Fragstravaganza CORAL SHOW & Frag Swap (Ann Arbor, Michigan) is just 1 Week Away !!!!!!!! Invite All of Your Reefing Friends Sunday, March 1
  22. The INDMAS Coral Show & Frag Swap (Indianapolis, Indiana) is just 3 Weeks Away !!!!!!!! Don't Forget tot Request the Day Off if You Work Weekends Saturday, March 14
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