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  2. I planing on being there, and happy to take notes for you! Enjoy the Birthday bash!!!
  3. Thanks Bob! I’m very excited getting them into their more permanent place soon!
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  5. Marcia and I were really looking forward to being there. We completely forgot that we will be in South Carolina for my Mom's 75th birthday that weekend. 😥 Any volunteers to take notes for me?
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  7. Looking forward to having him do a custom lid for me, and dosing container holder. THANK YOU Dawn
  8. I'm gonna try and make one meeting this year lol
  9. Yes indeed very excited, the tank is taking on more and more shape and color.
  10. The October meeting will be at the home of Dduerloo ( Doug) and Redsfish (Cheryl) And will be on October 10th at 4pm The address is 10873 Olivia Ct Indianapolis, IN 46234 Come see this new tank build in progress (Ok a lot more than just progress) This new build consists of a 300 gallon display on main floor ( part of a 500 gallon system in the works ) no water yet -basement fish room has frag tank, refugium, and sump for display -40 gallon waterbox -60 gallon cube coral quarantine -35 gallon fish quarantine -adjacent to fish room is a 200 gallon water mixing station -100 gallon display tank in basement (original display) is now Cheryl’s tank. Still recovering from the move to the new house. You will not want to miss this setup Please make sure to RSVP
  11. Hi All, Just thought I share my Retro Frag Swap Haul form last weekend (all the coral’s on the frag rack - minus the dragon soul Favia). Puffdragon couldn’t make it but was nice enough to meet up with me on Monday in Indy to make up for the frag swap miss. Thanks again to all attendees and Eric for hosting....
  12. its really coming along.~~~~getting closer. HOLY SCHMOLY... now to let the marine spar on top dry and then add a second coat. and apply the goodies to the front. and the LED's. SO hopeful it will all work out
  13. SO for now atleast I plan to use modified voss dosing bottles. ( painted orange of course and then the lettering removed and maybe even custom printed the CORE & triton stuff or atleast a label LOL> I need a container of sorts to hold them. I only have about 13 inches so the one thats already made wont work as I have to lift them too high to get them out. althought it is nice. basically these bottles will be sitting on the floor fo the cabinet and when i move the cabinet out for maintenance etc. I dont want them to topple. so a clamp or something. even and OPEN guide and then I can secure with a. strap?
  14. still have to trim the top bottom and sides. apply the LED; apply the orange hole covers. Apply the 6 shelves in the back to hold onto the power bricks etc. and then marine spar and apply the apex stuff. SO excited!!
  15. Got the painting done. WOW. what a PAIN~~~. the top will be a solid piece and trimmed with some LED's hiding in it.~~ and marine spar applied. and applied to the bottom too.
  16. Hey club...I'm sure a lot of us are into DIY for the reefing hobby when we can. However when it's not possible I wanted to let everyone know about Matt at Clear Constructions. He has been doing acrylic work for me for a few years for screen tops, signs, sumps and more. Custom stuff and he does have a CNC and just made a part for a ski doo last week for a referral of mine. He lives in Daleville but comes to Indy for work and does ship as well. Give him a shout for anything acrylic you can think of. A few members have used him for work in the past as well. Nice prices, nice work and always has great communication during your project as well. Matt Poorman [email protected] Thanks for looking! Make sure to mention INDMAS for 10% off of your first custom acrylic project!!
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  18. It’s got the makings of a Tricolored Valida. That’s my vote.
  19. I have a lot of tile in my house so went through the crawl space and found what I wanted. A 12x12 piece fit perfectly. I still need to put the trim piece around the tile to finish it off. You may want to check with some of the stone places and see if they have any remnants and get it cut to your specifications. A granite, marble, or even quarts would look nice.
  20. I bought this frag. From James at Modern. It is a no name acro. I got it home and out it in the tank and said OMG It's beautiful. The mother colony behind it was more yellow. Does anyone recognize this frag or did you take it to Jeremy? If this is a no name it needs one lol. Let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks
  21. oohhh. I would love to see the top. where did you find it. I went looking today and wasnt successful for ONE piece. 32 x17 ideally..
  22. Those are all metal and will rust is they get wet. I know the ones I posted are expensive but they are sealed in a plastic. You know the saying...you get what you pay for. And considering what everything else in this hobby cost I think they are cheap in that respect. I have a marble tile top on mine too, it just wanted on yet in those photos.
  23. AWESOME. I was wondering what I was gonna do for the back. was thinking cloth or velcro. I LIKE ... no LOVE this idea. gonna steal youre awesomeness..... THANK YOU!!! I did decide the TOP will be a slate or tile top.. I will add a back but think I will leave the "way bottom open where I will keep the additives. I dunno. I guess i dont need to leave it open if the magnets pop off. will these work??? https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07BZ1B3NR/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 there are 8 of them and they are not 12 buck each? Im fine paying 12 each if i need those too???
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