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  2. Love this thread! Can’t say I have an all time favorite but right now I’m digging Gonis! I picked this frag up in Kentucky June of 2021. We were on a weekend anniversary trip and on the way back home, we stopped at a local reefers home I had previously purchased from on reef2reef. This Goni is definitely my current favorite.
  3. This is my favorite coral. Some of it is green and some of it is yellow. I don't take good pictures but it's really cool. I bought it at modern. Jeremy told me a guy named Myles was leaving the industry. This was called Orchid Corals Hologram I got his main colony so they're probably not much of it out there. It grows very well. Take care
  4. Had a fantastic time getting to see all of you in person and got some amazing corals added. Thanks to Doug and Cheryl for hosting and for having such excellent systems to gawk at!
  5. Thank you Doug & Cheryl for your hospitality hosting this meeting! The house, tanks and yard landscape were outstanding.
  6. Earlier
  7. Thank you all for coming to the retro swap! Cheryl and I had a great time chatting with everyone! See you all next month at Modern Aquatix!
  8. All I won't be able to make the meeting today. W e just double checked our Mellencamp tickets and the concert starts at 6 here in Seymour.
  9. I was unable to find a Buy/Sell forum or thread... Am I missing something? NVM... I wasn't logged in. 🙄
  10. I am not saying anything about spouse of the year in case Marcia ever gets on here! 🤣
  11. I'm sure it will be amazing!!
  12. I will not be able to make this, sadly. Awesome hosts, display tanks, and fish room. If you can make it, you do not want to miss this meeting.
  13. Heidi will be joining me. She'll make her buffalo dip or something
  14. Is there one thread already set up titled retro swap or is everyone supposed to post individually? Thanks
  15. And the big purchase at MACNA goes to Alan and Scarlet this is a 280 Cade aquarium and it is a beauty Look for Alan to host a meeting next year to show this off. I think we should also start a new annual INDMAS award for Spouse of the year and I nominate Scarlet!
  16. We had a great INDMAS turnout at MACNA this year. I think everyone got to the presentations that they were interested in and made we made great vendor contacts. At the Saturday raffle we had quite a few winners Attached is our Saturday dinner group
  17. This isn't today is it? *Sigh* Just collected a ton of caulerpa and codium to make the trip...
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