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  2. Will be there +1 bringing buffalo chicken dip Lets get a great turnout club! RSVP below
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  4. I see a lot of write-ups on various websites regarding co2 scrubbers and Ph and ALK being areas of issue. Since I do not run a scrubber I'll let someone else or other websites be your guide. I agree the dkh reading is quite low and Calc quite high it may be helpful to look at lowering Calcium (maybe even by a water change)... why type of test kits are you using? Has anyone else tested your water to verify (roughly) your readings? The good news is the corals look good (which is why I ask about getting confirmation on your test readings). A water change may be enough to make a gradual change and maybe a short term best solution. My two cents anyway... of course, I usually don't get a penny for my thoughts...
  5. Looking for some advice on why I can’t seem to keep my dkh up in reef tank all of sudden. Tank is about 6 months old and due to a parasite getting into my main tank is now fallow. Has been fallow for 5 weeks. Could co2 scrubber be an issue? I just added and ph is now consistently 8.25 to 8.4. Other parameters below. I am dosing alk and using kalwasswer in ATO. Did not start dosing until kalkwasser seemed to be ineffective with alk. Does brs kalk powder go bad? Corals (softies and lps) seem to look perfect even with low Dkh readings. dkh - 5.5 daily afternoon reading calc - 490 mag - 1250 thanks In advance!
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  7. Hi everyone, I have been keeping nano tanks for the past 3 years (10-20 gallons) and finally pulled the trigger on a used 75 gallon system. I'm really excited to start my journey with this tank, but I may need some help getting everything going (plumbing, aquascaping). I would greatly appreciate the help. I'm located in Kokomo and I'm more than happy to compensate you for your travel and assistance. Thank you! Eric
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  9. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Pool will be open weather permitting. Bring your suits and towels. Have seating for 12 at the pool so bring a lawn chair if you got one Disclaimer: No lifeguard so swim at your risk. Parents with small children must stay at the pool to watch their own kids. No DIVING! Not responsible for accidents. We also have corn hole and other outdoor games. Inside is pool table, shuffle board, darts, cards and other games. Come and enjoy the day!
  10. The June meeting will be June 10th from 4pm - 6 pm Amanda (Mrsbugmaster) is hosting this year . The address is 9710 Towne Rd Carmel IN What -Food Friends a great time and a chance to pick up some tips and tricks of setting up a new tank and moving from an existing one Come see the new 270 Gallon Planet Aquarium FOWLR setup. The summer social is a pitch in so please reply if you can make it and what you will be bringing. We hope to see everyone there!
  11. Lol! There are only 4, so you only have 2 more to go!
  12. Thank you everyone that came! Thank you for all the compliments and we are glad everyone enjoyed themselves and the tank!!! And @PetesFolly I only found 2 mermaids so far and was told there was 5 or 6. Where in the heck are the others ???🤣
  13. Thanks for hosting! Great meeting! Beautiful tank, great food, excellent presentation and good seeing everyone!
  14. Going to try and make this. Always like seeing what Scarlet and Alan have done
  15. It is an amazing grower too. I'll have to try to photo dump this weekend. I can only do 2 photos per post. Here's an updated full tank shot, and a photo of my favorite coral.
  16. Looking good sir! Always loved the mille's even not being a stick guy they are a great stick addition
  17. Late to respond but I’ll be there +1
  18. Great Thank you ! I’ll be at the Reef about 11:45 Craig Martin will be there as well helping with membership. I’ll have a few extra 2023 INDMAS shirts if needed.
  19. I’m not able to make it to this one.
  20. I’ll be there, looking forward to seeing the CADE and watching the acrylic presentation.
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