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  2. If you look closely there are two Ts on the return, one for a UV and one for a BRS dual reactor to run purigen and gfo, but I didn’t put the ball valves on it yet and yes the drains do go down into the sump to reduce noise.
  3. Sean I could not see if the drain lines extended into the filter sock but on the 220 setup I extended it into the sock with an unglued coupling Also on the return you might think about a t off of it and a valve in case you want to hook up a pellet, carbon and or calcium reactor later on
  4. Dry plumbing done yesterday on the trigger emerald sump! Everything worked pretty well, except i was hoping to make space for three lines on the return for the manifold, only had space for two. Lmk what u think, before i glue it all in
  5. Unfortunately, aquavista99 will not be able to attend the swap on 8/15/20.
  6. I 100% would be if my wife hadn't told me I have enough expensive hobbies already...lol Always wanted a tracking telescope (slightly so I can do my own programming with it) but never been able to convince myself to spend the money on a good one. Do you have some photos to share??
  7. update. NICE case of dino..... UGH. sucks. I have been watching every video I can. I have started daily dosing 12 drops of Microbacter 7. (yesterday adn today and plan to cont for a couple weeks. I decreased my photo period and intensity and went to solid BLUE lighting. ( kessil 80) for the next 3 days. ( no black out). CORALS ARE STRESSED IT BEING A NEW TANK ANYWAYS. Sorry caps I added Dt tims one and only. a capful yesterday and today. and then added fritx 460. ~1 capful. yesterday and today. tmr the nitrates and phosphate additive arrive. and I will test the tank and adjust. I also decreased the lighting for the small ball of chaeto I have ~. all but one hermit is dead and I have 4 astrea and 2 nass snails still ( lucky). I hope I can get a good balance. tmr I start DAILY testing of alk nitrates and phos.~~ and then plan to cont to add the MB7 and dose the nitrates and pho to bring them up.~~ I already added a bunch of pods but Ill add another bottle this weekend too. its a 4 g pico with 3 gal of water. I want to bring levels UP.~~~ WITH the chaeto and lighting to allow that to be a cont factor. if I can... I would welcome ideas. I am not liking the H2O2 idea. or the black out for now.... Tmr i plan to siphon dinos and some water out as well and ( filter through 300micor sock and return to tank. and also plan to run some pinky foam with a power head blowing on it and change it daily to pull some out too... WISH ME LUCKKKKK!!!
  8. you know reef keeping isnt quite expensive or time consuming enough I have an astro hobby too. anyone else???? Dawn
  9. I think I'll attend my first meeting since signing up in march
  10. Mr. & Mrs. Puffdragon plans to be there.
  11. Can’t miss this one. Amber will probably come too
  12. I will not be able to attend, it's my daughters 18th birthday.
  13. Thanks. Not full enough yet. The plan was to upgrade, but I cannot find the tank I want to upgrade to, so this will continue to be the path I am on. Its been up for 3.5 years, so whats another 3.5, right?
  14. Lorelai and I will be available to help Friday evening for setup.
  15. With the frag swap coming up on August 15th the club is needing to get a confirmation for the hobbyist tables. Please reply to this thread by July 10th to let us know if you do or do not intend to participate this year Thank You
  16. For those that volunteered Please reconfirm your participation in this years event as a volunteer. If you do not feel comfortable that is ok as well the club just needs to get a handle so we can make sure we have enough people on hand. If you could confirm by July 10th that would be appreciated. Thank You
  17. With the frag swap 45 days away it is time to start gearing back up. We have reconfirmed for the same event site and times. We are currently in the process of reconfirming with the vendors and hobbyist fo rteh event Richard Ross will still be our featured speaker and will be broadcast via zoom at the event More details to follow...…………... Mike
  18. 😅😅😅😅Nice one ☝️. I am hoping with all the very mature rock and clean live sand we are putting in the new one it is pretty seemless. I have done this before with new rock(which is currently in a rubbermaid culturing) and old rock, it will be about half and half! If we get some algae blooms or what not I’m sure we’ll manage them! Although we may end up stuck here till the end of the yr anyways soo....it’s all up in the air for now
  19. Awesome! Looking forward to coming to this meeting. I'll have to polish up on my axe throwing (lack of) skills.😀 Count me in!
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