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  1. Yesterday
  2. Sorry but I have to back out on helping this year. Have a good swap.
  3. Last week
  4. Reeftrader is up! I really want to stress that all attendees members or non members need to use Eventbrite to register Thank you Mike
  5. The cleaned up reeftrader for the 2021 swap is up and available for postings!
  6. Vender will supply a small bag, deli cup or specimen container
  7. 1.5ish years in the hobby now so still pretty new but just this year got into corals. Do I need to provide my own container or do people have bags to put them in?
  8. So guessing this means you’re actually new the the hobby all together?. Well there will be lots and lots and lots of coral available to purchase. You’ll have a hobbiest section. Pretty much guys in the club growing stuff in their tanks looking to make some cash to put right back into the their tanks. 🙋🏽‍♂️ Like me! Then you have vendors. They’re the tables that have turned all this into a business. Places like Aquarium World, Modern Aquatix, The Reef, Premium Aquatics, Salt Critters, and some out of town place that do some traveling. This year the building is a large one with a
  9. I joined in 2020 so I didn’t get to experience anything. What can I expect from the frag swap in may?
  10. Below is the eventbrite link for the frag swap. Tickets are available. For those that are paid members, you can get your free tickets (post will be in the members forum section). If you have any questions, please reach out. Both MEMBERS and NON MEMBERS need to preregister and bring their E ticket with them prior to attendance. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/indmas-frag-swap-2021-tickets-147695558391
  11. Burn out can happen. Sometimes breaks are warranted. I’ve had saltwater for 43 yrs. (Thats not a typo!). Literally, The inception of the hobby. Experienced burnout from time to time myself. Sometimes life becomes more complicated limiting the time with a system. The once enjoyment becomes something else to do, and then it turns into a job taking the fun out of it. Happened to me. I can’t see myself without a tank, but i have reinvented what i keep to ignite the spark. Have had macro algae tanks with mangroves and different livestock. A Caribbean biotope. I found reinventing and si
  12. Thanks for having the meeting Mike. You tank system is amazing. I reflected on it after the meeting. Your main goal is the safety of the inhabitants and you go to great lengths to assure that. Your bioload is low by design. I got some ideas on Saturday to improve my own system. I run a high bioload and battle algae. Take care, See you in May
  13. I will be there Friday night and Saturday Morning. Take care, Mike
  14. Thanks for the update. You have done your part.
  15. Earlier
  16. Scott Glad we could make it work Had not considered the your tube account may be something to look into
  17. Allen yes I have put in the request to delete old listings and blocked new listing waiting to hear back Sorry for the delay
  18. 3 minute Freshwater dip - same temp and pH as tank it's in could make the parasite fall off
  19. ScottJoniec


    Thanks to ReefNewby82, TankNovice and Mike762 for arranging and setting up a Zoom call to help me experience the meeting today. For those of you that don't know I have a rare muscle disease called Inclusion Body Myositis. For the sake of an easy explanation I have heard it described as like ALS but very slowly progressing. At this point I rely on a power wheelchair to get around (it weighs about 500lbs without me in it) and it is starting to limit the use of my hands. It currently affects my left hand more than my right. Because of this you may not see me at very many meetings however I will b
  20. Update, we are going to be really late! My ride (Mike) hasn't shown up yet.
  21. We will be there! May be a little late.
  22. I'll be there Edit.... I will not be able to make it. Just got called I for a work emergency.
  23. I use to be a member of the bird club years ago. I am not a fan of Bird Fever. We got our grey from a breeder in Danville, IN. I think she has retired now. 20 some years ago I use to raise some birds also. I raised several finches, canaries, parakeets, hand feed cockatiels and Indian Ring Necks.
  24. Still planning to delete and begin anew?
  25. Wow very cool. If you are interested I also belong is in a local parrot club too and can share that with you? There are several African Grays there. I take it from being on the north side you are a regular at Bird Fever? (We got all of ours there)
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