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  2. I build a DIY battery back up for my MP40. That should last (never tested it, something I should do one of the days) 4-6hours (maybe even longer) to provide circulation and enough gas exchange. Nothing else currently. However contemplating getting a generator for just in case.
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  4. Kyle also our November meeting is our pay it forward meeting where club members bring items that they no longer need. Club members can then select form those items may be something there you can pick up for free
  5. Welcome to the club Kyle Patience is number 1 rule everyone on this site has at one time or another not followed that one and don't buy used heaters is my second rule
  6. Dawn Have APC battery back ups one for a heater, the other two run pumps nothing for lights. The tank loses less than a degree every couple of hours due to the rock and water volume. This gives me 3 hours of battery back up minimum and would have a minimum of 12 hours before fish are threatened more than enough time to hook up my generator if needed Mike
  7. I have small battery backups on each tank (maybe 5-10mins worth of power), and I also have a portable generator for longer outages. I can get you the models when I get home. Like Luis, my area isn’t known for long outages so it isn’t something I worry about much but I do like to be prepared
  8. My plan is to make sure if the power goes out nothing will flood. My area doesn’t have a history for power outages. The longest I’ve ever lost power was 2 hrs many years ago. So sit back and enjoy the Pulsing Xenia at my house. Lol 🤷🏽‍♂️
  9. what are you guys using. ( please be specific in your set-up plan for a power outage. for example.~~~ apex to remain powered so it can control the pumps? and how does it know it goes to battery. ( is that possible)? if not. what do you do? I was thinking to have the return pump and one powerhead since sump has half my water volume. do you run heaters? what do you run specifically and how? thank you Dawn
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  11. pay no attention to the back wall. we ahd hoped the pain would match and it didnt. so repainting a wall is next ... and getting that fuge to keep kicking butt and get tank sparkling
  12. added the doors tonight. WOW. what a lot of work. we hand made the doors. the stand and the cabinet. custom!!!! I am thrilled
  13. Scott is not with Orphek anymore. I do not know who the local rep is at the moment. You may want to check their web site under support to see if they can give you information on a local rep. orphek.com
  14. Welcome to the club! Heed the advice, have fun, and get ready to become addicted to this hobby. As Puffdragon mentioned, patience is key in this hobby. You will have your ups and downs, but in the end it is well worth it.
  15. back up to 31 today. 0.1. so I did receive the rowaphos I ordered today so that is in the high flow area of sump in a bagie for now and fuge is online for 12 hours tonight. shawn had his chaeto lit 12 hours too so it should be good. i hope it gets the levels down.
  16. Cool to use Alexa to log the data into Apex! Sounds like you have it handled!!!!
  17. shawn gave me chaeto. and I have it in the tank along with the new fuge light. ( H160). and then I am good on my level. I did the third 50% water change. so my metals should be way down too. and I sent off another ICP test to start the dos i hope. likley. this week. but by the weekend for certain.
  18. i am now.. and I was actually able to tell alexa to log todays results. and they are 13. thank good ness. 0.04 now.... I had no idea the test kits wasnt testing what I thought it was and feel so dumb I have only had the apex online for a few days. working on getting the trident and then the Dos online.
  19. Hi Dawn, are you using your apex to log your testing results?
  20. Cheryl & Doug, thank you for having us. This was truly inspirational!! Hope all will go well and you guys can host again to show off your finished product!!
  21. Welcome to INDMAS. Seconded all the comments made. Make it fun and enjoy the progress....
  22. Welcome to the club Kyle. First thing I would recommend is getting an ATO (Automatic top off) for controlling salinity due to evaporation. And as mentioned above, don't hesitate to ask questions
  23. Yes, three things. 1. Patience 2. Do your research if you haven't already. 3. There are no dumb questions. Better to ask before hand. 4. Welcome to reefing!
  24. Hey all! I have been a long time lurker of the Saltwater Hobby, following forums and watching videos since I was 13 (Now 30). Well I finally pulled the trigger and am starting a tank! A few weeks ago I ordered 50 lbs of dry rock from BRS. It is currently in a brute in the garage cycling. Added Dr. Tim's one and only about a week ago and did my initial dose of ammonia. I have been doing daily tests of ammonia but have not made very much progress. Hoping to progress more over the next week. I was also able to find a used tank (40 breeder with stand, sump, return pump, 2 Kessil 160 and skimmer) that I will be picking up this Saturday. I am beyond excited to get it! Currently the only other equipment I have are a Nero 5, 150 watt heater, and some testing equipment. Any tips or tricks you recommend for a first timer? Any must have equipment? Any livestock recommendations? Thanks for any help you can provide. Really excited to get this up and running!
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  26. Man I remember this tank! I got out, then back in, then upgraded three times during the span of your tank! Glad you are staying in the hobby!
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