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  1. Yesterday
  2. Connie and I will make the meeting (another family obligation earlier so I can't make the field trip). Looking forward to seeing everyone at Gonzo's!
  3. Last week
  4. Here is what worked for me in my Dino fight
  5. Earlier
  6. Updated with aquarium world field trip times I will be at both
  7. Just launched my channel where I’ll be posting my progress with the BioCube16 with a focus on Beginner Tips. Feel free to Subscribe to follow-along and interact in the comments on YouTube! The tank is 3 months old. However, the series will start from day 0, before adding salt. First video is an intro. Planning to do a 5-10min review of the BioCube16 soon and will follow with all of the steps of aquascaping, cycling, & stocking the tank. Intro Video:
  8. Came from a great tank! Thank you!
  9. The August meeting will be at Luis's (Gonzo620) home at 1727 Jacques Drive in Lebanon IN on Saturday August 13th from 4pm to 6pm. Luis has a very well though out 180 gallon display tank with great attention to detail for his system. Additionally most of us do not get the chance to venture to out of the area stores. That gave us an idea to organize a field trip to Aquarium World in Lafayette. Aquarium World setup at the frag swap in 2021. The idea is to meet at Luis at 12:30 pm and carpool to Aquarium World in Lafayette. This is not part of the official club meeting and we will return to Luis' for the meeting. Let us know if you might be interested and we will update the thread if we have the interest. Josh the owner of aquarium world is working on some club specials. Please RSVP below for both events the same day. And a reminder for 2023 the frag swap will be Saturday March 11, 2023 at Northside Knights of Columbus
  10. cmrun

    New video!

    Nice trumpet corals!
  11. cmrun

    New video!

    My DIY controller board was also a case of trial and error. None the less I like the finished product!
  12. Thanks for the kudos! Sorry about the Powder Blue tang. They do have awesome colors but can be troublesome for tank mates as they become established. I do like the Naso addition I hope it does well... always one of my favorite tangs! I hope you can make the August meeting over at "Gonzo's" he has an awesome set up and easily puts mine to shame. (I have a number of corals from Gonzo and they look great in my system too!)
  13. Latest and greatest in the fish room!
  14. Sooooo... What exactly does Crystal look like. I'm guessing she is hiding somewhere.
  15. Thank you for the hospitality Allen. Could you please send me the location of the frag swap Saturday. Thank you!
  16. Don I would say Pistol unless you added a Mantis
  17. Thanks everyone for coming. I'll get the emailed presentations out to you today.
  18. Thank you again Allen and Laura Great set up and ideas!
  19. Thank you for the warm hospitality and great ideas! I certainly enjoyed seeing the way you run your system and the excellent results.
  20. Thank you both for your hospitality your tanks were absolutely gorgeous. I learned a lot from your presentation.
  21. See everyone tomorrow. Safe travels!
  22. Got tired of seeing a corded rats nets under the tank. Check out the new video on how I built a simple controller board!
  23. I cannot make this meeting, My grandkids are in town from GA. Alan has great money saving hacks on additives. I bought 40 Lbs. of Magnesium Chloride as road runner pet friendly ice melt. I was only nervous the 1st time I dumped it in the tank, it works great. I probably saved over 80% by not using Pet store brands. have fun everyone.
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