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  2. For anyone looking for a frag swap, the Lansing swap is this weekend.
  3. I would like like a table. Sending money now!
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  5. The turkey baster worked wonders! Never thought of that before. Thank you. I removed a good 60% of the slime. Its coming back again. Going to check numbers again on the tank tomorrow. Life's been too busy
  6. I would manually remove what you can with a syphon and then make sure your GFO is working. Only do a little at a time. It'll take a while for the cyano to go away. Sorry, life has been busy!
  7. Last week
  8. I like using optical sensors from ato’s to trigger a shut off for my main return pump (like Kyle suggested). I’ve never tried the float switch but it would work the same, just more mechanical.
  9. There are a few DIY options I have seen on Reef2reef and on other forums doing something similar to this. If you have an apex or other controller for your aquarium, adding a few optical sensors would be easy for this project. You could always take a look at some of the DIY ATO using a float switch. I have one that i used and it would kick on a pump to move water once it dropped past a certain point. I am sure that something similar could be setup to reverse the float switch.
  10. I am going to be building out a small sump/refugium for my tank and am looking for advice for preventing overflow in case my overflow gets clogged. I was thinking an easy way to do this would be to get a device that detects when the water level in the main tank reaches a set high point, and if so cut off power to the pump. Are you aware of any other good devices that do this? The only one i'm seeing so far is http://www.autoaqua.com.tw/en/sls-120.html or other ways of accomplishing this?
  11. I would like to help however I can as well trying to get more involved! Xl shirt size
  12. Amber and I will be there most of the day (not for setup as she works nights and likes to sleep in a little) Ryan - large Amber - medium
  13. Looking forward to seeing everybody along with Ross’s tank.
  14. I’ll be there all day working the door and where needed. **Those that have yet responded regarding volunteering please get me your shirt size no later than FEBRUARY 25th,2023.
  15. I would like a hobbyist table at the 2023 frag swap.
  16. I will take a table, sending payment shortly
  17. You can use a turkey baster to blow off the slime build up on the rocks. As you do water changes, I would try to siphon out as much as you can. If you have/had a sump, you can put the end of the siphon in the filter sock to collect all the gunk without drastically affecting the water level. Then just change out the sock and dump the gunk. It will be a long battle, but eventually it will taper off as you get the rest of the nutrient issues in check.
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  19. Should I attempt to manually remove any of these slime at this point?
  20. That would be my suggestion. You’re making the correct changes, now you just need to keep those changes constant and let things correct themselves. There are options that can help move things faster (carbon dosing, chemical additives) and they work great. But you have to continually use them, and that still takes months sometimes.
  21. It's not so much the hair algea that's a problem. It's this slimy stuff. Possibly cyanobacteria?
  22. I definitely agree with @ryansweet. The best way to think about algae is that it took you months to get there, so it will take you a lot of time to get back. I agree the hydrogen peroxide will be beneficial, but should be done once the parameters are stable. Your first concern should be stabilizing your nitrate and phosphate. The problem with nopox is that it will starve out your algae in your turf algae scrubber. I'd be more worried about that, keeping your nitrates under 20, and phosphates under 0.1. Your phosphates will probably be the hardest since your rocks will start leaching the stored phosphates. At this point, you want stability to get your tank healthy and able to support the growth of the beneficial bacteria and such, and then you can start knocking out the hair algae. If you don't wait for it to stabilize, you'll have hair algae problems again.
  23. look at hydrogen peroxide dosing lots of articles on it you can also maybe start by taking a rock out and dipping it in the peroxide bath. I did this on my 1st and 2nd tanks I personally would not do this and nopox at the same time
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