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  2. Thanks for the input... I am looking at the AI Prime
  3. hopefully soon. Seems to be a decent grower, provided I don’t mess it up. That and the pink kraks in front of it started at 3 polyps and are both at 5 after a month.
  4. If you ever frag those out, I'd like to have a frag.
  5. 3rd recommendation for AI Prime. I have 4 over a 4’ tank. Very reasonably priced for what they do, no controller needed and easy to add more if/when you upgrade tanks!
  6. I have a AI Prime HD over my 10 gallon coral qt tank and really like it.
  7. I ran a kessil A80 over my nuvo 10 for a few years. Did a good job, but turned out not being enough for my tank. Honestly don't believe they are good for tanks over 5 gallons. I'm running an AI Prime HD now, and love it.
  8. Last week
  9. Hi folks, I have a Fluval Edge nano tank and the light it comes with isn't adequate for growing many corals. I have had some minor success with mushrooms and hammers... Anyway, looking for recommendations on a quality light that will grow a variety of soft corals in a 5 gallon tank. Mostly looking at Zoas and such. Thanks, Ryan
  10. https://www.mcmaster.com/6680A15 We use these at work. So I’ve managed to bring some home when we have extras. There very very strong. The magnet is sealed off and the strike plate is made of a 600 series stainless steel, helping against rust. They’re expensive but worth it in my opinion. They come in black too. https://www.mcmaster.com/6680a23
  11. This tazer zoa in the back is starting to become my favorite. The glowing pink ring stands out from any view.
  12. I'm looking for a heavy duty magnetic latch for a cabinet door. Those of you that have used them have any recommendations? Need something strong as it will the the only thing holding the door on. Thanks.
  13. I have an old Halide set up (transformer and light) that you can have if you haven't found a solution yet. May be overkill for a 32 gallon system. I believe it is 200w and the dimensions should be close to your 32 gallon.
  14. Amanda,


    I do have a larger water container. I believe I bought it from Luke at a swap but never used it as it would not fit in a smaller cabinet intended for ATO. Give me a ring on my cell and we can discuss 317-443-7192.


    1. cmrun
    2. PetesFolly


      Lol, I have the same one and bought it at the same time.  Never have used it either!  Although, I still think it is a great container.  Just haven't found a good use for it with my set up.

    3. MrsBugmaster


      I did find one. Thanks

  15. Can you send me a picture and how tall is it?
  16. Earlier
  17. I am looking for a 20 gallon water storage container for a AWC I'm trying to hook up. Something like this Anyone know where I can get on locally? or does anyone have any they are not using?
  18. Thanks, darn Covid bit me postponing the frag swap, but if that's the worst it does, I'm very good!
  19. You should be good to go @puffdragon
  20. Hello there I have a AI Prime HD that took a crap on me this morning. When I woke up the fan was terrible loud. I took it apart and cleaned it and put it back together and still makes the same noise. I put a ticket in on the AI website and said it will be one business day til I hear from them. Idk if I can wait that long til I get a response back. So I'm asking anybody has an extra light I can borrow or buy at a decent price. I did wanna upgrade so I might just buy the brand new hydra 32 but wanted to check on here first because at a time like this dont really have extra money to spend since I'm out of work for now because of coronavirus shut down my work.
  21. Hello, I have error code 1F176/3 whenever I try to go in to the sale forums. We paid for our membership today. Thanks Allen Ruddick Puffdragon
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