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  3. Happy Anniversary you two. You guys out did yourselves as always. Thanks for hosting and good seeing everyone finally 😊
  4. Sorry, I didn't see some of these lasts posts until this am (Sun). Spoke or texted with a number of the above, But wanted to say thank you for all pitching in and bringing food & drinks etc. I hope some of you who took pictures will post them here because this was great time. WHAT A BLAST! Really enjoyed getting to meet some of the new members. Haven't spent anytime looking for a stray mermaid, but haven't noticed her yet either.... There may have to be some form of retribution to those delinquents who aided in or instigated of hiding of said mermaid.... LOL. 14,236 days..
  5. Sorry for the late rsvp, I’ll be there. I’ll just bring some beer to give away.
  6. I am new member and can make it, i will bring cupcakes and some fun summer napkins!
  7. Any requests for anything specific to drink? Alcohol or non alcohol. We’ll bring water, coke, sprite, and beers for sure.
  8. I will be there and will bring corn casserole
  9. Marcia and I will be there. My son, Kyle, will not be coming so I will need a new partner for corn hole seeing as how we ruled it last time!! 😁 We will be bringing baked beans (less pepper this time) and wings.
  10. Planning on attending.. trying to convince my wife to help with a dessert
  11. Laura and I are going to try to make it. We'll be bringing Texas Caviar and chips.
  12. We will be bringing our world famous 24 hour salad
  13. Steve...Shane...Scott...whoever you are, bring them with ya lol
  14. Steve, feel free. We’d love to get a new family of reefers to geek out with.
  15. Alan and I will be attending! Definitely been a very long time since we attended one.
  16. Would it be alright to extend an invitation to a possible new member and his wife?
  17. Cheryl and I plan on coming. We are bringing mango avocado salsa and chocolate chip cookies. Looking forward to it!
  18. We’ll be there. We will bring home made Mac and Cheese.
  19. Yes I bought one too! And it is also doing great! Good eater
  20. Santor33 Yes, I’m going to make this one! I’ll bring a Mexican dip and my favorite beverage! Looking forward to having some fun and seeing all my scaly friends!
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