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  2. I'm Edge, with replaced Internet Explorer a couple years ago.
  3. Amanda, are you using Chrome, Fire Fox, Internet Explorer, Safari?
  4. Last week
  5. Still same here. Up to 4 notifications now. I’m on mobile. Maybe that’s the difference.
  6. What browser is everyone using? Mobile or computer?
  7. I really like the keyhole angel. It’s bland to a lot of people but really like the black longnose tang too
  8. I am having the same issue. I cannot click on the notification icon and see what is going on.
  9. I renew because Mike makes me... Just kidding! I renew because I enjoy being part of the club due to the friends I have made and the tremendous resource of knowledge. Of course the monthly meetings are bad either! 🍻
  10. So for those who do not know, I have been collecting many of the dwarf angels available in the hobby. I have my current list below of what I have, what I am going to get, and last looking for other opinions on some other fish they will be rooming with in the 450g once I get it going. Currently have: Colins angel (most recent addition) Golden red angel Lemon peel Lemon peel hybrid x2 Multicolored angel Coral beauty Nox angel Fisheri angel To add: Flame Opinions: .....
  11. I don’t know where these bastards came from, as I dip and always put frags on new plugs, but they are multiplying in my tank. I’ve tried peppermint shrimp in the past but they don’t tend to work I know there are products and methods to remove as well but I want to do it as naturally as possible That’s where Berghia Nudibranches come into play. I really don’t want to remove all my coral and start with new live rock I also don’t want to loose all my coral to these stinging little mother effers. So I’m hoping maybe someone here has a couple I could borrow for awhile or possibly sell to me. If not maybe recommend somewhere where I might be able to purchase. Please INDMAS, you’re my only hope.....
  12. I need to get these all copied over (I cant put .pdfs on the forums) and into a thread but here is Dr Tim's recipe for what you are trying to do.
  13. The STARVED ROCK Saltwater Expo & Frag Swap (Utica, Illinois) is just 2 Days Away !!!!!!! For More Info on the Swap Please Click on the Links Below. The Official Web Site is The Facebook Event Page is https://www.facebook.com/events/2154901331449387/?active_tab=discussion Date Sunday, May 19 Time 12:00 Noon to 4:00 PM Location Grizzly Jack's Grand Bear Resort 2643 IL Route 178 Utica, IL 61373 Invite all of Your Reefing Friends
  14. I have had those before and they did not seem to hurt anything (well, I don't "think" they did anything). Here is an article from reef keeping magazine on the subject: http://reefkeeping.com/joomla/index.php/current-issue/article/45-reefkeeping-101-
  15. Some will eat coral yes. But some just multiply rapidly and become an eye sore.
  16. Found this little guy on my glass tonight. I pulled him just to be safe. Based on what I have read these are bad right? Help me INDMAS experts...you’re my only hope! 😁
  17. Wow! Man, scary enough drilling an empty tank...
  18. PetesFolly

    New to Indy

    Welcome to Indy and INDMAS!!
  19. I wanted to take a second and invite anyone that would like to come out and help support my sister and her boy friend that just lost her baby on mothers day. We are having the benefit ride, followed by music, food, and fun! Kids are welcome. There will be a raffle as well.. any questions or for more details please ask!
  20. I am going to try Dr. Tim's. I added Waste Away (which had a negative impact on my Chaeto) already and will know try to get the good bacteria up by adding Dr. Tim's Nitrifying Bacteria. It is supposed to help with new tank syndrome. After that I will add Dr. Tim's Eco-Balance which is supposed to add "friendly, supportive bacteria to maintain a balanced environment with specific probiotics against vibrios and blocks out unfriendly bacteria"... We'll see... Apparently you are not supposed to use two of these treatments at the same time so this will take a few weeks. I have not been running my skimmer in hopes that I don't get rid of the good bacteria and trying to use the Chaeto to replace the skimmer. When I set up my 125 when I first got into this, it took a good year for the tank to settle in and for Cyano to stop showing up in my tank. The good thing is that while cyano is a nuisance and not pretty to look at, it can be vacuumed out fairly easily (it is a hassle and time consuming though).
  21. I'm glad he was able too offer some advice. Unfortunately, I am still learning as well so I can't offer any substantial advice. Luckily, we have some very knowledgeable people in the club. Hopefully, whatever was causing the issues will work its way out of your system. Tanknovice had to do the same a couple of months back.
  22. I’m very grateful to Luis for all of his help. We’ll see what happens with the tank. I didn’t know Cyano was a phase. If so I’ve been intermittently in and out of it for about a year. Not sure how to get past that particular phase.
  23. So strange; I replied to this a week ago but it’s not here... Yes, Gonzo620 kindly adopted my fish. He also provided an assessment of my setup and believes that I simply got a disease in the tank which needs to be cleaned up. His prescription is to leave the tank fallow and let whatever’s in it to run it’s course, then step back in gradually. I’m torn because I do want to keep fish but am so tired of the process. I am going to give it another chance though. We’ll see what the fall brings.
  24. John, I am glad to see that you are going to give it another try. I am also happy to see that your found a home for your fish with Luis. He will take great care of them! I am still going through new tank syndrome on my tank so I was not in a position to take them. I am going through the cyano phase right now.
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