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  1. Thanks Dustin! I should be all squared away now. I'd like to get back in someday.
  2. My account is set to auto-renew and don't want it to be. Would like to get that shut off and a refund on the recent transaction...Nothing about the club, just that I'm out of the hobby.
  3. I have an auto-renewal item to discuss. Who's the treasurer?
  4. I've been there with the bubble algae and manual removal is the only way I've been able to keep it under control. Everything I've read about bubble algae says to not break the bubbles because you release the spores. What I don't understand is how does a fish or crab tearing and biting bubble algae not release the spores?
  5. I wouldn't risk a foxface in your tank with all those LPS. I had to remove the foxface I had in my tank. Also I noticed that it didn't pick the rocks clean of bubble algae, but it did chow them down if they were floating in the water column.
  6. Like Ryan said, match those parameters including Ca and Alk. Check your source water for phosphates. A few years ago, on my 75, I was battling turf algae. Couldn't figure out why because I had 0 phosphate readings, my skimmer was oversized for my tank and I did weekly 10G water changes. Finally, I tested my source water and even though it was reading 0TDS, I had a .16 phos reading. I replaced my membrane and filters and started reading 0 again. Even after I replaced those, it still took a while for the algae to die off.
  7. I had two false percs and added 2 black & whites in my 75G. One of the false percs was killed within a week and the surviving false perc was bullied into hosting in anthelia until I eventually got the 2 black & whites out.
  8. Not knowing anything about saltwater, my GF and I started a reef tank a little over two years ago. We bought live rock to scape the tank and hitching along was one strand of what we now know is anthelia. Of course we didn't know what it was at the time, but were thrilled to see something live and flourish in our tank. In the beginning, it was tolerable and I kept it under control. As I started getting into LPS/SPS, I wanted it gone and found nothing enjoyable about it...It stinks, it takes over, and I spent way too much of my time scraping it off and trying to kill it off with kalk paste. About a year and a half ago, I had read all the threads about fluke tabs killing anthelia, blue cloves, etc. and that people had success with minimal casualties. So, I was able to get 3 fluke tabs from a reefcentral member that was successful with this approach. At that time, my tank was starting to take off. My SPS were rocking and growing like crazy, so I didn't want to risk doing anything to my tank and continued to try and keep it under control. As I found less time for water changes, etc., I pretty much gave up on the anthelia. Last Saturday, I decided that I was going to try the fluke tab. The next morning, the anthelia was wilting and I was pretty stoked. Fast forward to Tuesday morning when I woke up to a partially cloudy tank. This was expected from what I read in the threads so I did a quick 10G water change, fired up the skimmer and went to work. When I got home from work that night, I was greeted with, "You better go check out the tank" and saw this... https://www.dropbox.com/s/mb94kg9zycgutmm/fluke1.jpg I could only see a few inches into the tank and what I saw didn't look good. I'm not sure if my skimmer lost it's head because of the medicine or all the slime, but it wasn't functioning properly all day. I quickly did a 15G water change and added quite a bit of carbon followed by another 10G water change before I went to bed. I also made up 15G of water so I could do another change in the morning. The next morning, the tank was still cloudy and smelled really bad. Good news was the skimmer was functioning normally again. Bad news was I could see RTN'd colony after RTN'd colony. Those that weren't completely gone, were sliming and on there way out. Did my 15G water change and began to see progress that evening... https://www.dropbox.com/s/fw8qw7x9noyt0f3/fluke2.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/xk9dwyv31u0qxwk/fluke3.jpg Continued with the water changes, carbon, and gfo and as of last night, the smell is finally going away and with the glow of my white "trees", I can actually see through to the back glass. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9pj9iste4u0pr4v/fluke4.jpg In addition to the anthelia, the death count was all of my SPS, a few chalices, and the majority of my snails. Fortunately, my fish are alive and I have quite a few chalices, acans, and zoas that are still barely hanging on. Hopefully, I can avoid a total tank meltdown and save them over the next few days. For those that have come across this method and are thinking about it, consider the risks carefully and be prepared with a lot of heated water for bulk water changes.
  9. I have their DIY Recirculating Skimmer, Kalk Reactor, Skimmate Locker, and ATO float switches. I can't say enough about their products and customer service...American made and Justin is awesome to exchange ideas with. If I'm looking for something, I check with them first.
  10. An upgrade will come when we move! In the meantime, I'm going to be tying in a 40B to give me a bit more room.
  11. Its probably a comination of both. A lot of posts I've read suggest that the green does come out more with lower light. I also had it in a spot where it was getting lots of blue light, too. It looks awesome and you definitely found its sweet spot.
  12. Very nice! Looks like it has grown a lot! really like when the green comes out! It was mostly red/maroon for me with a little green at the base. How much light are you giving it?
  13. I realize I'm a bit late since you've already made your purchase, but thought I'd give my feedback since I'm using ESV Seawater(3rd box). My last three salts in order have been Red Sea Coral Pro, DD H2Ocean(scratch and dent from PA), and finally ESV Seawater. Here are a few reasons why I prefer this salt over the others I've used: - It mixes cleanly and can do a water change minutes after the last additive is added. - It's consistent. I check parameters on my first water change and never again the rest of the batch. - I keep my dKH at 7 and this mixes around 9.
  14. I have an ati 6x54 sunpower, so my dusk/dawn are slots 2&5. My last two combos were: current: ati blue+ ati blue+ kz fiji purple(because Premium was out of ati purple+) ati coral+ ati blue+ ati blue+ previous: ati blue+ ati blue+ ati purple+ kz new gen ati blue+ ati blue+ I've liked both, but this time around I was going to try 3 blue+, 1 purple, and 2 full spectrum bulbs(KZ New Gen and Coral Light). Looks like you're going with a similar combo...let me know what you eventually go with and how you like it.
  15. I built one out of some spare acrylic. It's approximately 8x5x5.5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/y1jlthjwk60io1g/fish_trap.JPG Let me know if you want to borrow it.
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