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  1. Don't know if I need to post an update but still planning on 5 for BTS tour, all zoo members.
  2. dmits41

    Total tank crash

    It cleared up on its own and the zoas mostly look good. I haven't gotten any replies, I may just put together a small frag system in the big room while accumulating stuff for the big tank and use it to keep me more active and move a bit of the old tank into the new one later.
  3. dmits41

    Where I say Hello, I think

    Hi Jeremy! Happy to see you're getting back in and building a huge system. Where are you in southern IN? I cover that area as a district manager for work and am still getting to know it, living in Indy and driving through it every week. I hope you'll post pics of your build as it progresses, I plan on doing something similar as well.
  4. I auto renewed on 4/19 but am not listed as a member either.
  5. Not trying to repost everything from my help thread, but my tank suffered a total loss over the weekend. I'm posting here for a couple reasons. First, the water is starting to clear up and I can see that some zoas and a non-photosynthetic gorgonian may have survived, but they are all closed up so I'm not sure. Once the water clears and I can establish survival I'd like to give them to a member who can keep them going. All I'd ask is a future frag of the zoas. Second, I will not be reviving this tank, but finally beginning to move forward with my bigger plan, which is to take an entire 12'x13' room and devote it to creating a new in-wall tank and any other smaller tanks I would want to add in the future. The room shares a wall (unfortunately it's load bearing) with the living room and that wall will be cut out to put in what I hope will be around a 300 gallon 8' tank. This will take a while to do but I'd love to get some club help with designing the room and will post a build thread later as well. First I'm going to rip out the drywall and carpet and redo a lot of it, and it'll take a while to afford the tank and all that goes with it, but in the end it will be the dream tank that I envisioned when I bought the house. Losing this tank has motivated me to start early so I don't stay out for too long. I ask that anyone with input on a great fish room let me know what you think when I post that thread. Losing this tank sucks and I feel terrible about what happened to my fish, hopefully I can spin it forward into something great.
  6. dmits41

    One thing after another

    Sorry to hear that. I've dealt with marine velvet and learned the hard way too. Hopefully you can get everything back up and running quickly.
  7. dmits41

    Cloudy water, crazy skimmer

    Just to help anyone avoid this in their tank, the product I used was shellac. I am building a sliding barn style door for my living room out of cedar and found out that I am allergic to it. Shellac is commonly used as a sealer for cedar so I used a few coats of it. It's alcohol based and the garage smelled like cheap vodka for days. This must have fed the bacteria that took off.
  8. dmits41

    Cloudy water, crazy skimmer

    Honestly it appears that the worms were just normal scavengers that were trying to get out of the slime coated rock/sand. Now even they are gone. Can confirm at least one dead clown, still can't see in tank to check the other one, the pistol shrimp or any zoas due to how thick it is. This is after performing a water change. It's to the point where any surface that may agitate a little is acting like a skimmer and foaming up. It appears that I have a total tank crash and there will be no survivors. I'll break it down for a while and remodel the room where I plan on housing the in-wall 300 gallon tank I plan on building. I may clean it out and run some frags to sell to help fund the big tank.
  9. dmits41

    Cloudy water, crazy skimmer

    I may have figured it out. I found people posting that alcohol causes bacterial white slime to grow. My brother and I have been building a couple things in the garage and finishing them with an alcohol based product that puts a lot of the vapor into the air. The timing works out, unfortunately it may have killed the tank.
  10. dmits41

    Cloudy water, crazy skimmer

    Update: The tank got even cloudier, I got a bucket of water ready to go for the change and found 2 things I've never seen. There are these tiny white worms all over the place, the largest one isn't even a half inch long and they are everywhere. Also, I originally thought the cloudiness was from the skimmer bubbles going nuts and putting microbubbles in the tank, but when I went to change out the filter floss in the back (it's an all in 1 tank) I found that everything is covered in a thick clear slime, almost like mucus. It's all over everything and I can't even see if my clowns made it. I'll try to post a pic of one of the worms later. I've been in this hobby for almost 12 years and have never seen this.
  11. For the past 4 days my 29g all in one has been so cloudy I can barely see the fish and the skimmer has been going nuts. This tank has been running for 5 years and I haven't made any changes recently either. The inhabitants are 2 snowflake ocellaris, a pistol shrimp, and some zoas. It's fed by an auto feeder so nothing has changed there either. I thought it would back off after a day or 2 but it came back with a vengeance today. The skimmate is productive, too. Like it's dark if it collects in the cup rather than blowing out. Any ideas? I'm going to do some water changes to see if it helps.
  12. My family are zoo members and want to go as well. 5 total. Would prefer morning since it's less crowded.
  13. dmits41

    My 180 New Adventure!

    Those fish look amazing. Your tank will be absolutely stunning once you get it stocked up.
  14. Just got promoted at work so Saturday is no longer a workday! I plan on making it.
  15. dmits41

    MACNA 2017 - INDMAS Feed

    I just saw a video on that, now I'll have to find a way to upgrade to the new Apex!