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  1. I finally have the bottom half of the desk in the room. After that was setup I brought the Apex back online and my nano is back up and running fully. I even got lucky with my Vortech mp10, it has been blinking red/green for months and not working but I found an old LED strip in my spare parts box with a power supply that matches the pump and it now works. My plan is to use it as my office when I work from home so I can move my monitor and laptop docking station in there whenever. I'm going to plan out the top part of the desk cabinet, paint the windowsill/add blinds, and add the TV/monitors to the area above the closet next. I'll also need another office chair. Here's the view from desk to nano: And the nano FTS. All of the coraline algae on the back died when it was dry for resealing. I kept the live rock in buckets with water from the tank before the teardown running with pumps for circulation. I don't know how long I should wait before adding a fish or frag. Finally, the desk with the fragging trays out. I'm a lefty so I work from right to left. The right has a bucket for what I am about to cut or frags I just brought home ready to dip. The left is for frag plugs with a drip tray. I'm going to build doors so it will be hidden. After almost 6 months of tearing it down and building it back up it's finally a usable room again. From this point I'll keep adding until I'm ready for the big tank some time in the next year or two.
  2. I've been spending what time I can on the bottom of the desk. It's going to be blue with black interior, and the bottom cabinets will each have a slide out tray for fragging. The right side will have a bucket to put items ready to frag into and the left will be a tray with holes for frag plugs with a drip tray beneath it. Here are the cabinets with one painted on the inside. The right side bucket tray: The layout for the frag tray, followed by a couple more steps: I used the router table to cut slots in side pieces to fit the drip tray: The trays are 1/2" MDF but they will be sealed and painted before installation so water shouldn't hurt them. I have some Rust Oleum never wet I've never tried and I'm thinking of spraying them with that too. Hopefully I'll have the bottom half of the desk in by Monday.
  3. It's been too long since I had a healthy tank. Even though I kept the rock in the water I drained from the tank with pumps there was some die off so I am letting it go through a mini cycle before adding anything.
  4. I spent the weekend adding baseboard and closet door trim so it looks like a real room again. I also leak tested the nano after resealing and all is well, so I got everything cleaned up and started over. This means I'll have a tank that isn't just stringing along after a crash for the first time in almost half a year. I removed all of the sand and some of the rock and went with a simple cove aquascape. Since there are no living creatures I decided to rig the RO line over using a bucket lid and a zip tie and I'm just dumping salt in as it fills. I had to throw a pump and heater in the front since the water isn't high enough to go through the back yet.
  5. I moved the RODI over tonight and took advantage of the location of the washer plumbing box on the other side of the wall.
  6. Very nice! What are you doing to culture phyto and rotifers for your fish breeding setup?
  7. I built the first two pieces of my desk bottom today. I had already built the top out of MDF over the past couple weeks. I went ahead and took them down to the fish room to see how they fit in there. When complete, everything will be blue except the desktop and have doors/drawers as well. I'm also building a built in board with holes for frag plugs on drawer slides. It'll look like a drawer but one side will have the board and the other will have a bucket for the coral waiting to be fragged. We originally had the desk designed to be 4' wide but my brother talked me into going 6. Now I see that I can add a 2nd cabinet on each side and still have plenty of space for my legs. I'm going to build something in that small space to the left, I just don't know what. Maybe more storage, maybe a rack for growing phyto and rotifers. It's been a good week for that room, too bad my vacation's over and I have to work again tomorrow.
  8. I decided to move the nano into the room and put it on the left side of the closet. It's a JBJ rimless 30 gallon tank and it sits on a little plastic membrane, and that membrane peeled off a bit before we were going to pick it up. My brother noticed a drip from the front right corner, and of course the membrane's the only thing that has been keeping a leak at bay for a while now. So instead of rebuilding it tonight I had to empty all of the rock into buckets (with my only 2 corals in one) and move the completely empty tank onto sawhorses to dry out. I'm going to completely clean it out and reseal it, then rebuild it as a barebottom with less rock this time. I've found that the sand has been a pain since it keeps all sorts of detritus and mainly shifts to one side.
  9. The sound was very live in there so I used some extra insulation and speaker cloth to make 2 sound absorbing panels and hung them from the ceiling. It's not great but it helps.
  10. Thanks for the kind words. The wet/dry vac is attached to a dust cyclone that empties into a 5 gallon bucket. They are designed to swirl the air going through so the cyclone effect drops everything down into the bucket before it goes through the vacuum's filter. With this I almost never have to clean out my air filter and emptying it out is a breeze. It's primarily designed for sawdust so something finer like drywall dust still goes to the filter. It even works for water, which is a surprise. New update: the ceiling is done except for the can light trim rings. I found a plastic vent cover to prevent rust too. I'd share a pic but it looks like photobucket's not working right now.
  11. dmits41

    Acrylic Sump

    That looks great. What size thread tap do you use for those screws?
  12. The movie room is a very dark blue. It shares a wall with this room that will be cut out for the big tank. The tank will look in-wall on the movie room side and one of my monitors above those closet openings will be able to mirror what's going on in there.
  13. Another month's gone by and it feels like I've been working on the drywall forever. I finally finished sanding yesterday and painted the room. I warned my wife that she'll think I'm crazy but I decided to go with black for the walls. It'll act like a black background on any tank in the room and make the coral pop a little more. I got 2 coats of black on the walls and am ready to start on the ceiling texture. After that it's door and closet trim along with baseboard. With that phase 1 will be done and I'll be ready to build the desk for the room and put my nano in there. Here's the current state. It'll look much better when I clean the floor.
  14. Floor was done last weekend and drywall has been going up. It's starting to look like a room again. Drywall dust makes floor look lighter than it is right now though.
  15. I got a few more things done since the rain dried out. I got the Drylok on the cinder block wall so it went from this: To this: I also added the air inlet for the skimmer. I found an outdoor electrical box with a removable bottom piece for a cord that works perfectly. I used epoxy to add a small piece of screen from an old screen door that will be thrown away to keep bugs out. The box has an insert for round items, so I cut it out to fit a 1" PVC pipe that I'll use as a conduit to run whichever size flexible tube I'll need for a skimmer. Here is the PVC coming down into the room. I'm going to cap it off for now but it's ready to add flex tubing when the tank is up and running. Today I'm doing the metallic floor coating, so the room should look very different when it's done.