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  1. dmits41

    My 180 New Adventure!

    Those fish look amazing. Your tank will be absolutely stunning once you get it stocked up.
  2. Just got promoted at work so Saturday is no longer a workday! I plan on making it.
  3. dmits41

    MACNA 2017 - INDMAS Feed

    I just saw a video on that, now I'll have to find a way to upgrade to the new Apex!
  4. dmits41

    Got your eclipses glasses yet?

    I'm so mad that I kept passing them up every time I went to Lowe's and they sold out. I'll probably do that shoebox/foil thing I saw online.
  5. dmits41

    August 12, 2017 meeting!

    I have the day off for something in the morning so I plan on making it. It's only a 10 minute drive too!
  6. dmits41

    Consistently low Mg and pH

    It's 4 years old now, it went through a good period of neglect before and after we moved a year ago but it is pretty much back on track at this point. Just trying to figure out this last issue.
  7. dmits41

    Consistently low Mg and pH

    I'm not getting any calcium precipitation, haven't seen anything like that at all. I didn't think of a bad test kit for 2 reasons: the readings are dead on for the buckets of new saltwater, and the test seems to backup the changes claimed on BRS Mg calculator with their Mg mix. Here's another funny thing since the original post, I started dosing again following that calculator starting Sunday and found just a few minutes ago that my Superman Monti frag has popped out a few polyps. I thought it was a dead skeleton. I have no idea if the dosing is the cause or if it's just a coincidence. I don't have a fuge, it's an all in one tank that doesn't plumb out. I'd love to have one, maybe I can place a small fuge above it and use one of the return lines in the back chamber to go up there and then have it drain back to the tank with an overflow. I've read that hang on back fuges are too small to be effective, what do you think? That's the thing I've read about CO2 scrubbers, constant media changing. I'd like to avoid that. I did just recently calibrate the pH probe on my Apex and it's been consistently around 7.7 during the day reaching as high as 7.8 just before lights out and 7.58 just before they come on in the morning. I did find that it went up when I ran a line out my window but my wife didn't like that. Do you think I should calibrate again just to be safe?
  8. In my 30g rimless reef I have found that I just can't shake low Mg and Ph even when changing salt brands. My pH always goes back to about 7.8 or so at the end of the night, and starts at under 7.6. I have Aquavitro 8.4 and it does a good job of temporarily bringing it up. The bottle says to keep adding it daily until the pH is up to 8.4 but the boost is gone by the time I dose the next day. My Mg is at 1050. I have BRS Mg mix and dosed it before changing salts. I went from Salinity to Fritz Pro salt and get some of the same issues I had before, even though the Fritz buckets test out at good levels the tank seems to drain these 2 very quickly. I will say that I used to have extremely low Alk and the new salt has corrected that. The only thing I can think of for pH is low oxygen/high CO2 so I'm thinking of adding a CO2 scrubber until I eventually build the fish room and put in a line to the outside of the house for the skimmer intake. Has anyone else run into these issues? I find that the fish and LPS are fine but more delicate corals didn't do well at all.
  9. I know the one down by Greenwood did years ago but I haven't been in there in forever.
  10. dmits41

    My clown is home

    BTW, the hammer frag placement is the work of my tank's interior designer, AKA the tiger pistol shrimp.
  11. After becoming the lone survivor of a marine velvet outbreak in mid march, my snowflake clown lived in a hospital tank for 3 months. He finally got to come home, and now there are frags in there that he didn't have before. He's healthy, happy and even found a hammer frag to host in! Now I have a QT tank setup and am ready to find another ocellaris like a snowflake, gladiator or longfin to add.
  12. I really wish I would've checked this earlier, I setup home theaters for a living and we're starting to get into smart home tech as well. I only have a 30g and use an Apex. I love the Apex even on my little tank since I use it to auto feed, ramp light & color up and down through the day, real time monitor temp, ph, and eventually alk (if that ever releases and is a decent price), and input all test results so I can use the graphs to see trends. I plan on building a 6' or 8' tank into my wall on the right side of my theater and I'm currently thinking through the design and some challenges. I would keep the smart things plans you already have but add an Apex specifically for the tank. PM me if you ever have home theater questions.
  13. dmits41

    Aquarium controllers

    I used to have a RKL, now an Apex and I'm never going back.
  14. dmits41

    May 2017 Monthly Meeting

    As long as my work day doesn't go sideways I'll be there.
  15. dmits41

    Using Borax to raise pH

    I've recently been fighting paramaters including pH and have done quite a bit in only a week. I thought my pH was too high and made a solution with baking soda to fight my low Alk/high pH problem. Once my pH probe on the Apex said 8.6 I was skeptical so I grabbed some calibration fluid and recalibrated. Turns out my pH was too low, about 7.6. I then did some research and found that low pH is mostly due to excess co2 in the tank and air. This is how running your skimmer intake to the outside or using a co2 scrubber help. I also saw a video from BRS about how Kalkwasser helps with this issue. I started adding it to my topoff water this week and now it stays at about 7.9. I'm probably going to run my skimmer intake outside to get up the rest of the way, unfortunately that means going through brick or mortar so I haven't done it yet. If I were you the first thing I'd do is get calibration fluid packets at 7 and 10 pH and calibrate the Apex probe.