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  1. Premiumacq

    any members close to Alexandria or muncie?

    By all means, give them my contact details! Finding folks closer than Indy is my new priority!
  2. Premiumacq

    any members close to Alexandria or muncie?

    Just moved to Muncie... It's a bit of a saltwater desert around here. I make frequent runs down to Premium Aquatics (naturally...) and make all sorts of stops along the way. Also looking for locals with established tanks to trade with, or carpoolers to stores/shows./swaps.
  3. Premiumacq

    Sponsor related

    THANK YOU!!! The move is such a HUGE undertaking. Think we'll manage it though... Just might take a while to sort everything back out!
  4. Premiumacq

    Sponsor related

    Hi! i notice that my tag still lists my account as 'registered'. I'm the only account that will be posting here on behalf of Premium Aquatics, could you please apply the blue Sponsor Tag? Jason prefers that I use our logo as my Avatar, and that any tags, labels, font changes, color signifiers, etc be applied to my account to lend weight to my postings. Thanks!