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  1. I will be coming as well. I got a few days off and will be able to make my second meeting in 4+ years.
  2. I framed and dry walled my fishroom a few years ago. I started by placing insulation on all walls that were facing the outside as 2 of the walls of my fishroom are foundation walls. On those walls I placed a lays of water resistant plastic to prevent moisture from getting into the insulation. For the drywall you want something that is moisture resistant and mold resistant American Gypsum (M-bloc) and National Gypsum (XP) work well and is what I used however if you want something that is a little more moisture resistant Cement board is the next step up is know as Permabase. After I mudded and sanded I used a latex paint primer and used a latex paint with a semi-gloss finish.
  3. I think I am finally going to get to come. What should I bring
  4. Good Job!
  5. WOW! looks amazing. Is the hotel in walking distance? I bought my tickets a few days ago. Greatly looking forward to my first MACNA!
  6. Thank you, Added
  7. I have all intention to go this year! ROAD TRIP!
  8. have a vetra L which I got only a month or so ago. I am happy thus far with it. It has been quiet, and although it is expensive compared to other companies the ecotech has a decent track record. Also their battery backup option was appealing
  9. Sorry no CR yet sorry for the confusion I will use one later I am only using 2 part I have been burning through 2 part solution Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Bulkheads on the bottom? My stand point is if you cant trust something with a failure use a back up or don't use them. Look at all the great tanks out there and if you would be happy with them and they don't have a high risk situation then why would you take the risk? I have 2 return lines coming from the bottom of the tank. but they are also inside of a top to bottom overfow box, I am a little neurotic, and no joke I literally stop all my flow every month or so and make sure the overflow box is not overflowing. I have had 3 reeftanks tanks now 2 of which had returns drilled on the bottom of the tank, but each also had an overflow box protecting them, no problems yet.
  11. Been doing a lot of work on the tank lately, Since I have been home I have had some time to play around and have been able to really start getting my tank in order for SPS growth. Thank you to Brandon from premium, Jeremy from Modern, Dustin and Stefan for all the frags my first big stocking of the tank. I got a fewure "starter" frags of Acro to make sure things were going well, now I am starting to look for some higher ends items. I have had in increase my 2 part dosing substantially, so I have had to upgrade the way I am doing things. Since I am gone for prolonged periods of time, I have been searching for a way to make sure I know when to refill my containers, and have bigger containers. Below was my solution. I connected the box below to my apex breakout box, now it sends me a message to refill my containers about 4 days prior to them running out. First I read about using OXO containers as a storage vessel from forums as well as BRS, I used bulkheads from BRS as well as some old float switches I had laying around from my old top off system (I have no idea how old they are but they are older than my Tunze ATO which I bought 7-8 years ago when I first started to move to my first SPS tank so I am estimating these to be about 10+ years old. Containers hold a little over a gallon each I used some acrylic which I cut into strips to make brackets to hold to switches I glued the brackets to the OXO containers and attacked to switched to a breakout box using speaker plugs this was connected to the breakout box. These are now programmed to send me a text as well as email if one of the containers is running low.
  12. I got a BRS overflow but you really can build one from cheap as well but I wanted a professional look. I have drilled 2 tanks, my last one was my 75 gallon refugium. I Siliconed a black overflow box to the back wall after drilling, I also drilled 2 3/4 inch return lined outside the overflow box. I think it looks good and it works great. Only way it fails is if a hose leaks which I have yet to have happen in the 14 years I have been in the hobby. Drilling is a lot easier to do than you would expect. If you need a bit to use for a 3/4 inch line I have one sitting around I can dig up. this is my refugium just after drilling an filling the tank, I would suggest painting the back black or blue on any tank to hide cords and tubing, This tank I didnt because it is simply my refugium, but to be honest I wish I had painted it because I am turning it into a marine planted (refugium) tank. Picture was taken about 2-3 years ago
  13. what size is the new tank? have you thought about drilling, less chance of an overflow failing?
  14. I plumed mine into a drain, much like Dustin I had issues with it draining properly so I build a small stand and over the past 3 years mine has run without a hitch, Since mine is in my fish room I built the stand to be able to store a 5 gallon bucket under. I have had a idus, as well as a Frigidaire. The Idus is super loud I would avoid them. I hooked mine to my apex and had it timed to run 3 times a day usually when I am not at home or while I am asleep after realizing that the compressor was turning on and off throughout the day when the humidity dropped.
  15. WOW! looks like it would be great, unfortunately.... I will be out of town.... This time I will be on a beach in Mexico. Still, my long running streak of not being able to attend is still going, do I get a prize?