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  1. Got same problem with renew. Said I could not add to cart. Need help
  2. raffle tickets still the same price as last year's. Cheaper by the more you buy
  3. I was look at new powerheads and seen that PA was selling Waveline Wavepuck II for $129.99. Was wondering if anyone has used one yet. Not too many reviews on them but by the specs they seen to be a good powerful pump. I was wondering about the noise level and easy of disassembly for cleaning. Thanks
  4. Have you looked at https://www.reefcleaners.org. You can buy cleaner packages based on the size of tank you have. I bought from them before and I think we had a group buy on INDMAS a couple years ago. I got a few dead snail in my order but they were quick to replace them.
  5. Premium Aquatics having a Halloween sale so I ended up ordering 2 Finnex HMX 300watts. Was thinking about the eheim jager but their to long. THANKS for all the input!
  6. Been running a couple of marineland submersible heaters in my sump for around 4-5 years now and had one quit this summer so now the other is running all the time to keep up. So was looking around to find what heaters are best now. My take is a 90 gallon with 30 gallon sump, so i way thinking or running 2 heaters both in sump in the 200 to 300 watts range. They would need to be fully submersible because I place them on their side long ways.I plug them to my Reefkeeper so accurate temperature setting is not a high priority. The main thing I'm looking for is long-term use. Don't want to be replacing ever 6 to 8 months. Was looking at the Finnex HMO series but they only carry a 6 month warranty. Eheim Jager get a lot of good review but are they FULLY submersible or do the top need to be out of the water? I'm running 2 Cobalt Neo-therm on a 65 gallon tank for the last couple years and the work fine but I don't want to pay $100 + each for a heater. What's everyone running these day? Is there any brand that stands out as better than the other or is it just luck in getting a long lasting ones. THANKS
  7. I was trying today to plug my Ecotech Marine Vectra M1 return pump into 1 of the PC4 outlet's on my Reefkeeper elite. No matter which outlet I tried the pump would not work(no lights or anything). I can plug other equipment into it and all work fine and if I plug the Vectra M1 into a wall outlet it works just fine. The PC4 has both 3 amp and 8 amp outlet. Tried both. Still no go. The Vectra M1 has a 2 amp power suppy. Anyone else every hear of or had this problem? Or know why it will not work. THANKS
  8. First time there. Is the "will call" around the lobby , info desk area? thanks
  9. Just checking you did receive my payment for 2 adults and 2 behind scene? Paypay name is Anthony Misner
  10. Paypal working! Juse paid for 2 adults and 2 behind the scene. Order #1366
  11. Tried to pay thru paypay and got error also. tried to pay for 2 adults and 2 behind the scene
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