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  1. Fantastic meeting, Luis. Thanks for inviting all of us.
  2. I'll be there. Do we need to pitch in any food? Drink?
  3. Interested in the starry, tribal, pajama, goby, and the blue eye tang.  Still have any of those? I have that stand you were asking about trading.  Maybe we can work out some sort of deal.  If you have all those fish, and the total asking price is still what you had listed, I could give you the stand and make up the difference with cash.  

  4. Beckett Skimmer Help

    It's a Fluval SP6. I tried closing the ball valve to the return to help increase the volume of water to the skimmer. We'll see if that helps.
  5. Does anybody have any experience with the Beckett skimmer? I acquired one that is a bashsea. I'll have my return pump split off to run the Beckett skimmer, but I don't feel like I'm getting enough foam. The Collection cup is usually wet and after a few weeks I've only gotten about a half inch. It doesn't seem to be skimming effectively. I wonder if my return pump is not strong enough. Also, the place for the air intake is a little confusing. It looks as though there is an air hose that is connected from the air intake to the pipe that has the gate valve to control water level in the skimmer. It doesn't seem to be affected if I pull it out or put it back in. If anybody has a chance to come by and take a look I live in Irvington. Shoot me a message or respond here. Thanks!
  6. Awesome meeting! I was glad to be back among like-minded individuals. I will definitely make better attempts to attend! Thanks, Amanda, for opening your beautiful house to all of the members.
  7. Need aquascaping advice/fish advice

    I always find that pajama and bangaii cardinals as well as green chromis utilize the top third of the tank. I have had good luck with them. I agree with Amanda. I arch my rock. It still doesn't reach the high point, but I kind of like having the top portion available for the top swimmers.
  8. I will be there! Oh, and I just renewed my dues, so I'm legit! :-)
  9. I am available to do second shift and tear down.
  10. 2015 Frag Swap Volunteers <Free shirt for volunteers

    Ah! Spoke too soon! I'm gonna be in Sanibel. Nevermind. Have a great swap. I will be there in spirit.
  11. 2015 Frag Swap Volunteers <Free shirt for volunteers

    I can do setup. The early shift if you still have spots for volunteers.
  12. February 2015 Meet

    I will be there.
  13. Okay, members. Time for that age-old debate. I am curious about what kind of salt mix you use. I used Tropic Marin years ago and liked it. Then I changed to Seachem for cost effectiveness after Tropic Marin elevated their prices. About 3 years ago, I changed to Red Sea Coral Pro salt, thinking that it would yield great results. I have had good luck with it. However, I am upgrading to a larger aquarium and want to be more cost-effective. I was thinking about changing back to Seachem since it's cheaper. So, my question is: what salt mix have you used? What do you find works best?