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  1. OttoReese

    2018 INDMAS Holiday Party

    I'm bringing the meatsaballs
  2. I have a few Two Little Fishies reactors I will be bringing. As I think of more, I will amend my list.
  3. OttoReese

    August 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    I will actually be able to make this one! Cool topic. I am tired of throwing frags on my sand bed. This will be a great solution. 🙂
  4. Well, darn it. I just now finished my cycling event up north. I'm not sure I will be back in time. Have fun without me!
  5. I will be there.
  6. OttoReese

    May 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    This is correct. Maybe I'll just order one from BRS
  7. OttoReese

    May 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    Looks like for a 1 inch bulkhead I need 1 3/4 inch bit. I will try to get a bit tonight or tomorrow at Home Depot. I think Daniel said they have one. UNLESS someone has one just lying around.
  8. OttoReese

    May 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    Well, folks. Looks like tomorrow's the day! I will have a 20 long laying in wait. Not sure how much we will get done tomorrow at the meeting. I am hoping to get it drilled for those of you who have always wanted to watch a tank get drilled but were too nervous to try. I will be using 1 inch bulkheads, so looking for a diamond bit that would be appropriate to drill a whole the proper size for this bulkhead. As a side note, I have two dachshunds who will likely be present at the meeting. They are pretty harmless. Just couldn't find a place to stash them during the meeting (they are pretty adamant about being a part of the festivities and would cause a HUGE headache if caged in another room). Not sure if there are any members who cannot do dogs. Just a forewarning. See you all at 4! OttoReese (Kris) 1019 Lesley Av Indianapolis, IN 46219
  9. OttoReese

    May 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    Address is 1019 Lesley Av 46219 I am hoping that this will be a nice day and people can transition from the deck to the inside as well. Should be a good time!
  10. Excellent meeting! I'm excited about the frag swap.
  11. First shift as well as Friday night. You only put me Friday night.
  12. I'll do Friday night set up. I'll also do Saturday first shift. Shirt size L.
  13. I'm down. excited about this one.
  14. OttoReese

    2018 Meeting Locations

    Any news on may?