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  1. Amanda, are you using Chrome, Fire Fox, Internet Explorer, Safari?
  2. What browser is everyone using? Mobile or computer?
  3. I really like the keyhole angel. It’s bland to a lot of people but really like the black longnose tang too
  4. You’ll want to siphon as much out as you can, and then use chemiclean. Cyano (in my opinion) is the best problem to have in this hobby, as it’s the easiest to rid of as long as you act fast and use the right treatments.
  5. I like it. It's a nice contrast to the other colors. I'm guessing it won't take long for it to start popping some new heads in your tank. Euphillia seem to like it in there.
  6. Paul, I let you put one of my octospawns in Walmart water?!?! Lol, kidding. If it works for you, there isn't a huge reason to change it. I like the rodi because I know what's in it (mostly a control freak thing, lol) That doesn't sound normal. If you run the wast back into the membrane, it will just use the membrane faster as it will be trying to filter the already filtered waste water again. It should just be a tube that you can run into a drain (sink, washing machine, collection for watering plants, out the window, etc)
  7. You’ve probably heard this before, but getting your own RODI filter is one of the most important things you can do for your tank. That way you can better control what goes into your water. If you just dose the calcium part of the 2 part, you will be able to raise calcium without raising alkalinity. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with only dosing one or the other.
  8. Looks like mini brittle star to me. Very good little bonuses to the tank, part of the cuc
  9. This is a great meeting to make it to Even though it is the “new member” welcome, us old members still come out to be educated. And this meeting usually runs late which gives a great opportunity to get to know each other after the presentation/door prize draw.
  10. Just to add on what others have said. Bristleworms are good for the most part. Great cleaners, usually stay hidden (until night), and don’t bother other inhabitants in the tank. There are a few types that get big (I’ve had them as thick as my thumb, and 24 inches long), and others that are predatory. But you’ve got a good one
  11. Just my $0.02, no documented research or even serious research done... I don't know that the lighting cycle has any effect whatsoever on corals. I've not seen anything positive or negative with my coral since moving to LEDs and programming a sunrise/sunset, playing with cloud coverage and thunderstorms, or having separate channels to adjust. That said, I do think my fish appreciate the sunrrise/sunset as it isn't a jolt of light to their eyelid-less eyes. I do enjoy the look in the morning and evening when only the blues are on, and the sunrise/sunset cycles, but I think that is just my personal taste as I do like to tinker. Sometimes it's fun to have friends over and run a cloud/thunderstorm, but the coral or fish don't seem to respond in any way whatsoever to those settings. That said, I know that the spectrum of the lights have a LOT to do with how well the corals grow and color. If the light you have has a good spectrum and your coral aren't showing any signs of lacking photosynthetic nutrient, I'd say leave it be. But if you notice your coral aren't growing or changing colors (and have tested other levels, alk, ca, mag, no3, po4, etc), or you just WANT something a little nicer with more options, then I say go for it. Remember though that if you get a new light you'll have an adjustment period to get your corals acclimated to it. So be careful if you do and don't burn your coral when first changing over. If you're looking for something in that price range, I think Alan still has his Orphek pendants for sale. They'd be overkill for a 10gal, but you could set them really low, which would let them run cooler and help them last longer. And you'd have a backup as you'd only want to put 1 over your tank, or an upgrade in the closet for when you move to a larger tank.
  12. Probably not much. I have a decent amount in my 75 that I’m moving over so there shouldn’t be much of an initial cycle. I do plan to scape with the cycled rock and as little dry rock as I have to. If I end up using more than appx 25-30lbs of dry I’ll cycle it in a brute for a few months before adding it to the 120. Got some really nice branching pieces that I’ve got in there right now, but still need a bit more as I’m throwing some from the 75 out because of hitchhiker plays that have really taken over a few pieces.
  13. I’ll be there. Most likely +1 (May have a 2 newbies with me as well, they haven’t confirmed yet)
  14. I always hand feed my shrimps because of this. You never know what they may take a liking to. I'd use a plastic bottle, cut the bottom off and put food in it. Lean the open end on a rock (facing up, with lid on new "bottom"). Shrimp should be able to get into the bottle but have a difficult enough time getting back out to give you time to grab the bottle trap out, with the shrimp still inside.
  15. Welcome in Justin. Look forward to seeing you at some of the monthly meetings. And as mentioned, don’t hesitate to ask questions if you get stuck on anything.
  16. Euphilia. Some of my favorite. Nice!
  17. Super glad to hear your mom is doing good, Greg! Good choice on the ATI (imo). Always liked the design of them. If you need any help at all, don’t hesitate to reach out.
  18. I’m in for a vote on chiton. Not sure the species, or if they’re juvenile
  19. @tanknovice, I'll def get that Brut from you. If you can bring it to the swap I'll grab it then, if not I can swing by and grab it. I can't count how many different renderings of rock work I've sketched or looked up online. It's exciting to plan, but probably the biggest headache I've had for a long time (I don't live a hard life...lol). Don't have a clue what else I'll need...yet. @Gonzo620, I thought about doing a rinse, but with leaving the old tank up with live stuff in it until the new tank is ready, I don't think it'd be a good idea to disturb it and take the chance and things going bad. Maybe I'll just buy a ton of sps and some parrotfish, they'll make all the sand for me! @Luke33, glad to see you still around. No tank but still keeps in touch. He's a trooper! I sort of think the same way about sand in a closed system, but I just can't get into the look of a bb tank. I tried one when I lived in Florida and ended up adding sand after 5 months of running it. I'm having some issues (in thought anyway) because I'm going to use the same skimmer and lights on the new tank. I don't think it'll be an issue since there won't be any coral, or much livestock in the new tank until I'm ready to transfer over, but I'm wondering about cycling with no lights and how diatoms will react to a low nutrient, low-no light environment.
  20. That sounds pretty close to my plan. I do have 2 55gal barrels that I'm going to have salt water in (and 3 - 15gal that I'll have fresh in), so that I semi-prepared for. I don't want to keep my sand; 1) It's 9yrs old and I'm afraid of what has gathered as I don't keep any sand sifting inverts aside from a few nassarius. 2) I overdosed calcium and alk at one point and have an appx 6in area where the sand has fused together. It's never caused issues in this tank (been that way for at least 6 of the 9 years), but don't want to take any chances. 3) I sort of just want to have all new sand to play with. Lol
  21. Looking for information, advice, and opinions. I've been in the salt water hobby for 21yrs this year and enjoyed (mostly) every minute of it. Started when I was 19yo and only taken a little over a year off when I moved back from Florida to Indiana after some schoolin'. This will be the first time that I've upgraded a tank, and kept any livestock from the old. My plan is to keep the 75gal up and running while I get the 120gal ready for the exchange. I'm getting rid of some live rock due to some unwanted palys that rode in on a frag years ago and started to take over. I'm moving the remaining rock, all fish, and wanted coral/inverts to the new 120 once it's ready. I'm getting all new sand (using none from the 75), some new dry rock to replace what I'm not moving over, and add some for the extra space. Biggest fear (and excitement, really) is, what will I find in my sand after 9yrs of a running reef?? For those of you who have done a tank upgrade/transfer like this, what are things that you would do different/same/NOT do at all/etc? Also, I've been looking at rock scapes online and trying to decide which way to go, so if you have any pics of your design (before and after stocking), or suggestions on that, I'd be grateful. Thanks!!
  22. I was having some small algae issues (just a few strands of hair algae) and couldn't figure it out for the life of me. Everything tested good, with new Salifert kits (nitrate under 10, but detectable, phosphate 0.03 on Hanna ultra low, ca 440, mag 1430). I changed my filter sock, deep cleaned my skimmer and pumps, even pulled my plumbing and cleaned that. I was about to give up when I glanced at my lights (48" SB Reef led) that I've had, and loved, for a few years. The cover that protects the diodes from splash and salt creep was, well, doing it's job. It was covered in salt creep, so I tested PAR at the bottom, center and got under 150. I cleaned the light really well and retested to see a pretty amazing difference at 225. This was a couple weeks ago and I've seen the algae dropping off and my corals looking healthier and brighter since. Just a reminder that when we get tied up in the numbers and the chemistry of the hobby, sometimes it's the little things we overlook.
  23. Bright and early. I volunteered for Saturday morning setup and education room.
  24. Amber is on-call swap day, but she will be there as much as she can (she's a trooper). Shirt size small if she needs one
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