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  1. ryansweet

    February Meeting

    Hoping to make this one. Should be +1 if I can
  2. ryansweet

    Greg’s 30g cube

    Welcome dude! Nice to have another lifestyle reefer in the house. I wasn’t as far south as you, but I did marine mammal training in Florida and worked on a few different coral prop/preservation crews there. Love the look of your tank, livestock and equipment.
  3. Anyone here have (or had) a KH Guardian, or any experience with them? I have been having some bad alk swings and am looking to get one of these in order to balance things a little more easily. Or does anyone have suggestions/experience with anything like the KG Guardian?
  4. ryansweet

    Angel picking at Acans

    Have to agree with Luis on this one. If your flame has a flavor for acans he won’t lose it, and he may develope a taste for other coral as well.
  5. ryansweet

    January 2019 Meeting

    Anyone know if the club microscope will be at this meeting? @ReefNewby82 @MrsBugmaster @tanknovice @Been Mired
  6. ryansweet

    More mystery critters

    Google white cryptic sponge and see if that may be it
  7. ryansweet

    Algae just won’t go away

    Just to add to the others (and reaffirm), I'd do larger water changes until your nitrates are down, and also dose alk to get that upcloser to the 8-9 range. Both of those will have a positive effect on algae and coral health.
  8. ryansweet

    It finally happend!

    Took me 2yrs to get my clowns to make a home. Was probably the best feeling I've had when I came home one day and they were both in the nem.
  9. ryansweet

    2019 Frag Swap Volunteers

    I’ll volunteer for Saturday setup, and can help out with the education area from time to time too.
  10. ryansweet

    New skimmer??

    Does anyone here have personal experience with the Vertex Alpha 200 protein skimmer? I’ve been looking at it for an upcoming project and was hoping to get some feedback from someone that’s used one (or any of that line, really). Wondering how touchy they are when adjusting and dialing in, and how difficult disassembly and cleaning is.
  11. Are you in Creekside Crossing? That’s where I live. I can def help unload, and maybe go to Modern with you. Can’t help with a truck or anything like that, but depending on when you go, I might be able to ride along (or meet) and give you a hand with it all.
  12. What condos do you live in?
  13. ryansweet

    Best place for cheap snails

  14. ryansweet

    NUVO Fusion 10 Nano build.

    That zoa pic is killer 👍
  15. ryansweet

    2018 INDMAS Holiday Party

    I should be there, +1