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  1. You could def do this with acrylic. Printing one might be difficult to get the clarity you’re looking for on a photo box though.
  2. Amber and I might actually make this one. On our way back from North Carolina so we’ll see how we feel tomorrow to be sure
  3. Menards has clear hose that I got. Can’t remember exactly how much it cost but def less than $8/ft. I’ve had it for a little over 10yrs and just soak it in a bleach/water mix every so often
  4. Looking pretty good. You can get plastic clamps at Lowe’s (the one across from Greenwood Mall has them anyway). Or aquacave.com has a good selection if you can wait a few days for shipping.
  5. I’m redoing the over flow on my 120 build and wondering what’s the best way to make sure all the silicone is off before I put it back together? I plan to use a razor blade to get the bulk of it off, but what solvent can I use that will take off all the residual, but not have issues with using in the aquarium after a good cleaning?
  6. There are a few people here who have done it. I’ve personally done 15-20 tanks over the years, with no disasters. It isn’t nearly as terrifying as people think. Just take your time and use plenty of water to dissipate the heat.
  7. Thinking of going with a couple of the AI Nero5's for my 120 build. Anyone using these or have an opinion on them?
  8. I 100% agree with you. UPS’s are nice in theory, but the limited time they’ll actually provide doesn’t do much long term. That’s why I ended up getting the generator instead. The unfortunate part is that surge protectors are really only as good as the price you’re willing to pay for them. If there is a surge large enough to zap the surge protector, it will most likely make it through to your electronics as well. I have a Monster Cable brand surge protector for my tv/surround sound that has been through multiple electric surges and outages, so that’s really the only one I recommend. But it was around the $300 range if I remember correctly, so isn’t a cheap piece of equipment. They guarantee up to a certain amount for your electronics if they get fried, but they won’t warranty aquarium products because of the close proximity to water. I still swear by them though.
  9. I used to use these (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003Y24DEU/?tag=aboutcom02lifewire-20&ascsubtag=4142625|ne14249e09e0a4e18bac799e8d98d7d9519) until I got a small generator. I had one on my 75 that would run the return, wave maker, and heater for appx an hour. Now I use a smaller UPS and rely on my generator if we lose electricity for longer periods.
  10. I'm getting things together (finally) to get my 120gal up and going. I've been looking at different return pumps and think I have it down to 2 pumps. Wanted to get opinions/suggestions on the two I may have settled on, or if anyone can suggest something different that's definitely welcome too. The two I'm seriously considering are; Sicce Syncra SDC 7.0 Vectra M2 DC I've also looked at Tunze, Maxspect, Rossmont, and Neptune pumps. I want DC to control the flow, and will need to run my calcium reactor off the return line. Let me know what you think or if you have suggestions. Thanks!
  11. Looks like a good stocking list as far as my opinion goes. I absolutely love the assessors, their swimming patterns are strikingly hypnotic to me. Just watching them swim upside down, yet still with perfect precision is really cool. I would reconsider the canary blenny being in a tank that hands can find their way into though. They're known to have a venomous bite and could cause some issues if anyone gets their fingers in the way.
  12. My bad on convincing you this is what you need...😁
  13. Paul, do your clowns try to take up residence in your euphillia?
  14. Love this idea. This is what indmas was when I first got involved many, many years ago and I loved it. Not only did I get my first tank started this way, I also helped to get other newbies going because of the shared corals.
  15. After reading your posts, the salinity could have caused some issues but if it was a slow raise I doubt it would cause that much of an issue. Do you notice any brown jelly looking stuff on your euphyllia before the polyp bails? I’m just going out on a limb, but BJD (brown jelly disease) is something that affects euphyllia and will cause the polyps to release. I don’t know a ton about BJD but remember reading something on it on another forum (r2r maybe). Might be something to look into just for research.
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