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  1. Thanks Brandon. Been thinking of doing a couple for the 120, but can’t find anyone with personal experience with them. Also, not sure if the 120is big enough to house them long term.
  2. Anyone have experience with the Zoster or Yellow Pyramid Butterflyfish?
  3. I think we've all gone through this at one point or another. When I lived in Florida I had 3 tanks up (2 reef, 1 fowlr) and started having issues. "Luckily" me moving back to Indiana made the decision easy for me to sell everything instead of trying anything else. I was tankless for maybe 2 months when I got back to Indy, found a great deal on a Red Sea 34gal which I promptly made upgrade to everything and stocked it beautifully. That was up for app 1 1/2yrs before I got bored (I'm guessing because of the smaller size) and started making changes. During one of those changes I was moving things around and accidentally crushed my starry blenny, which crashed the entire tank within 2 days. I gave that tank away and swore to never get another one. About a year later I went to a friend's house who had a tank and got the itch. Looked around, found my 75gal and it's been up for 7yrs now. I'm now in the process of upgrading to a 120gal, if I can find the focus to get it done... But it doesn't hurt to take a break if your interests fade or change. That's one of the things I like about the hobby. Yes it's an expensive hobby, but you can always take a break and it'll be there when you get the drive again.
  4. That’s crazy. Definitely adding these guys to the “maybe” reef safe pile. Glad you caught it in action, and thanks for keeping us up to date.
  5. Yeah, that should definitely be enough flow. I don't know a lot about the AP720, but being from Kessil I'm assuming it's a quality product and SHOULD be enough par to grow what you want. Strange that the ICP came back with everything in line since you are having issues, too. A head scratch-er for sure... You haven't noticed flatworms, red bugs, or any other pests? You're right that something has to be going on, just need to narrow it down to what might possibly be.
  6. What kind of flow are you running? Have you tested the PAR/PUR that the Kessel is getting into the tank at different depths? That’s where I’d look next. I’ve been reading a lot of studies where SPS are more sensitive to flow than some other parameters in our aquariums. And the light output/spectrum is obviously very important as well.
  7. New website is added to the sponsor thread, and the redirect from the banner takes you to the new site as well. Let us know if there's anything else we can do. Thank you for supporting INDMAS!
  8. Nice! I swapped out to the xr30 pros and won’t look back. My corals have been super happy since swapping to those, and I’ve done zero other changes
  9. Keep us updated if you notice your coral making a recovery once you get the suspected culprit removed. I’d like to add to my notes on fish that are supposed reef safe, but turn out not to be.
  10. Hmm...the more I research on it, I am seeing that damselfish (black damselfishes for sure) do eat soft corals. So they may be picking at those. I hadn't really looked into it before (never kept those types of damselfish, only clowns) so I didn't realize that they will eat softies.
  11. I wouldn’t think that any of those fish are causing the issue. Can you provide more detail about the tank? How long it’s been up, what lights/filtration/etc, do you have parameter results from testing?
  12. I'd say that's not something normal. Can't tell you what it is, but it isn't something I've ever heard from an aquarium pump before.
  13. You could def do this with acrylic. Printing one might be difficult to get the clarity you’re looking for on a photo box though.
  14. Amber and I might actually make this one. On our way back from North Carolina so we’ll see how we feel tomorrow to be sure
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