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  1. I know this is short notice, but are any new members (or old members starting a new tank) that need anything specific to get their tank up and running?
  2. ryansweet

    Algae just won’t go away

    It isn’t super clear on my phone, but that looks more like dinoflagellates than cyano to me. Cyano will usually clear up pretty well with chemi clean or cyano rx. What you have has the bubble strings usually associated with dinos. I’d get a couple second opinions before making a plan to go forward, but if it’s dinos, good luck.
  3. ryansweet

    Soft corals for sale

  4. ryansweet

    Help, I can't get my cheato to grow

    Eric, you may look at getting a test kit for iron. I had problem after problem with getting my chaeto to grow (when I had it) and did all kinds of research to find out that my iron was really low. Once I dosed iron a few times my chaeto took off.
  5. Put me down as a solid maybe. If I can make it I'll have Amber with me.
  6. ryansweet

    Save a fish goes big or goes home

    @Saveafishreef, I’ve always wondered, how do you go about rock scape planning for a build like this? For my 75 I stacked the rock on a tarp in my living room, but I don’t see that as an option for a build this size. Is there a plan you have, or just going to “wing it” once the tank is placed?
  7. ryansweet

    Marine Paint

    Rustoleum Never Wet is really good if you don't need a certain color. Rainguard tinted waterproofer is good and comes in various colors. Neither one are fun to apply, and should definitely done outdoors or in a ventilated workshop.
  8. ryansweet

    calcium alk and mag

    I use soda ash for alk, food grade calcium chloride for ca, and store bought mag supplement. I use so little mag that I just buy the gallon bottle and call it a day. I used to use kalk in my ato but found it was more difficult to keep up with adjustments (and still had to use soda ash) so I just went with the home made 2 part. For what it’s worth, if you’re having good success with your parameters now, I wouldn’t change much. It isn’t worth chasing numbers if things are growing and healthy.
  9. ryansweet

    LED Vs. MH

    Agree with Amanda on this one. Some of the nicest tanks I’ve seen have a combination of either mh/led or t5/led. With yours, I might do the majority mh and then add a few led to get the color “pop” that LEDs bring to the table. You’d have mh for growth and adding heat to the tank, then get a little higher par (and maybe lower electric?) with the led supplementals. Also with this type of setup you could run the leds at a lower power and not have to replace them at all.
  10. ryansweet

    Full Tank Shot (FTS) Fridayyyy!

    Day late...
  11. ryansweet

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    I’ll get in on it too. Won’t be able to make the meeting but I’ll set up a time to meet.
  12. I would blow any algae off of both of them. Then trim dead tissue from the gorg. The tree coral should be able to recover once the algae dies back a bit. The gorg should as well, just need to get the dead tissue removed to help it.
  13. What type of corals are those?
  14. ryansweet

    Viparspectra 300w

    I had a 36in “Black box” (it is red actually) on my 75 for the 3yrs. Only reason I replaced it was because I got a great deal on a 48in reefbreeders led. Had great colors and growth in the center of the tank, but lacked a little on the outer edges. I’m guessing it was due to the light being too short for coverage of the entire tank.
  15. That one is appx 8-9 inches. And a real 8-9 inches, not a guy saying “it’s 8-9 inches, I swear”