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  1. That one is appx 8-9 inches. And a real 8-9 inches, not a guy saying “it’s 8-9 inches, I swear”
  2. These 2 meats are growing happily together but I may need to upgrade if they get any bigger.
  3. ryansweet


    Those are cool little hitchhiker shellfish. Very cool find. I had a few in my tank when I first got the live rock, but all have seemed to die off over the 8yrs my tank has been running.
  4. ryansweet

    Mystery critters, what are they?

    Agree on the pineapple sponge. They are a great filter feeder and help to clean the water of organics. There are certain fish and sea stars that will eat them, but they are not usually good for our reef tanks as that's all they eat. If the sponges get into your display they will stay in low to no light areas and not harm anything else.
  5. It looks to me that you may have the start of bryopsis. I'd get some fluconazole to dose with if it were me. Also keep up on your water changes, and watching your TDS with your RODI. If the cyano comes back (which it might if you kill off the green algae because it will cause a small spike in nutrients) then you can always use cyanoRX or something similar. Cyano (in my experience) is the easiest to beat nuisance in the hobby. Bryopsis not so much, until fluconazole became readily available. Keep us updated.
  6. ryansweet

    High Nitrates....PLEASE HELP

    My troubleshooting for high nitrates is to look at a few different thing. First off, what kind of tank I'm working with (ie. fish only, mixed reef, full sps, qt) and realize what an acceptable level is. Then look at what is contributing to the nitrate levels, water source (self made RODI, store bought RODI, just RO, tap, etc), feeding (how often and how much), type of inhabitants in the tank (smaller fish eat less and make less waste, larger fish = more, predator fish = even more), and die off/decay in the tank. Then look at tank size vs water volume (size of sump/refugium), bigger tank needs bigger sump. Then I look at mechanical/manual removal (protein skimmer - size compared to tank, denitrators, water changes - size and frequency). Without knowing the full history of the tank, it's pretty difficult to narrow down to a specific thing(s). I would guess that with your tank being a fish only/w live rock, and having predators, and having a smaller sump (for the tank size = less water volume) is what is contributing to higher nitrates. Puffers, though one of the coolest fish in the hobby (in my opinion), can be very dirty fish to care for. They are sloppy eaters and create a lot of waste. Even in 220gal tank, 2 puffers can create a lot of dissolved organics. After having high nitrates, then cooking the rocks, I'd imagine it will take 15-20% water changes every couple of weeks, for a few months to get nitrates down and allow good bacteria to get reestablished.
  7. 4 parts water to 1 part bleach. Let them soak for an hour or so, depending on how "dirty" they are. This will kill anything bad (or good) on them that's alive and turn them white. Then rinse in RO, and let them dry for a few days before adding to the tank. Do remember that once in the tank they will not stay white, as the bacteria/coraline/algae will take hold and nature takes over. I do like the look of coral skeletons in my tank, unfortunately they all come from failed additions for me...lol
  8. ryansweet

    High Nitrates....PLEASE HELP

    What I'm saying is that if you had high nitrates, then did water changes to bring it down, then cooked the rock and put it back in, that's why your nitrates are still high. Any organics you took out with the water changes were added right back when you put the rock with decaying matter back in the tank.
  9. ryansweet

    Nano Reef Cyano Outbreak

    I don't personally trust any of the stores to change their filters (I may be a bit anal about it), but I've heard that Walmart RO has pretty low TDS. I'm sure if you talked with one of us here (I'm on County Line Rd, between 31 and 135, as I see you're in Franklin), we could probably work something out. Depending on how much water you need, I can make extra and we can work out either a trade or a low price. Only thing would be the containers since I don't have extras at this time. Message me if you want and we can work something out.
  10. ryansweet

    High Nitrates....PLEASE HELP

    Hate to play devil's advocate here, but there are a few things that could be happening. First off, if you had established live rock and then cooked it, you are going to have nitrite/nitrate issues no matter how much water you changed recently. The beneficial bacteria needs to get into an equal state with the dissolved organics, which there is going to be a lot of after 300lbs of live rock die off. Also, have a fish only tank will almost always have higher nitrates (almost) and doesn't need to be watched as closely. Those puffers, and that eel are going to be dirty fish as far as nitrates go. They eat a lot so they create a lot of waste as well. I'd suggest backing off on feeding (don't starve the fish by any means) and keep up on water changes. It's not easy to bring your nitrates down, and it won't happen overnight, but long term you should be able to keep a tank that size , with that stock load, in the 10-20ppm for nitrates. If you don't plan for coral then I wouldn't worry that much about it, though.
  11. ryansweet

    Nano Reef Cyano Outbreak

    I would guess the RO from UB's is high nutrient. I've been told they don't change their filter often, if at all. But I'd suggest to get some cyanoRX and treat with that, at least until you can get your own RODI unit for the house. Sometimes cyano grabs a hold and won't let go through nutrient control alone and needs a little "boost".
  12. Is there a fall back plan if we don’t get the required 25?
  13. Do we have an appx number of attendees for this meeting? Trying to plan what to bring.
  14. ryansweet

    Algae Identification

    That looks more like cyano than algae. Look into increasing your flow, reducing dissolved organics, and possibly treating with cyanoRX or something similar. As far as nuisances go in this hobby, this is one of the easier ones to treat.