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  1. ryansweet

    Cyanobacteria, ugh.

    I would guess that the dying bacteria may cause a spike in ammonia/nitrite leading to raised nitrates. So the water change could be necessary to keep those levels in check. It should be such a small spike in ammonia (that’s why they say to siphon as much out as possible) that a mature-ish tank should be able to handle it Though I’m not sure what cyano bacteria degrades to, so I may be completely incorrect.
  2. ryansweet

    Cyanobacteria, ugh.

    Congrats. If it’s any consolation, I leave it around a week before my water change so I’m sure an extra few hours won’t give you any negative results.
  3. Def be at this. +1 Can I make a request that people bring their favorite yard game?? Ring toss, corn hole, backyard bowling, slip-n-slide kickball, so many options!
  4. ryansweet

    Cyanobacteria, ugh.

    Truest statement ever. It definitely sounds like cyano from your description. The best way to confirm is with a microscope, just to be sure you aren't dealing with dino's, or another form of bacteria.
  5. ryansweet

    Cyanobacteria, ugh.

    Amanda is correct saying that tanks are different and some things work for one and not others. I never had issues with my lps, sps, clam, anemones, or any fish. But there is a proven affect on soft corals that you can find if you do a little research. Mostly just an irritant which softies close up, lose color until dosing is stopped long term, and some (though few) losses. So if you don't have any soft corals, you may try peroxide and see if that works. And please take into consideration that anything I say is only personal experience, others will have different experiences. both good and bad. There are people who have had great luck treating with peroxide long term (I have a friend who doses every day, and has for a long time). There are also people who dosed cyanoRX and saw zero effects, good or bad. And also those who've had horrible experiences with both. One thing you can you may consider also, is to make sure it's cyano that you're dealing with. If it is, it's an easy fix with multiple solutions. If it isn't, then we need to find out what it is and go from there.
  6. ryansweet

    Cyanobacteria, ugh.

    Personally, I'd throw out the sand and add a new bag if you want more. In my experience, the peroxide has worked more as a "keep things under control" rather than a "cure". I dosed peroxide for 3 rounds at 2 weeks each and cyano came back within a couple of days of stopping. With the cyanoRX I went for almost 2yrs with no cyano issues, then added a frag from a friend's tank that I knew had cyano, and had to treat again. I then went for just over 3yrs without cyano and added a few different frags that I didn't notice had cyano. I just treated for that a couple weeks ago. Another thing to consider is that while dosing peroxide I've noticed that my soft corals don't react well. My zoanthids close up within minutes of dosing and will stay closed for an hour or so. I also think I lost a toadstool from dosing peroxide. It would pull it's polyps in within minutes of dosing and not come out for a few hours. By the end of the second week of dosing (first round of 2 weeks) the leather had shriveled up and I ended up losing it in the second round of peroxide dosing.
  7. ryansweet

    Cyanobacteria, ugh.

    CyanoRX works wonders. Siphon as much cyano out as you can, turn your skimmer off, take carbon offline, and follow the recommended dosage. Leave all that offline until the cyano is gone (usually takes appx a week, depending on how much cyano is present), do a 20% water change. Leave your skimmer off for a couple more days (2-3) to make sure cyano is really gone. Turn your skimmer back on at a low water level setting, because it will overflow some. Observe your skimmer for the next week or so until you get it adjusted to where it's pulling skimmate. Enjoy a cyano free tank. Watch the frags you add in the future as if they have cyano on them, even if it isn't visible, you will start the process again. In my opinion cyano is the "best" nuisance to get in this hobby because if you know how to combat it you can beat it back pretty easily.
  8. ryansweet

    May 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    Last minute, but Menards has the bits. They aren’t cheap though...
  9. ryansweet

    May 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    Pretty sure I have a 3/4 bit at home. You can find them on amazon for the best price, but not usually this close to go time. Im always happy to help people drill. I am very careless on my own tanks to show that it isn’t as horrible as people think. But I take care of other’s tanks. Most of the time.
  10. ryansweet

    Clean up crew questions

    Eric, I love reefcleaners (when I lived in Florida I even spent some time at his old shop, really nice guy), but what they recommend is way too much for tanks, even heavily stocked tanks. I normally go with appx 1/2 of what they recommend. If you overstock your cleanup, you'll have die off and just contribute to future issues of ammonia and nitrite/nitrate. With your tank being new I might even go with 1/4 of what they recommend to start. You can always add more down the road when your tank is a little more mature and has food for the cleanup crew to survive.
  11. ryansweet

    Top Hat Fetish?

    Tried to pick up a shell. But the snail was still alive. The urchin finally gave up after about 2hrs of the snail carrying him around and finally flipping all over the sand.
  12. ryansweet


    CyanoRX has worked wonders for me. I usually leave it a week or so then do a big water change. No ill effects to coral or fish, and I’ve used it multiple times.
  13. ryansweet

    May 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    Should be there +1
  14. ryansweet

    Screen top frame

    I’ve only been able to find custom made acrylic screens that are more expensive than the do it yourself. And the do it yourself that I can find have always been metal framed.
  15. ryansweet

    Fine Art and Reef?

    This is an awesome thing. If I knew where Gosport (gasport 😉) was I might make the trip.