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  1. Jaco

    Small crack in tank

    Perfect time to upgrade to a 120G!
  2. Jaco

    RODI Issues

    You might need a different flow restrictor on the waste water line out of the RO/DI since you are only doing half the GPD of the original. I've run the same membrane for 6 years now and get about 99% rejection at my 75 PSI in. What is your inbound PSI?
  3. Jaco

    RODI Issues

    Is it hooked up right? There are guys in AZ that have water in the 600-900 TDS range and don't have issues except for burning out DI. If everything is right, I would give Spectrapure a call, they specialize in this and it might save you money over a water softener. What is your inbound water TDS?
  4. Jaco

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    In, but can't make the meeting.
  5. Jaco

    120G Flow Revival

    I think I am going to go gyre, anyone have issues with the newer ones?
  6. Hi All, Right now on my 120G I have a single QD MP40 (80% Reefcrest) and my Eheim 1262 for flow. I am thinking about changing it up, what would everyone recommend? I've always though about a Gyre since I think I could get away with only one pump which I enjoy now. I've been looked at the Octo Pulse 4 or just adding another QD MP40. I am batting a huge cyano outbreak but my SPS growth is still going great so I think it is time for more flow. Thanks!
  7. Almost a 1.5 year update. The tank survived us being gone to the Caymans. SPS is growing very well and all the equipment is staying in one piece. A massive cyano breakout has occurred in the last 6 weeks along with other hair algae. I had it under control for quite a while then all the sudden it popped up. My maintenance didn't change so I'm confused what happened. I've never fed a lot and my nitrates when algae free was always under 1. My main goal is to keep motivated to keep the tank running this summer. With our now 7 month kiddo, the tank gets a lot of neglect in testing.
  8. Hello, My dues pulled out about 2 weeks ago and I don't have access yet, need to move a male flame wrasse that loves jumping in my overflow. $100 Thanks!
  9. Jaco

    iPad Air 16 GB Gen 1

    This can be removed
  10. Jaco

    iPad Air 16 GB Gen 1

    I've been a little slow on the forum with the newborn and a recent bourbon purchasing addiction... yikes Anyone looking for an iPad? We just bought a new one so we have a Gen 1 iPad Air for sale. No issues or scratches, bought new around X-mas 2013 $130 OBO Thanks!
  11. Visit Fiji! Beautiful place. Hurricanes in the last decade or so have done a lot of damage to a few of their reefs.
  12. Congrats! We had our first on the 26th. I have no clue what will happen to my tank once Margo becomes mobile
  13. Is there a jealous button?
  14. I’d only use trochus snails, they do a much better job Eating and not dying.