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  1. iPad Air 16 GB Gen 1

    I've been a little slow on the forum with the newborn and a recent bourbon purchasing addiction... yikes Anyone looking for an iPad? We just bought a new one so we have a Gen 1 iPad Air for sale. No issues or scratches, bought new around X-mas 2013 $130 OBO Thanks!
  2. Visit Fiji! Beautiful place. Hurricanes in the last decade or so have done a lot of damage to a few of their reefs.
  3. Congrats! We had our first on the 26th. I have no clue what will happen to my tank once Margo becomes mobile
  4. Is there a jealous button?
  5. I’d only use trochus snails, they do a much better job Eating and not dying.
  6. Should have an update soon. Growth is finally taking off and algae is mostly gone.
  7. Tank upgrade advice

    Check out SC aquariums. They usually have a major Black Friday sale too. I have one and it has been great.
  8. What are the tank dimensions?
  9. Based on family with well water, you'll need a booster pump and you will go through more sediment filters. Most well water will have a light iron color to it. I would 100% add some support below the tank.
  10. Need salt

    I have some in fishers if needed, All IO though.
  11. Top Off Container

    I use my blue Lowe's 5 Gallon bucket. BRS occasionally has Trigger ATO containers on sale.
  12. KH levels

    Yep, I'd watch the drop over several days, then slowly raise it back up. Next thing you know, you'll want a dosing pump and then watch CA closely too.
  13. KH levels

    Baking soda route is fine as well. Look up Randy's part 2 recipe for ALK. I would use part 2 instead of 1 since you have a smaller water volume. You could also cut the dose to make sure you don't cause a spike. I'd only raise up the ALK by .5 a day at most. I use this calculator http://reef.diesyst.com/chemcalc/chemcalc.html occasionally to make sure I am on target.
  14. Saw this on another forum if anyone is looking for a skimmer for half off: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/reef-octopus-blowout.310378/#post-3845403