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    Reef pics

    Couple of recent pics while I was doing some reef chores. First shows my setosa framed by firestorm monti, Oregon blue tort, and acro floridae. Then, my largest hermit crab climbed to the top of my psammacora, probably to molt.
  2. Around the last week of Nov or early Dec I cut off a piece of this acro for a club member. This pic today shows it has already put on nearly 3/4" new growth at the cut site. These things never cease to amaze me! Now if I could just get the algae to stop growing at the same rate.....
  3. lrood

    WOW, Dr Fosters & Smith is closing its doors

    Whoa! That’s a bummer.
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    Colonies in my 125g mixed reef tank
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    From the album: Lrood

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    PO4 challenge.

    Interesting idea. Virtually every living (or previously live) tissue will contain phosphate - it’s a component of the primary energy molecule, ATP (adenosine triphosphate), and many others involved in metabolic pathways. We will never be rid of it, but it is always a good idea to be judicious with what we add to our tanks! Have you actually tried testing as you described? I wonder it it would be above the test levels?
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    Oregon blue tort

    From the album: Lrood

  9. Bummer, working evening shift that day..... 😣
  10. Hey Daniel, This is awesome. I hope to be off for that date so I can make it. If we already are zoo members, we won’t need a ticket, correct?
  11. lrood

    Calling All Woodworkers!

    I think for best structural integrity, it may be hard not to drill through the sides to secure reinforcements to th bottom. You could always add a very simple pi CME of base mould around the bottom to hide any screws.
  12. Anyone have recommendations on some good photo hosting sites? I never have transitioned since Photobucket clamped down, and need to find a new site.
  13. Michigan must have the most swaps of any Midwest state!
  14. I check the Reeftrader site daily, still no listings.... I’ve been putting together my wish list for this year, and am leaning a lot towards lps & some softies., such as: Cespitularia, welso, gorgonian, flowerpot, Fiji yellow sarco. Not a complete list, that would be longer than all my grandchildren’s Christmas lists combined! 😋
  15. lrood

    Return pump questio

    Thanks Daniel. He has a couple of gyres for the main tank already. I’ll find out what calculator he was using too. Btw - I need to send you a pm...
  16. A friend of mine is setting up a 265g with remote plumbing to his sump in another room (same floor of his home). I’m not exactly sure how he has calculated the “head”, but thought I’d pass on his info and see if the group has any suggestions. His present return line from the sump to tank is 1”. Thanks! Looks like my top gph to the DT is 500 gph. Given ~ 280 gallons, not sure this is enough flow. My 'head' is 15', so the Apex Core 20 and the Vectra M1 are about maxed out (so the numbers look right). I've googled around to see what, if any, other pumps would work. I like the submersible pumps, but curious what your suggestions would be. Even upgrading to the 2" pipe would only bring the head down to 13, so not sure that's worth the trouble. 1. I'm guessing the flow to the DT is not enough, correct? 2. What return pump recommendations you'd have given: 15' pressure head ~300 gallon DT ( ~1500 gph )
  17. I just watched a Netflix show titled “Chasing Coral”, done in 2017. Documents the worldwide bleaching of our reefs. The last 30 minutes or so is pretty depressing. Beautiful photography, and their time lapse videos of the reefs is really excellent, albeit again depressing. Worth the 90 minutes to watch!
  18. lrood

    Updated 120g pics

    Man those look nice!! And good looking Banggai!
  19. Brandon, thanks for the great fragging presentation and demo of the saw. And the bonus frags the attendees got to take home were awesome!