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  1. I check the Reeftrader site daily, still no listings.... I’ve been putting together my wish list for this year, and am leaning a lot towards lps & some softies., such as: Cespitularia, welso, gorgonian, flowerpot, Fiji yellow sarco. Not a complete list, that would be longer than all my grandchildren’s Christmas lists combined! 😋
  2. Updated 120g pics

    Man those look nice!! And good looking Banggai!
  3. Brandon, thanks for the great fragging presentation and demo of the saw. And the bonus frags the attendees got to take home were awesome!
  4. Lrood

  5. I should be able to make it!
  6. I just watched a Netflix show titled “Chasing Coral”, done in 2017. Documents the worldwide bleaching of our reefs. The last 30 minutes or so is pretty depressing. Beautiful photography, and their time lapse videos of the reefs is really excellent, albeit again depressing. Worth the 90 minutes to watch!
  7. Frag plugs

    Nice! My homemade plugs look like something my grandkids would have made with play dough.
  8. What our reefs have to look forward too? https://apple.news/AIlkzJybqSIWJIXWzsSX0sQ
  9. Return pump suggestions

    And he is planning to use an Apex controller, if that makes any difference.
  10. I have a friend who is setting up a 265g with 100g sump, looking for return pump suggestions. I think he is looking to use an external pump. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Acrylic polishing

    Thanks. Novus comes up most when I search around. Guess I'll order a kit.
  12. I need to polish out some scratches on the front outside surface of my tank. Just wanted to see what others have used for this job.
  13. Bummer, I'll be out of town. That will be a great event!
  14. xenia fuge

    Interestingly enough, the GSP stays only on that right front wall, and the xenia never seems to move into that area. The xenia does obviously dominate the rest of the tub though!