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  1. bishop40k

    Give a frag get a ticket

    5 as well like normal
  2. bishop40k

    Frag Swap Specials Premium Aquatics

    I figured it was like that, just wanted to verify. I know the staff can get pretty busy at times.
  3. bishop40k

    Frag Swap Specials Premium Aquatics

    Is there a coupon code for the salt, or do we have to email premium to set up?
  4. bishop40k

    A simple thank you.

    Great event, loved the new venue. Seemed much more spacious inside and less crowded with people.
  5. Any luck on a complete raffle list? maybe one that can be updated as new items come in?
  6. bishop40k

    Looking for Frag Swap partner

    could always list them on reeftrader and pre-sell some for pick up.
  7. bishop40k

    Tank upgrade advice

    guess I need to start a build log for this one lol
  8. bishop40k

    Tank upgrade advice

    Well the decision has been made.
  9. bishop40k

    Tank upgrade advice

    Definitely leaning towards the Red Sea 250, the cadlights is out as I'm seeing too many issues with their customer support. So now the choice is the Red Sea 250 or the Waterbox 75.2. Probably going to chill until thanksgiving time to see who does what for Black Friday Deals.
  10. So after a few years of having the 25g Solana in my living room, I finally talked the wife into a slightly larger tank. Aiming for somewhere around 40-50 gallons. Would prefer not to go full custom though. Currently looking at tanks light the cadlights 42g, red sea reefer 250 etc. Any other ideas?
  11. I should be able to donate some blastos from the big colony. So 4 here
  12. bishop40k

    Acro ID please

    I had purchased a chunk of this acro from a friend a couple years back, I ended up losing the frag, and he lost the colony. Anyone care to try to ID it, and better yet, anyone got some?
  13. bishop40k

    Bishop's Long slow custom tank build

    Latest progress though I have been slacking off a little bit. Need to trim up the acrylic wall and get it siliconed into place:
  14. or some odd reason for the last couple days my swc 150 keeps filling the cup with dry foam. Have tried searching and havent really found any answers. I haven't changed anything in the tank, however after it started doing this I did do a vinegar soak, a full tear down and clean, and changed my carbon hoping to fix this. Here's a pic of what its doing: ​