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  1. Dustin1300

    NUVO Fusion 10 Nano build.

    Looks really good. I've thought about running a zoa/ricordia garden at work but like the idea of integrating euphyllia. Could chop up my 60+ head frogspawn colony:) For water flow, is it the return through loc-line?
  2. Dustin1300

    Fish for Frag Tank

    I'd recommend a flame angel, beautiful fish but sometimes can turn into a polyp eater. In a frag tank, if it starts to get an appetite for polyps could trade back in at later time:) Agree on the tangs, the blenny options only concern is they are rather aggressive and perch on everything. With unstable frags easy for them to make a mess of anything that's not secure.
  3. Dustin1300

    Purple Haze Pink Panther

    Nice coloration and growth. Trying to remember when you grabbed this from me?
  4. Dustin1300

    purple rim green montipora

    What's a ghost monti? Looks like a purple rim montipora with blue/purple polyps.
  5. Dustin1300

    Acrylic Sump

    When I built my sump it was my first acrylic build and has capacity of about 125 gallons. I knew I had little to no bubbles but still used weld-on 16 for all the exterior joints for extra insurance. Can't tell from the pictures but if the edges are rough from the router/saw hit them with a torch real quickly. Also, if you've not done so round the edges before hitting with torch. You'll be happy you did later as the acrylic will slice you up a lot over time if you don't!
  6. Dustin1300

    Acrylic Sump

    Looks good, Auburn is who I've used and had do cuts. Use acupuncture needle meeting to put together?
  7. Dustin1300

    Help, I can't get my cheato to grow

    What is your nitrates & phosphates? Bioload on the 60 gallon? Are you tumbling the cheato?
  8. Good luck, the build is the fun part. If you have any large tank questions post, the 600 has given me quiet a bit xp with what I'd do and not do!
  9. Still don't think anyone makes sumps, correct?
  10. Dustin1300

    Fragging corals has all been done wrong!

    I'd be curious on the ridiculous growth patterns/shadowing you'd have on coral with a light on the side. I'd tend to disagree that it'd work well with today's lighting too if you wanted to leverage LEDs as the light does not 'spill' like traditional halides/t5s/vhos. (Unless you are using a diffuser like ecotech has introduced for better blending but still not sure that fixes that problem). I agree with other points, rather common understandings when fragging. Typically you'll see the yellow/natural light for the high growth and another stage where better light brings the coloration and right zooxanthellae density.
  11. The sump should not matter as long as you don't have a refuge encorporated. What substrate do you have and how deep is it? How old is the tank? With the livestock you have the risk should be rather low as your bioload is very low and you don't have coral. As far as acrylic, no local shops that I'm aware of. I've built acrylic tank/sump but just had the acrylic cut at local acrylic seller, it takes some DIY skills and precission and in the end will not save you a lot of money unless you are really focusing on some custom elements. You can look at Modern Aquatix or Premium Aquatics for local shops that might be able to get some standard brands (I'd choose Trigger personally and stay away from Eshopps as they tend to use low grade acrylic and no one likes a flood). If you want something more sturdy/custom: https://advancedacrylics.com/collections/sumps With a 55 gallon tank, you've got a very common footprint. I'd just look for something as large as you can fit, if you truly get the reef bug you'll go bigger and you can use quality sump in future setup.
  12. Dustin1300

    Cyano Is The Devil

    In past month cyano is rearing it's ugly head again. Tonight I'll start dosing again and will likely run lights out until Saturday with 100 mL dose in morning and at night when lights are out. While at MACNA it did some damage too, or else I would have started this earlier. Wife said it was on the sand...Nope, it's actually killed off the base on a few acros and taken out two frags.
  13. Dustin1300

    MACNA 2017 - INDMAS Feed

    Think that a total of five ended up at MACNA 2017 from INDMAS. In first presentation on 'The Facts of Light' and vendor hall opens at 10! Will try to throw up some pics later once I snap some. In the mean time...If you want to commit to MACNA for 2018 go ahead and book tix for Vegas Price just goes up and worst case you sell the tickets for what you got or more! Register here --> http://macnaconference.org/2018/