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  1. Ruddicks Reef

    Looks great, can you tell us more about the system? Lights, skimmer, sump setup, dosing....etc?
  2. Got your eclipses glasses yet?

    Was pretty cool, my work had tons of the glasses for us all. Only crappy thing is clouds covered it up right when it was suppose to be at 90% coverage.....
  3. I would keep the softies and lps on the bottom and put your sps in the upper 2/3 of the tank. Milli's, digi's, monti's on the lower end and your acro's in the upper end. You generally want to keep milli's from 200-300 par, digi's from 150-250, monti's from 200+ and acro's 300-600 depending on species.
  4. Leaking standpipe in overflow

    Anyone know if flexseal is reef safe? The tape they have seems like it could be a lifesaver from time to time
  5. Little Brown Sticks

    Google vermetid snails, they are not the worst thing you could get but they can be a nuisance to coral and attach to coral.
  6. Little Brown Sticks

    Got any pics?
  7. Any time you change water expect some things to happen, positive or negative. Your TDS could be higher or lower, iron could be much higher and different elements will vary. It could mean better polyp extension or less polyp extension. I would also imagine your PSI will be much different on a well so that is something to think about. May need a booster pump.
  8. Low PH

    Water changes will help if the alk is lower but if you have enough coral to absorb it and just let them pull it down. If I don't dose my display it drops about 1dkh per day, so I would personally just check it every other day and see how long it takes.
  9. Low PH

    There is nothing wrong with your pH, its the least thing to worry about. Its more harmful to keep trying to raise it and having it bounce all around. Your corals will adjust to the ups and downs through the day and night that are natural ups and downs. Not so much the adding this or using a co2 scrubber here and there...etc. Just let your tank do its thing with pH. Tank 1 I would raise your sg to .025-.026 and get your phos down to below .1 Tank 2 I would get your alk down to 9 (or lower) and pull your sg up to .025-.026. With phos that low your corals may not do well with an alk that high. If you want to run high alk generally you need a dirtier tank.
  10. Consistently low Mg and pH

    To me it sounds like your borderline but more than likely safe from the calcification issue. I really don't think PH being that low is going to cause any issues as long as your consistent in your figures. Like I said, the C02 media gets very costly which I would avoid, that and your ph really fluctuates a lot which imo causes even more of an issue than just a bit low. How old is this tank?
  11. Consistently low Mg and pH

    C02 scrubbers are the latest way to get people to dump a lot of money consistently. The media lasts about a day and then you need to buy more, totally not something you can keep buying over and over and over. Are you positive its getting below 7.6? If its getting below 7.6 your coral will not be able to build skeletons and it will start to break down your sand, rock....etc anything calcium based. Its like your turning everything into a calc reactor. I would open some windows for a bit or add the chaeto like mentioned above and run the light 24/7.
  12. 180g Acrylic Build

    I'm pretty disappointed with photobucket. I have over 10yrs of builds that just died due to there greed. I'm hosting my pics on r2r currently until I figure something out.
  13. Top Off Container

    I have used brutes, glass tanks and acrylic ato reservoirs. Just get whatever fits your size and price as anything reef safe will work. All I can say is the bigger the better.
  14. What Lights are you using?

    That's a lot of light your using Tyryfin!