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  1. puffdragon

    Hobby Tables for 2019 Swap

    We want half table please.
  2. puffdragon

    Hobby Tables for 2019 Swap

    I want half table. Will send payment later today.
  3. puffdragon

    August 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    Great meeting and demo. Thanks Scarlett and Alan for hosting.
  4. puffdragon

    August 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    Looking like Laura and I will be there.
  5. puffdragon

    120G Flow Revival

    I recently put 2 of the waveline pucks in my 180. I think I have found my new go to. Big wide flow at 3000 gph when maxed out & don't stick half way out into the tank.
  6. puffdragon

    April 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    It looks like we won't be able to make it. Thanks Allen
  7. puffdragon

    April 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    Kewl on winning the light. We'll try to make the meeting, but if we can't, would it be possible to pick it up at Premium? Thanks, Allen Ruddick (Puffdragon)
  8. puffdragon

    New member... here’s my tank

    Good looking tank.
  9. I am having the same issue as addicted for life. Also is there a family membership?
  10. puffdragon

    LF a good frag rack

    I'm with Chopper on this one The mag floats will hold up a lot of frags.
  11. Great swap and well done to the staff. I really like the new venue. It is a bit out of the way, but the extra space was much appreciated.
  12. puffdragon

    Full siphon drain on non-drilled tank?

    Honestly, I would tear it down, have someone drill the back of the tank for an overflow. Two holes would be better. The main reason is sooner or later you will have a flood. Trust me, I have been there with a non drilled tank. If you plan to make the frag swap, stop by, we can discuss it more.
  13. puffdragon

    Help 3FordFamily find a 10 foot aquarium!

    I am going to have to agree with MrsBugmaster on this one, especially after living thru a 220 rupture at 4 in morning. That was not a good morning.
  14. puffdragon

    What lights are you guys running?

    SBReef on display & frag tank here.