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  1. I’m not sure yet. The tank will have a 2x4 wall around the back. The front will be pressed up against a 2x6 wall. So the front can’t move. The back wall is a small concern. I’m considering making a center part of the 2x4 wall go all the way up to the ceiling. Thus making the whole tank built into the house. I could also also just put 3 center braces and make it easy no matter what I do, it needs to go in after the glass and tank is set in place.
  2. So i started the tank this week. Fiberglass in 2 weeks and then epoxy.
  3. Atomic

    Photo hosting sites

    looks like im using IMGGG now...thanks for the recomendations (and to the original poster)
  4. might be a silly question, but why did you choose to put shutoff valves on your overflows? I understand the gate valve, but not the others. looking GOOD!!! So clean, where did you get the green PVC also?
  5. Atomic


    same here. had a friend email me this. Xenia made me think its fake
  6. Atomic

    My 180 New Adventure!

    Love this idea of paring fish. its a tough thing to do, but i think it will be worth it!
  7. Looks like a sweet setup. Any idea what your gonna do for a CUC? Ive seen all sorts of things in a frag tank from the typical snails and crabs, Foxfaces, or even a filefish. I always have problems keeping my frag tank clean.
  8. im not a expert, but i see no reason why those lights wont work. I have the mars aqua Black boxes and they look very similar. More often ive found that they were too bright for most corals that were not acclimated correctly. I had to turn them down to 50% white and 75% blue to get the color i wanted. I also run mine about 20" off the water. Hope this helps
  9. The house got a roof last week and windows were delivered today. Hopefully I can install them soon (damn snow!!!!). We are having another child next week and I’m hoping to have all the electrical/plumbing finished this weekend. Then on to HVAC and then I can work on the tank. I bought used 6 metal halide reflectors and 2 ballasts a few weeks back( 4 for the tank and 2 for frag tank). I need to buy 4 more ballasts soon. I also got a nice acrylic frag tank that measures 6’x2’x12” im going to make a big purchase soon of some tunze power heads and a bubble magus b12 skimmer. I’ll post lots of pictures when I start the tank in about 2 weeks
  10. This is a great idea!!!
  11. Atomic

    Return pump setup or Closed loop system

    Ive thrown around the idea on my new tank to run a closed loop. It seems to be a outdated system because of the amount of water the new powerheads can push and the price has come down on powerheads. I still think the closed loops sounds like a good option, might need to get a few of the SeaSwirls to keep from dead spots in the tank.
  12. Atomic

    What lights are you guys running?

    I run Reef Breeders on the tank currently. Going with Metal Halides on the new system.
  13. I made a google sketchup of the fishroom again. Im new at sketchup but it gives me a idea of everything. I also started some of the Electrical today. Frag tank wall Sump Wall
  14. Thanks for the Tip. Always up for any tips that anyone else has, ill learn from your mistakes. Im planning on building a lighting rack and having it raised and lowered with a cheap winch from harbor freight. Also im going to trying a put a sliding board on wheels, similar to a automotive creeper. I hope to be able to lay on this board to reach into the front side of the tank. Other thoughts im considering: I was in Modern Aquatics talking to Jeremy a few weeks back and he suggested going with 4 250w Metal halide lights instead of 5 300w Leds. With the reflectors, it should be enough coverage. Having the tank in the basement, the MHs will only help to heat the tank. Not sure if im going to do this, but im leaning that way. Recommendations? Still not sure about using a Controller. The only reason i really want it is to be able to use the Apex Trident in the future. I bought a 3x stack of 75 gallon tanks that had been in a fish store. I dont think im going to use it like i had once wanted for my refugium/QT/growout. I have a 60g Frag tank thats 4'x2'x1' on my current tank. Im considering using it for my Refugium and having a mangrove area. Hoping i can get a 6'x2'x1' for the frag tank.
  15. Atomic


    I got one off ebay...decided to go for one that was cheaper and it didnt work at all....cost me about 200 bucks.