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  1. The tank was running with fresh water in it this weekend. I had to replace a seal on the reeflo hammerhead and there is still a small leak, i hope to fix it soon. I got a new GFCI circuit on a switch for the powerheads. I had to use a GFCI because there are plug in on the wall surrounding the tank. I aint takin no risks!!! I installed the cabinets in the fish room to create a nice working area and storage. I hope to someday paint them gray like the color on the stands. We move into the new house this weekend. So i hope to have alot more time after the kids go to bed to work on the tank. Things I still need to do: Put a plywood skin around the back side of the tank and paint it gray. Put another coat of black epoxy on top of wall. Build water changing station in corner between sink and refugium with the 4 55g barrels that are holding rock and sand. Make a walkway around the tank that folds down when not in use. This should be high enough that i can reach most of the tank when walking on it. Build light racks for main tank and frag tank. (recommendations for blue actinics to go with my MHs?) Build rock wall
  2. Atomic

    All Items related to 2019 Frag Swap

    Looks like another awesome swap!!! Cant wait!!
  3. I would love to host a meeting, I hate that they are on Saturdays and so far away!
  4. Last week i got the glass installed on the back viewing area and finished some of the drains and electrical. Im waiting on the internet to get installed in the house to setup my smart things switches. Finally I have water!!!!! I just did a leak test yesterday and after 28 hours things are all good. I hope to have all the plumbing up and running on monday to test the rest of the plumbing.
  5. Its been a month since i last updated and alot has happen. Good and BADDD. I cut in back panels, installed overflow boxes, had and employee scratch my glass, and finally did a water test (nothing bad to report thankfully) I cut all my holes for overflows, returns,and the rear viewing panels. Then epoxied the holes and everything that could come in contact with water on a semi consistent basis. This included the back upper panel of the wall between the tank and the family room and the top of the wall surrounding the tank. Im considering doing another coat before its all said and done also. I then picked up more live rock and a total of 700lbs of sand. The Sand fills up a 55g barrel. The live rock fills up 3 55g barrels. I am currently bleaching the rock and ive rinsed out the sand as best I could. Should I bleach the sand also? Now to the BAD!!! One of my employees was doing some touch up painting around the front of the tank. The front plywood needed sanding so he decided to use a palm sander on the wood. He never should have gotten close enough to the glass to scratch it, but somehow he did. He put a swirl about 1/8 inch wide all the way around the whole tank. Its hard to get a picture, but its very noticeable to me!!! I know he didn't mean to do it, but i was sick when i saw it. Ive called up my glass guy and he has a big sander for just this type of thing. So before I fill it up for good, my employee has offered to come on a weekend and fix it for me. You can see the scratch right in the middle of this picture
  6. Atomic

    Rock flower anemone

    I had this happen 10+ years ago when i first entered the hobby. At the time not many people had heard of flower rock anemone and I was told they were a pest anemone. So i killed them.....stupid mistake!!!!
  7. SO...... This happened on Halloween with my kids!!!! I was also able to build the back walls around the tank. I was really worried about this but after seeing it built, I think its WAY overbuilt. Foam guys come in today or tomorrow. then im gonna do a leak test later this week!!!!!!
  8. Im not sure yet. I probably won't set it all up until everything else is stable. For more it might host all my fish from my 220gallon.
  9. Its been a while since ive updated this. The house has taken most of my time, but i have gotten a few days in the past 3 weeks to work on the tank. I was able to fiberglass the inside of the tank. I made sure to overlap the corners, thus they should have 4x the coverage. I then got a deal for 6 gallons of white epoxy from a local Sherwin Williams. I dont like the white, but the price was right. I used a pour method (1/4 inch thick) on the front, back and bottom. Since the tank is 10' tall and i only have 9' ceilings, I had to use a roller on the sides (4 coats). Floors in the fish room have a layer of epoxy Stands where built and painted for the 90g frag tank, and the 60g refugium. The fish Breeding system has been setup Since I hated the white epoxy, I put one layer of black pond shield on the sides. I didnt have enough for the bottom, but it will have sand over it. Finally today i was able to install the front glass. 3/4" tempered glass. weighed about 250 lbs. Used RTV108 silicone for adhesive. over 1000 lbs of dryrock as been collected and im going to bleach it before creating a rock wall on the outer sides of the tank. Tomorrow we will flip the tank and put it in its final resting place. Walls, will be built, tanks, plumbed and then im foaming the walls around the tank for support and to keep heat in. Wish me luck!!!
  10. I’m not sure yet. The tank will have a 2x4 wall around the back. The front will be pressed up against a 2x6 wall. So the front can’t move. The back wall is a small concern. I’m considering making a center part of the 2x4 wall go all the way up to the ceiling. Thus making the whole tank built into the house. I could also also just put 3 center braces and make it easy no matter what I do, it needs to go in after the glass and tank is set in place.
  11. So i started the tank this week. Fiberglass in 2 weeks and then epoxy.
  12. Atomic

    Photo hosting sites

    looks like im using IMGGG now...thanks for the recomendations (and to the original poster)
  13. might be a silly question, but why did you choose to put shutoff valves on your overflows? I understand the gate valve, but not the others. looking GOOD!!! So clean, where did you get the green PVC also?
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    same here. had a friend email me this. Xenia made me think its fake
  15. Atomic

    My 180 New Adventure!

    Love this idea of paring fish. its a tough thing to do, but i think it will be worth it!