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  1. I made a google sketchup of the fishroom again. Im new at sketchup but it gives me a idea of everything. I also started some of the Electrical today. Frag tank wall Sump Wall
  2. Thanks for the Tip. Always up for any tips that anyone else has, ill learn from your mistakes. Im planning on building a lighting rack and having it raised and lowered with a cheap winch from harbor freight. Also im going to trying a put a sliding board on wheels, similar to a automotive creeper. I hope to be able to lay on this board to reach into the front side of the tank. Other thoughts im considering: I was in Modern Aquatics talking to Jeremy a few weeks back and he suggested going with 4 250w Metal halide lights instead of 5 300w Leds. With the reflectors, it should be enough coverage. Having the tank in the basement, the MHs will only help to heat the tank. Not sure if im going to do this, but im leaning that way. Recommendations? Still not sure about using a Controller. The only reason i really want it is to be able to use the Apex Trident in the future. I bought a 3x stack of 75 gallon tanks that had been in a fish store. I dont think im going to use it like i had once wanted for my refugium/QT/growout. I have a 60g Frag tank thats 4'x2'x1' on my current tank. Im considering using it for my Refugium and having a mangrove area. Hoping i can get a 6'x2'x1' for the frag tank.
  3. lazers

    I got one off ebay...decided to go for one that was cheaper and it didnt work at all....cost me about 200 bucks.
  4. Remote sump room setup

    The only thing that I see that I would change. This is a personal preference and not a necessity. I would take another 40 breeder exactly like you have for the refugium, and use it for your Skimmer and Heaters using the 2nd overflow from the display. Your currnet design: The stock tank will be the place you see water fluctuations. (assuming you have a ATO in it also.) If the power turns off, the stock tank will fill up with excess water from the display. Then when it turns on, the skimmer will be working for a few min within that stock tank thats full of water = skimmer overflowing nasty sludge back into the stock tank. If you had another 40 breeder (or any tank, could be a rubbermaid) setup like the refugium. That water level will never change allowing the skimmer to be more stable. I would put heaters in here also. If your ATO fails, then your headers are still submerged in water. I might also put filter sock after a skimmer/heater tank. wouldn't do it on a refugium as you want the pods to make the way back to the display.
  5. New house = tank upgrades

    Congrats on the new house!! The Electrical: I always try to have at least 1 20 amp circuit for the tank. If there is a option for 2, then thats better. I try to put Heaters and return pump on a circuit by itself if possible. Floor Jacks: Most of the time I try to run the beams perpendicular to the floor system with a 4x6 for support. In extreme cases, ill do this twice. https://goo.gl/images/8d4tkr
  6. Build thread

    Looking good Bud!
  7. Not alot has gone on. The Walls are finished in the fish room. Im in contact with a local glass company about the front glass panel. Still trying to figure out how big I want to go. Im pretty sure 3/4 tempered will withstand a tornado, but its expensive.
  8. For the 2nd time in 3 years, my wife is expecting another child within a week of the swap......i gotta get my priorities and planning in line!!! I hope to be able to make it, but no Hobby table for me...
  9. Hey All, Im trying to get my ducks in a row for the new tank and im throwing around a few ideas. First im wanting to do a Rock wall that covers the back and 2 sides of the tank and im considering using 1/4" Acrylic Dowel Rods to hold the main rock structure together. Then im wanting to use mortar to fill in the gaps to give the "wall look". Does anyone have experience with any of this? Ive heard issues with some mortar that cause PH spikes that leach into the tank for quite a while. Im ok with a 6 month cycle if needed, but would prefer faster if I can find a mortar that doesnt have this issue. The tank is 750 gallons, so im going to need alot. 5lb buckets are not going to do. Next im planning on making a frag mounting system using the same type of acrylic rods (I think this is called Pegging corals?). My goal is to make plugs with the acrylic rods and mortar, then to have small holes in the rock to mount them too. So at any time, if a coral isnt looking great. I can just pull it out and place it onto another hole with different light/flow. I lose more coral gravity than anything else. I constantly find a coral in the sand thats fallen off a plug or the plug has come unglued to the rock. This method should fix all that and give the ability to move things around with ease. Any thoughts?
  10. New Nem addition

    update? This Nem looks very nice!
  11. Im wondering if your having the same problem that caused my 90 gallon to crash years ago. Power goes off.... Sump fills with overflow of water. raising the lvl of the sump by 6-8inches. Doesnt overflow the sump so no big deal Power goes back on. Skimmer turns on while the sump level is still higher than normal causeing it to overflow for a bit (into the sump) until the return pump can bring water lvls back to normal My skimmer overflowed for 30 seconds and tripped a powerstrip (dont put powerstrips on the floor next to sump!!!) I was on vacation at the time.......5 days later i got home....... My solution, if this is your issue, was to get a reef controller and have the skimmer wait 5 min after power is turned back on to start up. That way the water levels are back to normal before it starts up. Its not really a skimmer problem. more of a design flaw of almost all sumps. Hope this helps
  12. what other angels might you want to get rid of?


  13. Wow, ive never heard that. Good to know and ill look into it. My current QT just sits below my frag tank but ive never really had issues and had to use the QT.
  14. Return pump suggestions

    Ive always had good luck with the "Reeflo" brand of external pumps and have never tried anything else. The Reeflo pumps are big pumps though, but Ive always had to pump water from a basement and needed the head pressure. Ive also heard good things about the Iwaki pumps. If the sump is below the tank, i think i would look into the Iwaki. They are a good buy for the money. Im no expert though.