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  1. Build thread

    Update on my build. Haven't posted anything in a while. Tank is filling up with frags. I have removed some of the racks out of my 125 and starting filling up my frag tank.
  2. Thanks for the update. Hallway just did not sound like an improvement.
  3. 2017 INDMAS Holiday Party

    I will be able to make the meeting +1. I will also be paticipating in white elephant.
  4. Favorite coral?

    Elegance is my favorite.but then again I like all coral
  5. NUVO Fusion 10 Nano build.

    Zoas you can get some bright ones. Look at bam bams. Lavender /purple trumpets . And you can get some plate corals that have some really good color. Your tank looks good I like all the ephuyllia.
  6. Great News and Not so Great!

    Keeping the tank and equipment will make it easy to start up again. And I get not wanting to move from a lake. I don't think I would get anything else done if I lived on a lake.
  7. Great News and Not so Great!

    Bummer on the tank tear down. Congrats on the baby. Looking forward to your next build thread when you get settled back in a new place
  8. 2018 Meeting Locations

    I could do September
  9. Nice raffle prizes this month. I have a 125 main tank a 75 gallon frag/ grow out. tank new setup by the way and a 14 gallon biocube. I will have tables set up for us to do the swap. And corn hole setup.
  10. Anyone else coming. I will have cornhole setup in the backyard and a couple of big tables for the swap. Anyone that wants to hang out after is more then welcome as i will have my firepit going also. Just need good weather. will be posting some up hopefully this weekend. And need to get the tanks cleaned up.
  11. Got your eclipses glasses yet?

    Picked up 2 pair today from a neighbor that bought a couple cases. Got lucky on that one