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  1. Budman

    Full Tank Shot (FTS) Fridayyyy!

    i should have scraped the glass first
  2. i am going to try yo make this one
  3. Budman

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    not sure if i can make it to the meeting.
  4. Budman

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    i will do this
  5. Budman

    Viparspectra 300w

    i use the sbreef lights on my frag tank the 16inch and just changed over my 125 to these. they make a 30inch and a 32inch both over 300w that look good. really like the color combo they use in these black box lights.
  6. Budman

    WWC coral club

    so this is a monthly subscription. is there a minimum amout of months or can you cancel at anytime.
  7. Budman

    Best lighting for a 40 breeder

    metal halide will grow anything you want. afd some nice t5 with it or some led for some coral pop.
  8. thanks for hosting Ross. great meeting and great food.
  9. i Will be there +1. are we limited on 1 frag for the bring one take one.
  10. Budman

    Next build project 450G

    Nice. Looking forward to your build thread
  11. Budman

    Additional hobby besides the tanks

    Fishing and hunting.
  12. Budman

    DIY ATO?

    It did autocorrect. But that diy project is fun and easy. I am getting ready to make one for the frag tank.
  13. Budman

    DIY ATO?

    This is what I have made for my tank. Fun diy project
  14. Budman

    Eric's 60 cube

    Looking good. Ready to see some water.