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  1. Build thread

    A little update caught a hair a dino issue cleared it all up about two weeks ago. Emptied a few frags off the rack at the swap.
  2. What did you get

    My daughter bought the middle one for her biocube
  3. So what did everyone get. I picked up a Cynarina/meat. I also picked up some iron man mushrooms. And superman rodactis mushroom. Plus various other frags And this nice bright green scroll/cup coral
  4. I knew we had a lot of people. But it never felt crowded
  5. Swap was great. I like the space we had looks like we have room to grow
  6. Build a gurgle buster to quit the drain in an overflow box
  7. Saturday needs to get here soon
  8. Hard to believe but the swap is almost here 6 days.thanks in advance to everyone who is making this happen. I know you guys put a lot of hard work and effort in to this.
  9. Eric's 60 cube

    Looking good.
  10. New member

    Nice tank. Welcome to the club and see you at the swap
  11. Frag swap wish list

    Finally got a few corals uploaded.
  12. Frag swap wish list

    Will be uploading this weekend
  13. Nice to see a few old members rejoining before the swap.
  14. I need to take some pics and post on reef trader