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  1. i Will be there +1. are we limited on 1 frag for the bring one take one.
  2. Budman

    Next build project 450G

    Nice. Looking forward to your build thread
  3. Budman

    Additional hobby besides the tanks

    Fishing and hunting.
  4. Budman

    DIY ATO?

    It did autocorrect. But that diy project is fun and easy. I am getting ready to make one for the frag tank.
  5. Budman

    DIY ATO?

    This is what I have made for my tank. Fun diy project
  6. Budman

    Eric's 60 cube

    Looking good. Ready to see some water.
  7. I renewed mine about a month ago. I remember it was alreay in my cart but there was a way to pay.
  8. Budman


    It seems a little fishy to me. It said xenia was the cause. To be palyotoxin it needs to be palys. Now I know first hand it is not something to mess with. I had it get into my skin from absorption. And it was from a paly. Took about 3 to 4 months to heal and 2 months of antibiotics. Shots,iv and pills.
  9. Budman

    My 20 long reef

    The brown stringy could be cyano. Does not look to be dino. Dino usually has bubbles trapped in it. Or it could even be diatoms but those are usually in newer tanks during or after the cycle.
  10. Budman

    Algae Hair like

    Dose once . Then it may take 21 days Gha. Turn off skimmer for at least 3 days remove media as in carbon purigen etc. After the 21 days do water change and run as normal. I have read reports of some doing a second round.
  11. Nice looking tank .