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  1. If they get stung by something they are done so don’t let anything bother it
  2. Welcome to the club I am in Noblesville too
  3. I went back to MH in March of this year. LED to me makes a dark tank
  4. I used it once and it cleared it up
  5. I had my eye on that black widow!!!!
  6. Did the math and MH ballasts have come a long way in the last 10 years and the difference in power bill is $20 a month so with the heater I use in my 180g will probably not change at all and with my 100 sump in the other room where it is cool won’t need a chiller 😁
  7. I don’t get the growth and color that I know that I should have and to be honest LED lights are dark. Don’t get me wrong I have a full reef tank with most LPS &SPS just tired of looking at a dark tank
  8. I have had LED for 8 or more years and I am getting ready to go back to MH In my 180g 3x400w MH my fish will be wearing sun glasses
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