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  1. theschwenkster

    Biocube 16 gallon

    Looks great! Similar tank here but wife insisted on keeping hood looking stock. We have three a80s hidden under there. Gotta love the shimmer!
  2. theschwenkster

    Biocube 16 gallon

    Did you stick with the stock lights?
  3. How long is the tour? We are members and could get two in with us as well. Family total would be four and would likely only be able to do am due to naps.
  4. theschwenkster

    May 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    Can't make it this time. Drained from vacation.
  5. theschwenkster

    May 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    Tentatively attending.
  6. theschwenkster

    Favorite chalice

    Graphed chalice we picked up at the swap.
  7. theschwenkster

    Weird Things Are Happening

    Sounds exciting and nerve racking all at once!
  8. theschwenkster

    April 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    Planning on coming to meet everyone.
  9. theschwenkster

    Pest ID - Flat worm maybe?

    Thanks! Appreciate the feedback!
  10. theschwenkster

    Pest ID - Flat worm maybe?

    Thanks for being another set of eyes. I added a second pic and to me, I think it looks like two points. Looking into a macro lens at some point to share with him. Worth treating with exit if acoel in your opinion? Didn't sound like it to me from the talk but I've not had them and he is certainly concerned.
  11. Friend found these in tank last night before the show. After the talk this morning, I think they look like the acoel. Sorry for far off. Working on getting a better pic from him and getting him signed into the site at some point. Thanks for looking! https://photos.app.goo.gl/bFK1pUeTV2SCTDLu2
  12. Are the raffle item all must be present to win? Not sure kids can last the entire event!
  13. awesome, I look forward to meeting everyone there
  14. Do you guys mind if a local non member comes? I'm local to TH and go to inland often but I mainly just read and don't post on here. I wouldn't mind meeting everyone and becoming more a part of the community.