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  1. Are kids welcome at this meeting? I'll come for sure since I'm in Brownsburg.
  2. theschwenkster

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    Awesome, definitely in! I can swing past after work some night if that is an option.
  3. theschwenkster

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    Interested but can't make August meeting. What are we trying to accomplish in the grow out? Most polyps? Interesting coverage?
  4. Agreed! Great trip! Thanks everyone!
  5. theschwenkster

    Best lighting for a 40 breeder

    Kessil fan here. Might need a trio of 360s in the end however.
  6. theschwenkster

    Nano Reef Cyano Outbreak

    Maybe just get distilled water if you don't have a high need. I do this but my two nanos use less than 10 per month.
  7. theschwenkster

    Coral War!

    Love to watch nature in action! Hope everything survives with minimal side effects.
  8. theschwenkster

    Trouble accessing the Buy/Sell/trade forum

    I believe you have to have dues paid and have the INDMAS Member designation.
  9. theschwenkster

    One thing after another

    Glad you were able to brace before the worst happened!
  10. theschwenkster

    The Count

  11. theschwenkster

    Polyp booster engineered Coral food

    I used the trial from the swap and did not notice ill effects. Considered buying in the future after current foods were depleted.
  12. theschwenkster

    Biocube 16 gallon

    Looks great! Similar tank here but wife insisted on keeping hood looking stock. We have three a80s hidden under there. Gotta love the shimmer!
  13. theschwenkster

    Biocube 16 gallon

    Did you stick with the stock lights?
  14. How long is the tour? We are members and could get two in with us as well. Family total would be four and would likely only be able to do am due to naps.