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  1. tprize

    Algae just won’t go away

    Well I’m getting this bright green algae, can’t seem to ID it. https://photos.app.goo.gl/HhEBi2v9JXiKzSnh8
  2. tprize

    Coral ID Mushroom

    I will make sure to continue to maroon them.
  3. tprize

    Coral ID Mushroom

    Mean little suckers?
  4. I got this frag a long time ago, and I am not sure what type of mushroom it is. Any clue? https://photos.app.goo.gl/1aMBEgRp6FV21FEPA
  5. tprize

    All Items related to 2019 Frag Swap

    Do we know what time the raffle drawing will be, and if you need to be present to win?
  6. tprize

    Algae just won’t go away

    Well things are going great! https://photos.app.goo.gl/cEB3xXqVJVXZdjJk8 Thanks to everyone’s advice! I went with prodibio bio-clean bacteria, and with the algae management, water changes, and 72 hours lights out the tank looks like a future tank of the month.
  7. All taken care of, now I’m a card carrying member of INDMAS again.
  8. See I tried that, and I get the message “You are only allowed to purchase one of these items, and you have already done so.”
  9. I can't find where to pay and renew my membership, and I would like to.
  10. tprize

    Algae just won’t go away

    Live phyto I do, what type of “good” bacteria do you dose?
  11. tprize

    Algae just won’t go away

    Perfect, treatment should be done just in time for frag swap, which is the most important thing. I hoping there is a system to win, so I can just upgrade.😀
  12. tprize

    Algae just won’t go away

    Went on vacation, had someone care for the tank, came back to a trifecta of algae, had the hair algae, now I have some red algae and bright green algae. I just can’t win. Going to do tests and a water exchange will report back. What else should I do? Here is a pic: I need a full court press on this. https://photos.app.goo.gl/wULFtmTNDNXQdchj6
  13. tprize

    Algae just won’t go away

    Well tests came back nitrates 0 phos 0, so my hope is the green hair algae will start to die out as I starve them. Anything else I should be doing to reduce the algae?
  14. tprize

    Algae just won’t go away

    API, but I'm hoping the Nitrate drop has to do with full rear sump chamber cleaning, new filter media, multiple water changes, reduced (targeted feeding), and daily Red sea NO3/PO4 - X
  15. tprize

    Algae just won’t go away

    Newest numbers +- change from before Mag: 1280 Calc: 320. +20 Phos 0 -.25 DKH 8 +2 Nitrate 20 -60 PH 8 Amon 0 Nitirite 0