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  1. RajilNaja

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    @Mjnosz There is another thread in the member forums we are posting in, and I believe we are doing updates on or around the 15th of every month
  2. RajilNaja

    Full Tank Shot (FTS) Fridayyyy!

    Little late but caught the blues on.
  3. RajilNaja

    calcium alk and mag

    I was using kalk in the ato for awhile, but I kind of got tired of adjusting it. So switched to two part on a cheap doser. Calc and alk are both on the doser. I was slacking on the calcium and getting it setup on the doser for a while. Calc got down to 300 . My mag barely seems to move, I was using reef crystals till about 2 or 3 months ago, switched to fritz. I had to adjust the alk on RC with acid, got tired of that to so switched to something closer to what I wanted to run my alk at. I shoot for pretty much the same numbers as you.
  4. RajilNaja

    Full Tank Shot (FTS) Fridayyyy!

    picture freaked out had to edit and add again
  5. RajilNaja

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    Guess that'll leave backups for when mine melt and need to be replaced! 😆
  6. RajilNaja

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    That's right, you better get in on this
  7. RajilNaja

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    I'm in! Will know later this week if I can pick up at meeting or need to grab at another time.
  8. RajilNaja

    WWC coral club

    You can just do month to month. You get a discount if you pay for like 3 months at once but its not a huge one. Oh and they'll let you combine shipping with other purchases.
  9. RajilNaja

    WWC coral club

    I saw some got shirts, I got a couple polyplab products, and a wwc decal.
  10. RajilNaja

    WWC coral club

    So WWC went live with a monthly subscription coral box recently, I jumped in at the lowest level. The shipment arrived today, was decent stuff, sadly the lepto they sent probably isn't going to make it. Anyone else sign up?
  11. RajilNaja

    What did you get

    Lets revive this thread! How's everyone's haul from the swap doing, now that's its had a few months to settle in?
  12. RajilNaja

    80 shallow

    +1 on the Smart ATO. Even when I had an issue with it they sent me a new sensor no questions asked. I reset with the apex when needed. Been runninng the smart ato for almost 18 months now. I also have the deep blue 80 rimless, stand was built by the previous owner
  13. RajilNaja

    Coral War!

    Oh man I have the worst luck when it come to this type of stuff, I wish the urnchis didnt do such a good job otherwise I'd remove them. I have an orange crush acan that will go after stuff that is over 4 inches away. Heck even the giant elegance coral seems go searching for stuff to dissolve at night.
  14. RajilNaja

    Holy Pod Population!

    Yeah the sheer thought of trying to get X amount into a container is enough to make me say nah not worth it. just take the whole bucket to modern aquatix and make him sort it.
  15. RajilNaja

    Holy Pod Population!

    Wow that is impressive. Where can I pick up? 🤣