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  1. Hi all. Just thought I would post this for anyone who might be interested in fish breeding. This is an awesome conference and not only do you get to hear the speakers you get to hang out and rub elbows with them and other fish breeders (people like Kathy Leahy - first person ever to breed coral beauty angels, Matt Pedersen - former MASNA Aquarist of the year, Chad Vossen of the famed Vossen Larval Trap, seahorse and frozen food nutrition expert Tami Weiss, Larry DuPont owner of LRS, Chad Clayton plankton expert from Reed Mariculture, Matt Carberry of Sustainable Aquatics, and several professional aquarists from various facilities around the US) at a Friday night reception and Sunday BBQ. I love going, if you have any questions let me know.
  2. I will be there.
  3. Yea that became painful to watch.
  4. How much GFO are you using? I believe it will cause alk issues and strip elements from the water if too much is used.
  5. I love those red and green open brains, some of my all time favorites. I bet that even if that plate looks dead now it will turn into another baby plate factory for you. Lesson learned. Always pack a bucket of water with you when you go to a swap.
  6. I have a oceanic hood and a nanoturners 54w LED retrofit kit for it if you would be interested.
  7. Welcome to Indmas. We are a saltwater forum and it seems you have freshwater fish. If you have marine stuff though or still want to list your stuff (I think that freshwater is still allowed) you will need to pay for a membership and then you will have access to the selling forums.
  8. Woohooo!!!
  9. Whatever you end up doing, even if it looks completely dead do not toss it out. Plates are notorious for appearing dead and then budding new polyps like crazy.
  10. I won't be able to make it after all. Please -1 my RSVP. I really wanted to see Bill's big beautiful softy tank!
  11. Just tossing ideas. Hook them up in series with the single output one flowing into feed pipes of the second. You could run the skimmer in the first section along with softy frags that would like dirtier water. Use a larger micron filter pre skimmer to just remove big stuff. You could then treat the water and or run macro in the last section with the drain connection (perhaps a screen to prevent stuff from getting into drain pipe). Then in your second one you could run a fine water polishing mesh sock and keep your sps and clean water frags in the larger compartment.
  12. Just imagine if that were all IN your tank though!
  13. I believe it's a common name of Cabbage Leather.
  14. A salt bucket, egg crate, PVC and the egg crate ready frag plugs would be the same it seems and cheap. If you are taking that many frags I would say you are making them yourself so putting on a consistent frag plug should be easy.