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  1. Below is the link for the Pitch-In signup. Your email is optional but it will send a reminder to you. Please do list what you are bringing in the comment section. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0444aaae22aafd0-indmas Link in first post too.
  2. Great news everyone - this year we have been able to make accommodations for trip to the Indianapolis Zoo, including a behind the scenes tour of their Oceans area! It will be a great time. We are trying to finalize all the details and so we need to put out some feelers to gauge interest and attendance. The tentative plans are below. Please reply with the number of each category of tickets you estimate needing as well as a count for the behind the scenes tour. We may have limited slots on this tour so a count is helpful. The tour will either be 10:30am or 1:00 pm, please also list which would be better for you so we can try to plan it best we can. We will get a group discount rate shown below (regularly $22.45 for adults) as long as we purchase 25 tickets in advance. TELL US Tickets - Adult (ages 13-61): $16.25 ____________ Youth (ages 2-12): $12.25 ____________ Senior (ages 62+): $15.25 ____________ BTS Tour # of people ____________ AM/PM ____________
  3. Hello club. Times flies and so I wanted to get the date released for the summer social as we moved it back one week from our regular meeting date . More details to follow but get it on your calendars now! This is a great chance to hang out and get to know your fellow club members. When: June 23rd 4:00-6:00 PM Where: NW Corner of Indy (inside 465, address to be provided closer to date) Tank: 240g Peninsula Reef Pitch-In Link https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0444aaae22aafd0-indmas
  4. waldend

    May 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    Some cool monthly free raffle prizes added!
  5. waldend

    Photo hosting sites

    I started using imgbb.com.
  6. Hey everyone. Thanks again to all the existing and new members that turned out to make the April meeting a great meet and greet! Below is the info for our May meeting, we hope to see you all there again. Kris, OttoReese, will be our host for this month. He has a 93 gallon cube with 2 AI Hydra 26 LEDS and a 30g sump. This is the tank that was won at the 2017 Indmas Frag Swap! When: May 12th 4:00-6:00 PM Where: Irvington , IN (SE corner inside the 465 loop). Address to be provided later. Education: Sump and Refugiums We will be discussing the design, benefits and installation of sumps and refugiums. Our host will also have an opportunity to get hands-on and help install a new refugium for his tank. Raffles - Chaetomax Refugium Macro Algae LED Light http://www.innovative-marine.com/auqa-gadget/chaetomax.html GEO 4" Filter Sock Holder and sock 2 - 1lb bag of carbon Bag of TDO pellets
  7. waldend

    Water in the stand!

    Man that sucks. Good luck. I guess at least the stand held the water to keep the floors drier. FYI I use these at home for cheap water alarms ($12). https://m.lowes.com/pd/Basement-Watchdog-Battery-Operated-Water-Alarm/1005609
  8. I have a great announcement to make a great meeting even better. To educate us all in seahorse keeping we will be joined, via Skype, by none other than the Queen of Seahorses herself - Tami Weiss!! Tami is the founder and curator of fusedjaw.com. She is an all around seahorse, pipefish, sea dragon and live foods guru that also was an early admin helping to build seahorse.org. Join us in welcoming Tami and learning from a master!
  9. waldend

    2018 Frag Swap Numbers

    We will get it all laid out with some more details. We also need to not include the speaker cost as part of the swap as we decided to move our education speaker to the swap time as the turnout for the last one was not very good. We will have to evaluate doing it the same time next year or going back to having it as a stand-alone feature. I will get a shot of the last several swap numbers to post but looks like last year was an outlier with a raffle spike and I think we had multiple platinum sponsors. The couple I looked at it seems like we made about $1500-$1700.
  10. Hello. Sorry I missed your first post. Can you post some pics of your corals and describe what you mean by not happy?
  11. Hi everyone. Hope you all are recovering from the great frag swap and getting everything settled in. This month's meeting will be hosted by PetesFolly and the topic will be Seahorses 101. It will cover the important information you need to know to get started and successfully keep seahorses. The host has a 125g mixed reef that is transitioning to a 220g so you will be able to what goes into preparing for a 220g as well as what it takes to transition a tank of this size! When: April 14th 4:00-6:00 PM Where: 11375 Whitewater Way, Fishers, IN 46037 Spyglass Falls neighborhood. Yes, there is a waterfall at the entrance to the neighborhood What: 2nd Annual NEW MEMBER MEET AND GREET!!! Did you just join INDMAS at the 2018 Frag Swap? Have you never been to a meeting before? Well this is for you! We will have a special raffle for JUST the new members who joined at the frag swap...as well as have a great group of club members here to speak with you about your tank, what we do, and answer any questions that you have along the way. Stop out and see what makes INDMAS the best reefing club around! Education: Seahorses 101 - Ever wanted to dive into a different aquatic species tank, but don't know how? Come check us out! Raffles - Saltcritters donated Magnetic Seahorse Feeder, T-shirt and Frag Plugs Plus.....More on the way! Our Frag Swap coral donation raffle will be given away at this months meeting as well! Stay tuned to see who won!
  12. waldend

    Return pump questio

    His calcs seem a bit high. I attached 2 from the RC calculator and it's quite a bit lower. But I think the key is he can use that pump for running his sump and life support systems but he will have to run some internal tank devices as well. I think the gyres or the vortech pumps would be great for a setup like this.
  13. It depends. For ones where you see a progression of the amount of white let's say then yes that's typically the way. But a lot of these designers are by mixing various strains or even species. For example, the long fins were a naturally occurring 1 in a million fish that they then mated with another fish for production, maybe a sibling but maybe not. The point being it wasn't a line bred situation that I typically refer to as a "strain". This convo has sparked my interest. I am going to ask some people about it to see what they say. I will let you know.
  14. waldend

    Clownfish laying eggs

    Nice! Males mature a little faster. Usually by 9 months though I think I have heard as little as 6 as rare occurrence.