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  1. waldend

    October 2018 Monthly Meeting

  2. Hi all. The fall season is kicking off, hope everyone is enjoying their fall weather (finally!), football, and pumpkin flavored everything. We wanted to get this months meeting posted a bit early to give everyone time to dig through their closets and attics. November’s meeting will be a “Pay it Forward” meeting where we are asking people to bring their misc items that they would be willing to donate to other members to fill those gaps others may have to get that last piece needed for a new setup, QT tank, sump, etc. Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting but only PAID MEMBERS will be eligible to choose items. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Quick note on courtesy: We will be limiting any person to 2 items until everyone has had their choice. Please don’t be the person who takes good will freebies and goes and sells them. Don’t think that needed to be said for anyone I know in the club but there is sometimes that one person. When: Nov 10th 4:00-6:00 PM Where: Luis's house in Lebanon (Gonzo620) Tanks: Topic: What to look for when buying used equipment and overview of some new technologies in the hobby. Raffles: TBD but good as always
  3. waldend

    October 2018 Monthly Meeting

    Just updated the main post but I will be providing an overview of the supply chain to pull back the curtain on how fish and corals get from remote oceans to here in Indiana.
  4. Anyone from Lafayette coming down that would be willing to delivery some raffle prizes?
  5. I get it and get it posted, sorry for the delay. He lives in Avon though so that will get you close.
  6. Everyone get ready to go back to the days before LED's and that blurry eyed blue tint, it's time for the INDMAS 4th Annual Members Only 2018 RETRO Frag Swap! So get out your bags, bottles, or deli cups and get ready to have a great time swapping corals and getting to know your fellow club members. This months meeting is only open to current club members (and immediate family as guests) so if you have been on the fence about joining you will want to sign up ASAP!! When: September 8th 4:00-6:00 PM Where: Budman's House (Avon, IN) 912 Beaumont Ct Indianapolis IN 46214 What to bring: Frags (and limited drygoods) to sell or trade What NOT to bring: LED Fixtures, frag tanks, heaters, & etc to setup a booth/spot ReefTrader has been setup for this swap to help facilitate trading and be found at the link below: https://www.reeftrader.com/swaps/78 We will be adding some great door prizes upcoming, be sure to check back! 1st door prize added and it's a great one! Run those important pieces of equipment in times of need! New Door Prize = $50 credit at Premium Aquatics, courtesy of Sustainable Aquatics! You will have $50 to spend at Sustainable Aquatics on a special order fish or coral. Can be redeemed on Premiums next order with SA. (Pick up at PA or at Brandon's home in the bag)
  7. Address updated in first post. Packing all the frag rack supplies. See you all soon!
  8. Updated with tank info and GREAT news on something everyone will get to build and take home!!! You will not want to miss this meeting!
  9. When: Aug 11th 4:00-6:00 PM Where: Alan and Scarlet's 10708 Inspiration Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46259  Tanks: Scarlet (CoralBeauty28): 65G mixed Reef. Has been running for about a year now. It sits on a custom stand made out of pallet wood. Alan (Reefaddcit12): 150G mixed Reef. This tank has been in the works for about a year and recently moved coral and fish from a 75G to this one. It has been up and running for about 4 months. Frag system: Previously Alan's 75G display Topic: DIY and How-To We are currently finalizing plans for every family to be able to make and take home their own small (8"x6") magnetic frag rack courtesy of INDMAS buying the supplies!!! We will also plan to have a local acrylic expert and all around DIY guru on-hand to answer questions you may have and discuss proper bonding methods!
  10. I have an MP10 in a 10g and ran it in reef crest mode at 50-60%. As long as you aren't blowing the sand around or sloshing water out of the tank I say you are good.
  11. Below is the link for the Pitch-In signup. Your email is optional but it will send a reminder to you. Please do list what you are bringing in the comment section. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0444aaae22aafd0-indmas Link in first post too.
  12. Great news everyone - this year we have been able to make accommodations for trip to the Indianapolis Zoo, including a behind the scenes tour of their Oceans area! It will be a great time. We are trying to finalize all the details and so we need to put out some feelers to gauge interest and attendance. The tentative plans are below. Please reply with the number of each category of tickets you estimate needing as well as a count for the behind the scenes tour. We may have limited slots on this tour so a count is helpful. The tour will either be 10:30am or 1:00 pm, please also list which would be better for you so we can try to plan it best we can. We will get a group discount rate shown below (regularly $22.45 for adults) as long as we purchase 25 tickets in advance. TELL US Tickets - Adult (ages 13-61): $16.25 ____________ Youth (ages 2-12): $12.25 ____________ Senior (ages 62+): $15.25 ____________ BTS Tour # of people ____________ AM/PM ____________
  13. Hello club. Times flies and so I wanted to get the date released for the summer social as we moved it back one week from our regular meeting date . More details to follow but get it on your calendars now! This is a great chance to hang out and get to know your fellow club members. When: June 23rd 4:00-6:00 PM Where: 7984 Austrian Pine Dr Indianapolis, IN 46268 Tank: 240g Peninsula Reef Pitch-In Link https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0444aaae22aafd0-indmas Door prizes: 1) $100 Gift Certificate to Into the Blue Aquatics! 2) 1 box of Fritz RPM salt More on the way ;v)