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  1. It depends. For ones where you see a progression of the amount of white let's say then yes that's typically the way. But a lot of these designers are by mixing various strains or even species. For example, the long fins were a naturally occurring 1 in a million fish that they then mated with another fish for production, maybe a sibling but maybe not. The point being it wasn't a line bred situation that I typically refer to as a "strain". This convo has sparked my interest. I am going to ask some people about it to see what they say. I will let you know.
  2. Clownfish laying eggs

    Nice! Males mature a little faster. Usually by 9 months though I think I have heard as little as 6 as rare occurrence.
  3. It depends upon the situation. In clownfish you can go down to F4 or F5 (4th / 5th generation) before it becomes an issue. As for me I like the fish to be wild caught if I can just for best practices but that's not always possible. Wild Darwin clownfish haven't been collected for many many years. So I am guessing with some we are starting to approach levels that are concerning. Although Sustainable Aquatics has traceable F2 available. The other fish that probably gets interbred a lot are neon gobies. I am unsure of the wild/captive status of the large producers broodstock though.
  4. You say that like quitting isn't an option!! There are millions of jobs but just 1 Feb INDMAS Meeting. 😄
  5. For this months meeting CIA has graciously offered to host the club. When: February 10 4:00-6:00 PM Where: Central Indy Aquatics - 2418 E 55th Pl, Indianapolis, IN 46220 Education: The Art of Aquascaping - with hands-on learning planned! In addition to the normal 4-6pm meeting we will also have some other opportunities to interact. From 1-3pm Indmas officers will be at CIA hosting a membership drive with an information booth to educate people who are not currently a part of Indmas as to the benefits of joining. From 3-4pm there will be an exclusive Indmas members shopping window for which CIA has extended a 20% discount to all members!! (20% discount also available immediately following the meeting as well). Raffle items: Qty 2 - Dry Rock Bundles to help you setup a new or tweak your existing aquascape Aquascaping supples (TBD)
  6. You do not want to miss this meeting. I think it's going to be epic and a great start to 2018!
  7. 2018 INDMAS T-shirt Design Contest!!!

    Credit for my submission is Atomic081. I just found a line drawing and got it converted around to fit the white on black one color design.
  8. You don't want to miss this demo, it will be great stuff!!! There will be some limited opportunity to get your own frags cut on the saw if you have something like a favia or that is difficult to frag with more traditional methods. Bag it up and bring it in, along with some extra clean water for it to be placed in after fragging.
  9. String things growing out of live rock.

    Seems to me maybe the leg of a brittle star. If not just some kind of worm. I would say good stuff and would have no worry if I saw in my reef.
  10. Frag plugs

    Good work. DIY is a big part of the fun!
  11. Clownfish Pregnant

    Just noticed The Reef has the Joyce Wilkerson book in their warehouse sale for $5. Great beginner reference!
  12. 2018 Meeting Locations

    2 slots are still open! We especially need to fill our Feb meeting as it will be upon us before we know it. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
  13. We hope you all are having a great and happy holiday season but with that being said its time to start thinking 2018!! That's right, our January 2018 Indmas meeting is within sight! In January's meeting Mike will be hosting us and we will have the opportunity to view his multiple tanks including a 80g shallow and a 240g display among other possibilities. You can also hear Mike's ideas and plans on potentially upgrading to an even larger tank. In preparation for our upcoming frag swap, the education topic will be how to frag various coral types and prepare them for the swap! We will be providing the supplies to saw (using Indmas's own Gryphon Aquasaw), chop, slice, and dip corals. There will be a colony provided for an Aquasaw demo with a drawing for pieces to take home. When: January 13th 4:00-6:00 PM Where: Tank Novice/Mike's 11809 Langham Crescent Ct Fishers IN 46037 Education: How to frag safely! Please RSVP so we can plan accordingly for attendance. Raffle Items - $50 Central Indy Aquatics Gift Card CoralRX PA Basic 4 piece Fragging Kit Frag discs, frag plugs PA Thick Coral gel 2 oz. Demo coral colony pieces
  14. Clownfish Pregnant

    I forget who might have some rotifers, if they do I am sure they will chime in. Mentioning phyto you definitely can raise clowns on live phyto, the pastes like RGComplete is a mix to give all the correct fatty acids and nutritional profile to the rotifers that the larvae will need so it's just more efficient to use the paste as it's zero work compared to a fair amount of work and a dedicated system to grow phyto. RGC also contains chlor-am-x to manage the ammonia in the rotifer culture and in the larval tub when used as "greenwater".
  15. Clownfish Pregnant

    The mbisite.org is a great resource for breeding. Joyce Wilkerson has a book back in print that is an excellent resource as well. You can buy an e-version pretty cheap. Feel free to ask away any questions too. I have raised quite a few clowns, among others.