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  1. After your experience and mine I am nervous about cutting it on a table saw. In my case I didn’t have a proper blade for it. It melted and grabbed. Glanced off my hip (which was luckily at a 45deg angle the way I was standing) cutting my jeans before rocketing across the garage. Scary for sure. Glad yours turned out relatively ok!
  2. I edited the main post but we will be waiting and doing the food/nutrition for November. Fingers crossed we might even have a special guest for Nov!
  3. Our monthly INDMAS meeting for October will be a definite do not miss!! Join us for a fun time learning about many topics related to coral and fish breeding and propagation as well as what we as a hobby can do to help protect our oceans. When: October 12 4pm to 6pm Where: Brian Plankis's House Brian is one of the board members of the Ocean-Aquarium Foundation which is a non-profit dedicated to helping the saltwater aquarium hobby adopt more sustainable and ecologically conservative methods through scientific study of propagation and captive breeding techniques and environmental education programs. Brian houses the Ocean-Aquarium Foundation research systems where many great things are happening. WHERE: 6494 Wellington West Drive Indianapolis IN. We will also have our annual elections for open staff positions. It is still not to late to volunteer. We hope to see everyone there! Respond below so we can get a head count Door prizes: TBD but they will be great
  4. Either of you try it yet? Interested to see the results.
  5. I need to get these all copied over (I cant put .pdfs on the forums) and into a thread but here is Dr Tim's recipe for what you are trying to do.
  6. That is likely a flush for the RO membrane. The other branch is a restriction for proper backpressure. You open that valve ocassionally to allow a high flow past the membrane which flushes debris from it and helps extend the life. Unless I am looking at that pic wrong.
  7. The MBI site is back up and running. Here is an excellent journal on them. http://www.mbisite.org/Forums/tm.aspx?m=87519
  8. They will hatch out on their own. To try and rear any you will either need to remove the female to a second tank shortly before hatching or use a larval collector (larvae snagger) to collect them from the display after the hatch. You will then need a kreisel type tank and a collection of micro algae, copepods, rotifers and newly hatched artemia. Depending upon the species they might settle (transition from larvae in the water column to juveniles that are on the sides and bottom) in 60-70 days. My go to resource for all things breeding is currently down, Mbisite.org, but if you google the above info you will find info Also feel free to ask any questions and I can try to answer.
  9. Correction. See everyone at 10:30. Come listen to our great speaker the one and only Sanjay Joshi!!
  10. Correction. See everyone at 10:30. Come listen to our great speaker the one and only Sanjay Joshi!!
  11. I am suspecting Paul’s entry affected participation. I was going to resubmit one but I liked his so much I elected to wait until next year.
  12. Maybe do a few big water changes. Could be something from the environment that got into it.
  13. Nice work! I would use some muratic acid on the rock if it were me. You don’t want to eat much away but getting a fresh surface would be good I think and help to remove anything it has absorbed in the past.
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