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  1. Clownfish Identification

    Looks like a lightning maroon clown. Some have much more of the white pattern. They show up on liveaquaria pretty regularly for less than a hundred dollars for singles.
  2. String things growing out of live rock.

    Digitate Hydroid is what they are called. They are mildly irritating to some coral like zoas and palys. They usually go away on their own.
  3. Clownfish Pregnant

    If they start laying eggs you will have them hatch in about 8 days. Personally, I would just wait until they are laying really nice clutches on a regular basis and that way you can have everything you need in place to give you the best chance of success.
  4. yes please give us the map. If the hobbyists are being separated from the main hall and vendor area then we should know this ahead of time before asking us to pay up.
  5. What Lights are you using?

    Still using the lumenmax reflector I got from you too. My light rack would be a pain to reconfigure so I haven't messed with it much. If I set up something different in the future, I may go all t5 and add led supplements or just just a good combo of both.
  6. What Lights are you using?

    I still use vho to supplement 3x250 hqi metal halides on m80 ballasts on the dislpay. My frag tank has a 6 bulb tek t5 fixture. Both tanks have good growth.
  7. It has caused a lot of cyano for me. Didn't have any cyano before I started dosing and only had a few small patches of algae that have still not gone away. I have used nearly an entire bottle.
  8. Corals I might have saved

    That was cool of the vendor to do. That second photo looks like it will be a really nice one.
  9. Pics of my 125

    That red brain has colored up nicely since the first time you posted it. All are looking nice and plump.
  10. 2017 INDMAS Annual Frag Swap - K of C

    payment sent for a table
  11. Can't make it this year. Have a great time everyone!
  12. Aiptasia in Fuge. Keep or kill

    If you can pull the rock out of the tank and remove them completely that would be ideal. Killing them in tank usually makes them spread.