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  1. I'm using this as well. I'm only starting on my second week now and I've started to notice some of my GHA receding a little. The bottle states only 1x a week but everybody that has a bad algae issue seems to be doing 2x a week with no ill effects. The only thing I've seen to be careful of is your nitrates. At first, if a ton of algae is dying, they can increase. If you are already running an ulns with very little algae, your nitrates can drop off and cause corals to pale.
  2. That's impressive! I'm going to be ordering a bottle to try to knock out some hair algae and bryopsis that I've been dealing with ever since I did a tank move. The thread on the other forum is pretty convincing too. There are enough independent reviews that show this stuff is legitimate and very few negative comments. There is another thread on that forum where someone is capturing images of vibrant under a microscope and finding some pretty unique looking bacteria that they weren't finding in the other marketed bacteria in a bottle. The owner of vibrant is answering questions on that thread as well without revealing too much for obvious reasons.
  3. Have you guys seen this new product?

    Awesome! I'm anxious to see your results
  4. Vibrant Liquid Aquarium Cleaner - Here's a thread over at r2r - http://reef2reef.com/threads/vibrant-liquid-aquarium-cleaner-discussion-thread.271428/page-23 I'm really skeptical about this kind of stuff but I'm really surprised at all of the reported success with it. If this somehow proves to be legit, it will be a game changer when it comes to dealing with really bad algae outbreaks with dinos, gha, etc. I still think most of those issues are caused by poor husbandry, overstocking or insufficient filtration and those would need to be resolved for long term results but this stuff will be a great tool for cleaning up an outbreak if it works as reported.
  5. Continuous Alk monitoring from Apex

    This is exciting news! Hopefully the price isn't too outrageous.
  6. The grey brute trash cans work great. You can get them in 20g, 30g or 40g
  7. 2016 WORC Frag Swap

    It was a good swap! I got a few nice pieces and had a good time.
  8. Chromis

    Good luck! They look cool in groups when they work. If not, you'll have one baaaaad chromis
  9. 2016 WORC Frag Swap

    I'll be there! Looking forward to it.
  10. My 80 rimless upgrade

    Thanks guys! I'm liking the painted bottom quite a bit. The one thing I didn't like about bare bottom was being able to look down and see the sump from above.
  11. Here's a quick video https://youtu.be/wCcfZjIteTg I probably should have cleaned the glass first but oh well.
  12. What is this?

    Ive seen sponge that looks kinda like that but if it just popped up over night, I have no idea.
  13. Barebottom bottom (oxymoron?)

    I'm a little late to this thread but thought I would give my input. I was bare bottom on my last tank with just clear glass and even though I had some corals and corraline growing on the bottom, there were still plenty of places where I could see thru to the sump and it drove me nuts. On my new tank, I painted the bottom side of the glass with white latex paint. I think it looks really nice. I wanted to avoid any of the tile options because I've seen them become detritus traps and they start to stain with algae and its hard to clean them or keep them looking nice.