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  1. No there are two return pumps. I use one to run the skimmer, chiller, calcium reactor, and the Macro-algae Reactor and one 1" return. The other one runs the UV and the other 1" return and I have the closed loop
  2. Now all I need is more coral, fish, and time. I will start adding a couple fish to my QT soon.
  3. The tank has had water in it for just under two months and this is what we came up with, please remember I am a terrible photographer. I am still playing around with the lighting and am missing one of the Radians, in for repair or replacement
  4. Bought them one at a time trying to increase contact time, should increase efficiency.
  5. Plumbing this time around went as good as it could, I was not in a hurry and I rearranged the skimmer and UV to be more accessible so things went pretty smooth. I also changed from external to internal pumps for this tank and added an additional one to help with all the auxiliary equipment. This eliminated one large manifold system that was complex to build the last time. The tank has a center overflow with all connection inside of it. The (3) two inch drain lines were dropped straight down into the sump with 1/4 turn valves to regulate flow and the (2) 1.5 inch returns were plumbed separately to ensure that if one pump failed then flow would continue between the sump and tank. The skimmer, chiller, calcium reactor, and the Macro-algae Reactor were plumbed to one of the return pumps and the UV was plumbed to the second return pump. I also learned from previous builds to use as many unions as I can, this helped to prevent bad joints. I had the back panel drilled in each corner with (2) two inches holes, one would be used for the closed loop and the other one is what I call the Oh S_ _T hole. This is for the off chance that the drains to the sump clog and would keep the tank from over filling. I will post some pictures later
  6. Had to remove the sliding glass door and in she went, thanks to all that helped
  7. Some more Pictures. It sat on the deck until the weekend when it was set in place
  8. Fast forward to the first of August, the stand is now complete and just waiting on the tank
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