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    2017 INDMAS Holiday Party

    I will take it to Jeremy's on Monday or Tuesday.

    2017 INDMAS Holiday Party

    I want to thank everyone who showed up, it was great to see all. On a side note I have a kids black and red sweatshirt that needs an owner Bill

    2017 INDMAS Holiday Party

    Can't wait to se everybody . 7619 Dartmouth Road, Indianapolis, 46260
  4. what other angels might you want to get rid of?



    2018 Meeting Locations

    I would like to keep the holiday party if possible
  6. How about the DEC meeting on 12/9


  7.   Amanda, I need to have the December meeting on the 16th



    What Lights are you using?

    Before I switched to soft coral there were (5) 400 watt metal halides, talk about spinning the electric meter.

    Help with Layout of Fish Room

    I would make the sump as big as you can, they are never big enough, take it from me. I have a 200 gallon sump on a 600 gallon display an that I run half full for reverse drainage during a power outage. I run an external skimmer, UV sterilizer, and (3) external pumps. One pump for ther return, one for the CL, and the last one to run all the auxiliary equipment.

    What Lights are you using?

    Old school here, (5) 250 watt metal halide with a lttle new school diy led's for supplement. I was using 14K ushio's but there are getting impossible to find and I switched to 20K radiums. I am not real happy with the color and am removing some of the royal blue LED's on one section and replacing them with white to see if this works.
  11. I had a real bad outbreak of ich in the work tank. Jeremy recommended trying Polyp Labs reef safe Medic and it completely cleared up the outbreak. The few fish in there with the soft and LPS coral look great now and are eating like pigs.

    Submersible vs. External Return Pumps

    External is my choice, not because of size but I like the options I can get. You can run a lot of auxiliary equipment with one large pump(shimmers, mech. filtration, UV. Now days VFD's and 3 phase motors are so cheap that you can use these as opposed to DC systems. This gives me the option to vary the flow as needed.
  13. XL, What time in the morn?
  14. I can help before or during the swap
  15. I have had many setups over the years. But I would say that the one large tank setup is my favorite. I had two identical 250 gallon tanks and the maintenance on them was too much for me at that particular time in my life. I also tend to go with bigger fish and my tank now let's me do that. If I had to do it again I would have made my area behind the tank double what I have now and I would have gone with a wider tank like Dustins.