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  1. My 90 Gallon Build

    I went to Ryan's house last night to work on the Canopy. It has to be cut and holes drilled for ventilation. I have the ATI T5 ballast It has to have a slit in the side of my canopy in order for the hot air to exit on the left side.... And 3 Holes or a large rectangle to be cut in the top for the air to enter the ballast... He was able to get the slit cut into it and some router work to make it look nice an fancy so it will appear that it was made like that... I will get the slit stained with the same espresso stain that I used for the rest of it.... I don't actually need the canopy sitting on top to get my tank filled up I do have a 48" single tube florescent fixture I can set on top till I get this all set up...
  2. My 90 Gallon Build

    I originally wanted BRS colored PVC blue with the Schedule 80 Grey fittings. But that was going to cost me a TON of $$$ So I went to Menards and got the white Schedule 40 PVC and will be painting it with Flex Seal Spray Paint... I am not happy with the Flex Seal spray paint... It comes out in Globs almost like silly string... I had to shake off the excess on this 90 deg angle... I have the 2 PVC Pipes in to keep paint out of the inside so I can cement it together... I do actually like the dried finished results but it is VERY HARD to work with... I took the return PVC outside the other night and sprayed it but I was not able to shake off the excess like I did with this smaller piece... so there will be runs and drips that I will have to cut off or just leave as is... The return that is on the back of my tank will ALL be Black to blend in with the painted apart of the tank to not be as noticeable... Anything that is viewable from the stand, the PVC Pipe will all be Flex Seal Blue and all the connectors will be painted Flex Seal Black... I got the Black at Menards but was not able to find Blue so that was ordered on Ebay and praying it will be here tomorrow so I can get this project FINISHED!!!! This will be my last thing to get done... once the plumbing is cemented I will be able to put WATER IN MY TANK Next Saturday January 20th 2018!!!! IF I had to choose again on the spray paint I think I would have not used the Flex Seal and chose Krylon Spray Paint... I have seen a lot of people use it on YouTube and possibly would have been much easier to work with... But If you all choose Flex Seal I would Test Spray it on something so you can get the idea how thick it comes out so you don't get a thick globby surprise...
  3. My 90 Gallon Build

    Been working on my plumbing ... Got it pretty much done other than cementing it all together... The design was MUCH better than what I was thinking it was going to be... Pretty Simple and straight forward....
  4. NUVO Fusion 10 Nano build.

    Hey Paul, That is a very nice nano!!! I met you New Years Day at Luis’ house... Nice to see how well your tank is doing!!!
  5. My 90 Gallon Build

    I set up a QT Tank and got my first 5 fish Blue/Green Chromis..... Wish me luck, that they all make it!!! Guess this means WATER IN MY 90 SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. My 90 Gallon Build

    A HUGE Shout out to Luis (Gonzo620) for cutting out the baffles for my sump... I was able to spend New Year's day with him and his family and enjoying that gorgeous 180 he has... I got home and was able to get the baffles measured and taped up and then I used Premium Aquatics black silicone to affix them to the aquarium... I am def not the best at silicone but I wanted it to be thick so it would hold up just in case I didn't do it 100% correct... You can see the HUGE Smile on my face now that this part of the project is complete... I wanted a larger fuge area but with my future skimmer with a foot print of 8x10 and my return pumps with a Marine Pure 8x8x4 inch block for the final chamber it ate up a lot of the 36 inch tank... But I am VERY Happy with how this turned out and in huge debt to Luis for his help... I am going to be in huge debt to a lot of you guys for all your help... It is MUCH appreciated...
  7. 2018 INDMAS T-shirt Design Contest!!!

    I did one but hope I did it right?
  8. My 90 Gallon Build

    Went to Walmart looking for 2 containers that would fit in my sump and be able to hold the Miracle Mud. The Miracle Mud has to have 50% changed every year so doing it this way I can put 10 lbs in each container for a total of 20 lbs.... Pondering 25 lbs but maybe add the extra 5 lbs when I do the 50% next year and add that on top of the one that will actually be in there for 2 years? I will be adding the Mud to the containers and cut them down so there isn't that much of a "wall" for the water to move around... And I would have to consider if I added the 5 lbs to give me room for that too... Come on Saturday I wanna spend my money at Premium Aquatics!!!!!!!! http://www.premiumaquatics.com
  9. My 90 Gallon Build

    Painting is done both the Display and the sump. A few pics of the sump (3 sides are painted) I wanted to keep the fuge light from over spraying light on everything as much as I can cut down... I am debating on using Velcro on the back of the stand and putting a light blocking curtain back there... Some have said when they use a more solid backing like plywood they get more humidity in the stand area and some of the hardware on the doors rust and possibly get mold... With the light blocking curtain that would give more air flow and less humidity build up down there? Any thoughts or other ideas on how that would work?
  10. My 90 Gallon Build

    Well I’m down for a visit anytime you wanna have me over :-). I love seeing people’s tanks helps to figure out my own aqua scape!!! And I’ll be at PA Saturday and I’ll get my calendar then and if your free maybe come see your set up? And I would def wanna give you something for that Starboard???
  11. My 90 Gallon Build

    No one can really learn if all we post is the good... We all have bad moments and not everything turns out perfect but what would a Build Thread be with out some humor and truth... ahahaha ... Oh and Ben I need a calendar... I doubt I ll be able to make it to the next months meeting... Give it to Brandon and I ll pick it up from him??? And how much is that Star Board you got for the raffle when we were at Luis House? Thanks... :-)
  12. My 90 Gallon Build

    I measured the width of my sump at 11 3/4 inches... Talking with Luis (Gonzo620) he is going to help me out and cut my baffles for me... Thank you so much Luis I appreciate that a lot... This Saturday I will be heading down to Premium Aquatics and getting my sand and miracle mud and at least 1 Heater... I have one that works just fine and will use 2 as a double redundancy in case one fails... Depending on the cost of all that, and what I have left over I will get a Sicce Power head or 2 and if I don't have the funds to get them and at the time of putting water in I have not gotten them yet... Ryan has graciously offered to loan me one of his spare power heads till I can get my Sicce set. I am in a RUSH to get water in my tank and the Cycle started ASAP to be ready for the March 17th Frag Swap!!! Joining INDMAS has been one of the BEST things I have done... I believe I have gained life-long friends and I am looking fwd to many years of Reef keeping and being able to "Pay It Forward" when the time comes to help someone else like you all have wonderfully helped me out... Again, Thank You to every one for your help and advise and support it means a lot to me...
  13. My 90 Gallon Build

    DO NOT JUDGE me for how bad this turned out.. lol... But I got a dremel and cut out this horrid looking square for the overflow... I was laying on my back under the tank and tried to cut it straight, and no I was not wearing goggles (shame on me) I could hardly see what I was doing all the sawdust was every where, especially in my eyes... but once sand and rock are in you wont be able to see it.. hahah... I bought this black plastic mesh stuff at JoAnne Fabrics I want to put this on the baffle that is next the the fuge to hold in the Chaeto/Algae from going into the return chamber and then into my display. I seen this on someone's youtube channel and thought it was pretty neat... have a few cut to size and replace them as needed to make sure water flow is good. You can see in the last pic how it could be done. I think this will keep everything that shouldn't be in the return out... and still big enough for pods to slip past.
  14. My 90 Gallon Build

    I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas... I know I did and enjoyed my time with Friends and Family... I was able to get a lot more Cash and Uncle Bills gift cards than I was expecting... I am so thankful that a few people love me... HAHAHAHAHA... Now I am SO much closer to putting WATER IN MY TANK!!! Christmas evening I started to paint the back of my 90 Gallon and the back 3 sides of my 38 Gallon Sump. 3 coats on each did the job nicely... (These pics are not the finished Product but you get the idea lol.)
  15. My 90 Gallon Build

    Thank you Reefaddict12 & Gonzo620.... I will remove the 1st 2 baffles and the last one... I don't know if I will do mechanical filtration at the time being? So I wont need a floss or Filter sock area but will put enough room to add one later if I think I need one... I do like the idea of the slit for the water to move through the Chaeto vs. over it... Yea and the return pump level I have pondered this for a LONG time... and I am sooo nervous of water all over my floor... and like you said the pump burning up if my ATO fails etc... But I think with a double redundant over flow I highly doubt that the sump's total volume would end up in the main display and then on the floor as what are the odds of BOTH my over flow getting stopped up? Has anyone ever had both over flows clog up and had their sump emptied like that?