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    Indianapolis, IN
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    Well other than Fish, I am a Master Class Falconer and love to traveling as well. I am able to combine traveling with my falconry as we have a lot of Field Meets in many states throughout the season.
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    Planning a 90G Reef.

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  1. CzNik2

    2019 Frag Swap Volunteers

    What is left for Volunteering for?
  2. CzNik2

    NUVO Fusion 10 Nano build.

    That is just awesome Paul!!! You make me want a nano!!! I could put it in my office at work?!?!? Thanks man!!! More money out the door hahahahahah
  3. CzNik2

    Northwest Indiana fall frag fest carpool

    Yea they raked in on the Raffle Items... I got one tho so that was good... HAHA... I brought home a total of 9 frags... 🙂
  4. CzNik2

    My 90 Gallon Build

    YES they are some of my FAVs in my tank... 🙂 Thanks...
  5. CzNik2

    My 90 Gallon Build

    I took this pic as of Last night 09/04/2018 I am VERY Happy with how things have progressed with this tank... And again I am sorry for not posting things in a more timely fashion... Cannot wait to start adding the corals I have been waiting for... I have added these corals as testers as to see how my tank does with the different types … so far it seams everything is growing nicely and now I will feel comfortable adding things with a more hefty price tag... Trachies and clams and other specialty items... But I will keep you all posted as I add and as more of these corals grow and fill in my tank...
  6. CzNik2

    My 90 Gallon Build

    My Nem came from Kenna at Central... Thanks Kenna... I love this one... So pretty... The BEST Part about this nem he has NOT MOVED AT ALL... Stayed in the same spot I put him in... I hope I didn't jinx myself by saying that and go home tonight and he have moved... HAHA....
  7. CzNik2

    My 90 Gallon Build

    Random pics of the other corals and fish etc...
  8. CzNik2

    My 90 Gallon Build

    A few more Before and Afters…
  9. CzNik2

    My 90 Gallon Build

    Some of my corals have grown like crazy and multiplied a lot... Here are a few before and after pics… The birdsnest I got in May and it has taken off like crazy... My strange little green bali slimmer started flat but has since our Frag Swap started getting its "fingers" growing.
  10. CzNik2

    My 90 Gallon Build

    Some of my critters I have....
  11. CzNik2

    My 90 Gallon Build

    Made a trip to Luis / Gonzo's house and bought some of my first corals!!!
  12. CzNik2

    My 90 Gallon Build

    So I decided to take out ALL the rock I could get out of my canopy and scrub it in the sink and turned them all upside down to kill off the algae on the rocks... Thankfully it WORKED!!! That HUGE rock on the lower right hand corner I scrubbed later inside the tank and got it all completely gone.
  13. CzNik2

    My 90 Gallon Build

    I let my live rock "Cure" for about 2 months but I think there was some nutrients in there somewhere because this is what I got after a few weeks running... This plus Hair Algae covered 100% of the tops of EVERY rock I had... I was heart broken and thoughts of WHY DID I DO THIS AGAIN??? UGH!!!
  14. CzNik2

    My 90 Gallon Build

    HERE IS MY TANK WITH WATER IN IT!!!!!!!!!! Been a LONG time coming and Thankfully I made it... I am using the Kessil H380 for my sump lighting for 24/7 lighting over grape caulerpa so it will not go sexual... My wonderful Neptune Apex!!! 🙂 I am using Nyos 160 Skimmer...