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  1. I should be there. See you all then.
  2. ryman

    2019 Frag Swap Volunteers

    See you all Friday evening 👍🏼 I may be able to help tear down on Saturday also If there is any 2x or 3x shirts, I’ll take one.
  3. ryman

    February Meeting

    Wow! This one will be close. I should be able to attend as well.
  4. ryman

    January 2019 Meeting

    I plan on being there. See you all Saturday.
  5. I’ll definitely be there and just RSVP’d. See you all Saturday 👍🏼
  6. I should be able to make it as well. I’ll RSVP as soon as I sure.
  7. So I’m just a little excited.. Just got the shipping notification for the A360X order due to arrive Tuesday .. 👍🏼 Now I just need a new tank 🤣
  8. @SilentNight1793 sounds good! Thank you. With the space I should have available, I could do either internal or external skimmer.
  9. Actually yes, I’m collecting some items to set up a new tank once I get moved in to the new house. I’m looking to set up about 240 gallon total volume.. I’m looking for a skimmer, retrofit style T5 kits, etc..
  10. I’m still planning on attending and have a few items set aside already
  11. ryman

    The mighty swordfish!

    Haha, that’s good
  12. I should be able to make this meet. I’ll hopefully have some items to bring.
  13. ryman

    450 Gallon Wall Tank - build

    Wow, Nice tank! And I thought my 8ft’r was big. Haha Can’t wait to see some finished pics..