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  1. I agree a new pair isn’t wise. Add a smaller clown and they should bond
  2. Need aquascaping advice/fish advice

    The tank is probably too small for a chrome, but they occupy that part of your tank. for that matter, it's too small for a Kole too, in my opinion! sorry you couldn't bring that 75!! You been well?
  3. No one? Shoot me a price you think is fair?
  4. Hello, I'm plumbing illiterate -- id like to pay a professional or someone very knowledgeable to plumb in my RO unit in my basement next to my water softener and install a float switch i have the following on order to be delivered Friday: https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/auto-shut-off-kit-for-reverse-osmosis-systems.html http://www.aquariumspecialty.com/eshopps-float-valve-auto-top-off. id like to turn one in to an ATO if possible but I bought both of these in hopes one will work. Send me a price, I need it done Saturday or Sunday as I need water badly! I live in Carme/Zionsville at 141st and shelbourn area
  5. Experiencing an Ich outbreak...

    Unfortunately, this stuff is snake oil and won't help. You're better off hoping the fish's immune system can kick it (hope to God it isn't velvet which is every bit as common and exponentially more deadly). First choice would be 30 days in a quarantine in CP or copper, and running the tank fishless for 76 days.
  6. Best way to go fallow

    I agree -- fallow is best done not in an emergency. Set up and cycle QT tanks
  7. What Lights are you using?

    AI prime HD on my Red Sea reefer 170 and 3 XHO reefbrites on my remaining 180
  8. Interesting observation

    Did your kids start daycare around that time? Takes 6-24 months for kids immune systems to become bulletproof after going to daycare. My 3.5 year old took a year, my 15 month old about 12-13 months. They were perpetually sick before that. just a thought!
  9. Anthias v. Wrasses

    One thing to remember about most wrasse in home aquaria is that females and juveniles eventually all turn male. So buying some of the same species to have a harem is counterproductive. Whether it's a month or a few years, they'll all eventually turn male and then you'll be stuck with a bunch of male wrasse of the same species. I'd recommend buying different species. If you can afford to, buy male to begin with. Some people like to watch and wait females transition though too.
  10. Ich and/or velvet

    I agree with everything she said^^ I will also add that sticking hands in one tank to another will absolutely cross contaminate. Learned that lesson twice. Soap and water didn't do it, even. So I fed my tangs nori in the AM in the clean tanks and QT in the afternoon after my arm dried out and has been washed.
  11. Ich and/or velvet

    I actually had a wrasse tank that developed velvet for a full year, I lost about half of my wrasse over that time, and my rare blonde naso build up a resistance as well. Any fish I added perished, however. Wrasse that slept in a mucous cocoon and or under the sand seemed to fare the best. The fairy and flashers slowly died off, the leopards and halichoeres genus wrasse like melanarus did well. The blonde naso was an anomaly. I added one fairy wrasse to my big bunch and he brought in velvet. The naso somehow was unaffected, they're often a susceptible fish but if exposed repeatedly they can also build a resistance on rare occasions to velvet (he came from Petco)
  12. Ich and/or velvet

    Regarding velvet, some fish can build a strong resistance to velvet. Typically not tangs, but wrasse are well equipped and can perhaps 1/3 of the time depending on species. The problem with this is that this fish will become a carrier m, which will lead to any new fish you add being infected by this parasite and likely perishing. This will continue forever. I would qt again, much easier. I've used copper in the display and removed with 95% water changes, polyfilter, cuprisorb, and carbon - lots of work and media required. Also takes a long time to get copper to therapeutic levels, and once there it's very volitile-- so you'll have to dose copper to therapeutic dose and test daily to bring it back up. It'll have to be ABOVE the therapeutic range to weather the fluctuations because any time it drops below therapeutic dose for even an hour you need to restart the 30 day clock. I would do 60 in a DT to be safe, anyway. It's a real pain and it'll kill all of your inverts and make your rock far less beautiful. It can cause dieoff of various organisms causing water to foul quickly initially, so you'll need an ammonia alert badge by seachem to monitor ammonia. It can be done, but I would recommend the QT and fallow...
  13. Livestock Introduction

    Also, the blennies will not likely tolerate one another unless they're very different species with different ecological niches. Some basslets and all dottybacks much the same. Dottybacks in particular, don't mix them. One basslet and one dottyback might work out fine. Basslets can mingle fine depending on the species. The chromis do best in groups of 5-7 or more with frequent feedings. They slowly pick each other off even still, frequently. The fewer you have, the more this is an issue. Same with the firefish-- you'll end up with one or a pair eventually. Firefish, blennies, dottybacks, and some basslets are very similar in shape and they may or may not mingle together. Dottybacks to avoid: neon, purple, splendid, and most others. Neon are particularly aggressive, towards everything. Orchid dottybacks are relatively timid for a dottyback but will not tolerate memebers of the same species, often. Their close (and cheaper) cousin the purple dottyback is touch and go - some start off nice and turn mean and others start off downright nasty.
  14. Livestock Introduction

    Snowflake eels tend to leave fish alone as they feed on invertebrates. I agree regarding zebra moray, however. The powder blue should be added last, and if you wish to keep this species or other similar acanthurus genus tangs you'll need to wianratine and prophylactically treat all incoming fish with copper to prevent ich, as they cannot build resistances as other fish can. Roughly 95% of them die in "ich management" systems. Anymore, velvet is just as common as ich so this issue might well come in to play with any and all of your fish, unfortunately.
  15. Stock Tank for QT help on Ich

    You want copper at 2.25 or so to be absolutely sure for all copper products other than cupramine. The reason you can dose what the bottle says and fall far short is that many things absorb copper so the therapeutic amount isn't present during treatment. I agree with the comments on the trigger.