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  1. 3FordFamily

    Which Heater Should I Use?

    I agree with eheim
  2. 3FordFamily

    Input help

    I renew because I love helping a local group and honestly I am almost always stuck alone with my two babies so I am useless with meets it’s a way I can contribute.
  3. Anyone know where I can buy a 144x30x30 panel? Im thinking plywood tank and I need a very large sheet of glass!
  4. 3FordFamily

    My 180 New Adventure!

    Looking great! Glad it’s going well so far! Beautiful fish!
  5. 3FordFamily

    My 180 New Adventure!

    Good work! Keep us posted! More pics!
  6. 3FordFamily

    Bond acrylic together for ten foot fish tank

    I worry I won’t like the way 24 looks on the wall. I may cut some cardboard to illustrate the size on my wall and see what I find. Thanks for the help!
  7. 3FordFamily

    My 180 New Adventure!

    This is very cool! Thanks for sharing! I had a pair of regal angels once, was really beautiful! They weren’t bonded but rather tolerated each other. They lasted together only about 5 months until a power outage while on vacation, my dad dropped the ball watching my Fish and Home. This same disaster took out my “pair” of Achilles tangs. That’s a tricky one!
  8. 3FordFamily

    Bond acrylic together for ten foot fish tank

    Thinking 120x30x30. i have a large storage area in the basement, hard concrete flooring might be about all I have without building something.
  9. 3FordFamily

    New member

    Welcome home, you will love it here!
  10. Anyone here have this skillset or know of anyone local that would be interested in helping without costing an arm and a leg? i have a source of pre-cut acrylic pieces.
  11. 3FordFamily

    Need help catching fish!

    This is exactly what I do as well, I also feed them inside the trap for several days before closing the door abruptly when they’re too comfortable!
  12. 3FordFamily

    Clownfish Identification

    I also agree with lightning maroon
  13. 3FordFamily

    Help 3FordFamily find a 10 foot aquarium!

    For glass I agree 100%, acrylic is usually pretty hardy and can be inspected and last a long time. It is however something that’s not out of the question — let’s say I go down that avenue, anyone have any connections? Haha
  14. Any suggestions on where to look used? It looks like I can buy one for 3k new, give or take — I’m interested in finding some used but I’m really struggling to locate one. Willing to drive pretty far for good deal. Thoughts for where/how to look? Groups? Would be in-wall build.