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  1. New Nem addition

    That’s beautiful! Congrats!
  2. How do you manage cords?

    Im following along as well... I try to wire tie and keep things clean but it’s an inevitable disaster!
  3. Return pump suggestions

    I always use jebao for the controller and they’ve proven quite reliable for the money.
  4. Koi Tangs (Aberrant scopas)

    Koi tangs are often aberrant yellow tangs. There are also yellow scopas tangs. The only zebrasomas I haven’t seen an aberrant form every once in awhile have been purple and gem. ;). Neat fish though!
  5. Great News and Not so Great!

    Congrats on the baby, friend!
  6. Cheap sump light for growing chaeto?

    Thanks everyone. I ordered what mrs bugmaster posted!
  7. What do you all use? I need three of them so I’m trying to be cheap!
  8. Tank upgrade advice

    Highly recommend Red Sea. Here’s my Reefer 170 I put together today. It’s not as cool as my 180 but it’s VERY well put together, very high quality, very easy to install, and very aesthetically appealing (obviously I’m waiting h to aquascape when the sand clears)
  9. I agree a new pair isn’t wise. Add a smaller clown and they should bond
  10. Need aquascaping advice/fish advice

    The tank is probably too small for a chrome, but they occupy that part of your tank. for that matter, it's too small for a Kole too, in my opinion! sorry you couldn't bring that 75!! You been well?
  11. No one? Shoot me a price you think is fair?
  12. Hello, I'm plumbing illiterate -- id like to pay a professional or someone very knowledgeable to plumb in my RO unit in my basement next to my water softener and install a float switch i have the following on order to be delivered Friday: https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/auto-shut-off-kit-for-reverse-osmosis-systems.html http://www.aquariumspecialty.com/eshopps-float-valve-auto-top-off. id like to turn one in to an ATO if possible but I bought both of these in hopes one will work. Send me a price, I need it done Saturday or Sunday as I need water badly! I live in Carme/Zionsville at 141st and shelbourn area
  13. Experiencing an Ich outbreak...

    Unfortunately, this stuff is snake oil and won't help. You're better off hoping the fish's immune system can kick it (hope to God it isn't velvet which is every bit as common and exponentially more deadly). First choice would be 30 days in a quarantine in CP or copper, and running the tank fishless for 76 days.
  14. Best way to go fallow

    I agree -- fallow is best done not in an emergency. Set up and cycle QT tanks
  15. What Lights are you using?

    AI prime HD on my Red Sea reefer 170 and 3 XHO reefbrites on my remaining 180